Authority Zero - On Edge Lyrics

You think I've gone to far this time?
Tossed to the wolves, for another feeding frenzy
If you could see what's going on inside
You'd probably second guess me my dark secret
So tell me what is this all about?
What is this call to arms?
To test me?
Take what you need from me
Discard the rest, but I wont go peacefully
I'm on the edge again
Of breaking down in a world gone crazy
I'm on the edge again
And it's a mystery how it does not phase me
So tell me how did you think I would react?
I'm a pawn in this game and it's far from over
This contradiction in terms makes it worse
Been pushed to the edge kicked down knocked over
Well here we stand again, and again, and again
How's it end? is this the best of it?
You've made it clear my friend
That this is the end when all ties are broken
Now taking a step back
It's not alright
What's been left behind
Now looking down a new avenue
Hoping to see the signs
Now taking a step back
What's not alright?
Taking it one step at a time

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Authority Zero On Edge Comments
  1. Slice219

    we are lucky to have played this masterpiece. rip THQ

  2. Matt Dooley

    I miss mx vs atvs untamed I sure wish I could play it again I'm thinking about dirt bikes and 4 wheelers and trophy trucks and dune buggies dirt track for the trophy trucks and the ORV trucks

  3. Korychnevvy D

    2019 mx V atv

  4. Tachanka's Turret

    Don't ask if we got here from MX vs ATV Untamed
    *We all did*
    Edit:On the edge due to this majestic series dying

    Richston Campbell

    Yuhh I jamming to the whole album rn I think I saw this at gamestop I'm so buying it

  5. EtienneSC .x7

    Can't help coming back for them nostalgic feelsssss🤷🏾‍♂️

    Richston Campbell

    I always played this song when I was at the one with the broken bridge lol

    EtienneSC .x7

    Richston Campbell Oh yh. I used to hit the ramp then try get in the gap in the broken part😂

  6. Jennifer monreal

    Not on Spotify

  7. zach Thornton

    Can’t find this song on Spotify. Help

    Nick Bowgren

    I can't either, maybe they don't have it. I know it's hard to find some of the other songs too

    UltraDani 15

    @Nick Bowgren most of the songs are there, however the album 12:34 and kwad up arent

  8. Josh O

    Is this the name of the song coz there’s another song called 12:34 but then there’s this song called on the edge

  9. Dustin Harding

    I have this game because of Earl my brother in law

  10. Jonathan Davis

    i got MX vs ATV untamed on my x box 360

  11. leone jose

    Authority zero

  12. The Boy Ude

    I might learn to play this on drumset

  13. Ecliptick

    this waS MADE BY ai

  14. anonymous CRS3

    This entire album is not on spotify. Why.

  15. Nick Bowgren

    6 years later, we got to 100K views. Thanks guys! Not gunna lie, still listen to this playlist every day 🤟

    Skeell ig

    yee boi

    Jack Lister

    I'll always be here yo 😎

    Korychnevvy D

    Lmao 2019999

  16. eric6rock

    This song always reminds me of going to the Arizona map and hauling ass on the 250 2 stroke.

    Gaming With Ethan

    Ericplayz66 Rhineback 4 stroke

  17. Captain Antilles

    This song is from mx vs atv untamed, used to play it on ps3 and this was one of my favorite songs. I play this sometimes while playing other games lol. Best memories...

  18. space - bar

    2018 still play the game and rock out to the song

    Luke Davilla

    Santiago Ortiz I’m with you

  19. EtienneSC .x7

    2017, December Anyone?? Mx was probably the best game I’ve ever played I’m not even joking.

    GUNSMOKE 114

    100% it’s incredible. Literally it’s my childhood 😂

    Rohit Dulku

    Your not alone. It was the best

    EtienneSC .x7

    I'm still looking through this playlist to this day. Brings back too many memories man

    Richston Campbell

    True and I'm here in 2019 Haha

    Magdalena Serrano

    Its mine to

  20. technica

    jesus dude, nostalgic af

  21. L7 Souix

    What about mx vs ATV unleashed

  22. Frederico Beninca

    Liberty song

  23. MEMERTRONS 9000

    I played rhis when i was like 5 or 6 and then i lost it

  24. BriWolfie

    I need to get my hands on MX vs ATV again

  25. Danny489

    How to have a good time : 1. Drink Dew.S.A 2. Play this song. 3. Join a random game and run people over with your trophy truck.

  26. Jack Down


  27. Guns for life

    this song came on at the start of the race most of the time

  28. H. Becker

    Anyone in 2017? damn I love this track!

    that guyLevi

    ManEncoreOfficial Hell yeah man

    Juan Jose

    And almost 2018

    Beaumont Livingston

    H. Becker i just heard this song for the first time a few days on Chaos Radio while at work. It's been stuck in my head ever since.

  29. Fukoffwillyageez

    too bad this song isn't on Spotify :(

    anonymous CRS3

    I know the entire albums missing

  30. Mariano Rosales

    q nostalgia :,)

  31. 6201Racing

    oohhh... memories I used to play mx vs atv untamed on my xbox360 when I was 7 now I'm 16


    +Sun Mutsis Same, my dad, my mom and I used to play it all the time. My 360 finally crapped out and now I switched to One. I will never forget that memory when I pushed an ambulance into the water and my dad and I laughed our asses off

    Parker Wiseman

    Sun Mutsis lol same


    Sun Mutsis same I'm 14 1/2


    I playing mx vs atv on xbox 360 and now i have ps4 and 15 years old
    I am brazilliam

    Wargod 6950

    kemppi corolla 19 now man :((

  32. Oowegoowe01

    I miss MX vs ATV untamed

  33. Shékiinä

    Ça décoiffe.

  34. lian suarez


  35. mitchell wiley

    The games the only reason I have a wii!

    Hugo Desanlis

    mitchell wiley omg I'd like to play it again on wii !!! Its been 5 years I didnt play that game !!

  36. turkey killer that game! nostalgia hit me soo hard! :/

  37. Lex

    I'm playing mx vs atv right now nahhaha still on ps2, tho it rocks

    EtienneSC .x7

    Damn this comment is two years old lol I’m playing on Ps4!

    Sky Jones

    I did the roller coaster but I did go very slow

    Boosted Savage

    i have it for psp n ps3


    First the game stopped working for me, now today the PS2 PROBABLY doesn't work and the cords are gone

    Magdalena Serrano

    Im playing on the xbox 360

  38. Brandon2940

    Is there anyone here because they heard this song on MX vs ATV untamed?

    Jesse Buehler

    Brandon2940 I still play this game nearly daily

    Chef Ralo

    +Jesse Buehler me too

    Magdalena Serrano

    Ive been playing it scence 2010 and still playing it to this day

  39. punkprincess02

    Anyone come here for MX vs ATV untamed?

    Magdalena Serrano

    Hell yea

    Thorstein Ulseth Samsonsen

    Yes ofc


    punkprincess02 me

  40. chris cutts

    !!!mx vs atv untamed rocks!!!

    space - bar

    chris cutts hell yeah

    Magdalena Serrano

    Hell yea

  41. Hans2032

    ♪♫ ♥ ♪♫

  42. grbmgfbklgfknm455768

    Dece song, MX VS ATV UNTAMED!

  43. Undauntedassassin14

    You mean Untamed?

  44. VerticalResort

    I could care less xD

  45. Mercenary IQ


  46. GD Shark

    I got this song from MX vs ATV Reflex

  47. Hurricos_Citizen

    4chan in a nutshell. ↓

  48. kangmaster1