Authority Zero - Painted Windows Lyrics

Looking out through painted windows
Deep-rooted and without a clue
Sets aside all differences and everything he's used to
Takes a walk and the water falls
Dries off so nobody knows
That all along he's been trying to break away.
Waking up, feel a heart that's beating
Take a breath and feel that you're alive
Who would have guessed that just by being you
That you'd make it through this time?
Another case of a fucked up dreamer
Not knowing when to say when
Believes in everything that he wants to believe in
All a part of his identity
Searches for happiness
And makes it on belief
All in all it's just a fantasy
He runs around in circles
Trying to figure out just who it is we are

Looking through painted windows!
Your dreams become reality and fantasies an opportunity
Reality in dream!
Just take another look inside, now take hold
And tell me what you see

Looking through painted windows!
New visions of a world that's been passing by
And right before your eyes
Nothing's as it seems!
A vision of the future and it seems fine.

Live a day to ask another question
Get an answer find another lie
How beautiful does it all seem when looking from the inside?
Find out what makes you different
Hold true and don't turn away
In doing so don't you know that you're gonna break away?
We're a part of our worst enemy
Tear us down and try to make us believe

All in all we're in a fantasy
We run around in circles
Trying to figure out just who it is we are

And looking through painted windows we hold onto our dreams
A moment passes by and it seems
To open the flood-gate and let the future flow
Now reach out and take a hold
Don't be blinded by the glare you see
Keep on and search, what makes you happy?
Make it happen, go and dream
Dreams become reality
Run with this life
Believe in all you've dreamt
And keep on trusting in who it is that you are
Just who it is you are

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Authority Zero Painted Windows Comments
  1. Jon Weiss

    Killer! Seen this Band Live. YouTube - Jonny Weiss "Drunk and Stoned." One More Minute!

  2. Panicked Manic

    Classic James Wilcox. Such an underrated drummer

  3. Jonny Weiss

    Boom 💥! Jonny Weiss 🎸

  4. Jon Weiss

    “Giddy Up.” 😎

  5. Mark toca la guitarra

    Soo underrated

  6. LaserGadgets

    This needs MUCH more clicks...

  7. JayxMetal

    This is an Authority Zero video, why are you bitching about Barker? Don't tell me you're fucking jealous. I know 15 year old girls that have over some that emotion. Also, that album rocked. The shit he did with Yelawolf was bomb. I don't know why you're being so biased. The guy can rock those drums better than you could. That being said, Authority Zero rocks!

  8. zalyx

    he was in blink 182... should be enough. they suck too

  9. Dungeon Master

    I wish i was there

  10. IfAGoatCouldShit

    Travis Barker does not suck, but he's definitely not the best we've ever seen either. I'll give him props for surviving a plane crash with 3rd degree burns from neck down and still playin' drums afterwards but damn, getting sick of hearing people preach about Barker. There are better drummers out there. Check out Gene Hoglan.

  11. Jesus Herrera Comedy

    i used my smartphone's voice command to play Painted Windows, and It started playing painted windows by Pussy Cat Dolls. I then proceeded to smash my phone and switch phone companies.

  12. Justin Kuffel

    just checked tickets at the marquee and its $90 WTF

  13. TheJoekart

    Testosteron ... yeaaaah

  14. Paul Lennon

    @WorkingClassZeros420 AGREED

  15. Paul Lennon

    @meetbob94 lets go break his arms

  16. Paul Lennon

    @TheRationalRant yes... he does

  17. Paul Lennon

    @space7851 like so many others that are better than travis barker.
    travis barker is overrated

  18. Paul Lennon

    @TheRationalRant bottomline travis barker sucks

  19. nicholed12

    Capt Hirams bound, Hell Yeah!!!!

  20. Hol Bol

    Authority Zero kicks ass! Seen them a bunch of times lately. Jason's hair looks wac in this vid though. (on a side note: these guys are super cool, real, and down to earth)

  21. HairPlugz


  22. Paul Lennon

    @space7851 that's a given seeing as Travis Barker sucks. I can Name so many better drummers than Travis.
    Brooks Wackerman from Bad Religion, Smelly from NOFX, Derek Grant from Alkaline Trio, George Rebelo from Hot Water Music and so on.

  23. MetalSoHard

    im a rock,reggae and punk fan, these is punk at its fuckin best

  24. jzarow99


    1.) GO OUT AND BUY A LOAD OF SMALL STICKERS WITH THE LETTER "G" ON THEM (you can get them at home depot)



  25. Wyatt Eason

    Pennywise shirt!

  26. meetbob94

    the guy at 0:05 on the right looks like travis barker

  27. kottonmouthUK

    @ThisIsNoise17 I think she looks quite foolish & retarded tbh.

  28. ThisIsNoise17

    I love the look on the blond chick's face in the front 0:20-0:23

  29. majinbuu29

    @robbrant76 its amazing too, the fact that these guys have a 13 year carreer and they are still not well known, which kinda depresses me, XD i love punk music, its the music i first started to listen to, but yet its so squandered... major sad face there right! Keep the real music alive!

  30. Silas Connall

    @fennec713 Hell yeah!

  31. Katharina Hess

    I love this song! and his pennywise shirt ;)

  32. ghostkiller1984

    saw them in aug, the only downside, their set was only 40 mins or so

  33. troy decker

    this is one of the best song ever

  34. Shawn Wilson

    omg cant waqit till the 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! authority zero and pennywise and 2 more bands i dont really care much for.!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck ya a broken arm isnt gonna hold me back from moshing no way! bust ppl up with my cast hahahahahah

  35. nailbunny907

    this music reminds me of back in the day, the summers between high school when we had not a care in the world.

  36. CsRemix24

    yeah it was one of the best shows ive been to. but you will get the chance to see them im sure. they always tour and they play warp tour almost every year. they only do select cities but if you get the chance go. you wont be dissapointed.

  37. Chad Beadle

    I bet that was a great show. I missed the chance to see them few years back.Someday I will be the old guy at one of their shows.

  38. CsRemix24

    best concert i ever went to was AZ and Pennywise. blew the fucking roof off the building.

  39. BongLeach

    zia records in chandler....nicE



  40. StanleyGibbs

    AZ's never claimed to be a super-political punk band or anything like that. I love that music, but AZ's a band of people having fun playing music, and that's all they've ever said they were. i've seen them several times and they clearly love us fans and give us some of the best shows I've ever seen, so if you wanna give them shit for actually trying to entertain us and bring us joy then go for it Scrooge.

  41. zeepunky

    sure then xD i really dont care on stereo typing them they are still a decent band to me and they please my ears so i honostly don't care what they are and fashion has nothing to do with the band also just to let you know they actually seem to dress in anything..the way you dress never fucking mattered.

  42. Just Magic Mostly

    As long as we agree that this isn't punk rock, then I've got no beef. But this is a band with a semi-political name, spouting semi-political lyrics, and sporting stereotypically "punk" fashion. If these guys are just doing what they love, then what they love is to imitate counterculture in order to sell records.

  43. zeepunky

    think what you want,you can have your opinion but dont you see they ignore those bimbos,dont you see they play live for the fans it should not fuckin matter if theres security gaurds and im sure they wear whatever soo they are not tryin to be rebellious they are playing their music that they love.PERIOD.

  44. squashbucket70

    what the fuck are you talking about? who said these dudes are trying to be "rebels?" did you ever think that maybe there just having a damn good time

  45. Vann Poopballs

    You mean circle mosh?

  46. AJK Productions

    nice point.

  47. Merc1122

    These dudes stop in the middle of song, and yell at us to go in circles. WTF?
    Just look at a "Taking on the World" live.
    It's weird.

  48. Ohmycosh

    pause @ 0:12

  49. Just Magic Mostly

    I liked this band twenty years ago when they were called BAD RELIGION. So this is the modern mainstream idea of punk rock, huh? Security guards in front of a huge Warped Tour stage; Bimbos in bikinis; Recycled fashion... This is rebellion in a nice corporate package. Wake up, kids!

  50. Dawn Bizzle

    Well yeah so do i...whaf school? thats so cool

  51. Dawn Bizzle

    Where do you go to school?

  52. CycoZ

    Saw them in Milwaukee 5-22, they stole the show by far the best band of the night!!! They fricken rock!!

  53. CsRemix24

    omg yes. i seen that same show in houston. it was fucking amazing.

  54. Which0nesPink

    hes the drummer bro....

  55. Which0nesPink

    I saw them with strung out at the marquee. Fucking amazing. im seeing them this friday too! fuck yeah!

  56. Mallovic12344

    saw them with pennywise and strung out, one of the best concerts ive been to

  57. aleito0

    3:07 the powa begin. =)

  58. mark normore

    chillllllllzzz sonnskyyy, blazee one they dec dec,,woooo from canada...thats jokess ahahah i guess by

  59. mark normore

    this band sucks ballss

  60. forpd

    one of the few bands better than switchfoot? emphasis on few? good sir, I beg you to wake up. switchfoot isn't necessariy bad, but there are many, MANY bands better than switchfoot. Authority Zero being one of them.

  61. IeffedUrMom

    Richard nixon breaks it the fuck down! Can't wait to see these guys friday!

  62. Genmax222222

    Was abou to post the same shit man, i feel you. :( Go authority zero.

  63. Overdrivenbrain

    the fucking best this group is the best!!!!!
    and this song is a fucking super great song!!!
    best wishes from spain authority zero!!

  64. julio120

    does anyone know what happend with this band??... i miss this kind of band but i have a long time without know of them... could anyone tell me what happend whith this guys plz?

  65. andy miller

    fuck yer now i need to go break somethin

  66. Sean C

    they are a combo of pennywise and bad religion with some latin and reggae thrown in, they are so amazing

  67. Iscariott2

    Singer sounds like the guy from Bad Religion. Not a bad thing, just an observation.