Authority Zero - No Regrets Lyrics

I've lived through tragedies
F*** up most every year
Another dead end
And another chance just to turn it around
Watching the rise and fall
Most each and every day
Any chance it's getting old
There's no way
No regrets
I know this is the way it had to go
No regrets
We go once again into the unknown
These scars tell a story
The calm right after the storm
That change of pace that's left you
Wondering what it was all for
Tearing you down again
The puzzle piece that broke
But through it all it seems
You've only grown strong
No regrets
I know this is the way it had to go
No regrets
We go once again into the unknown
(It shows me a new place in the end)

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Authority Zero No Regrets Comments
  1. Jonny Weiss


  2. Jonny Weiss

    Killer JD. 🎶

  3. Cassie Hursh

    Come play with fubar again

  4. Daniel Beicht

    I drove from Texas to Obama halal brasska.Just to see Boling for soup, and Authority Zero.

  5. tabbyg cat

    We saw you guys with LTJ and RBF. That concert was absolutely amazing and dripped with awesomeness. WHAT A LINEUP. You guys are AMAZINNNNGUH. Amazing.

  6. Jon Weiss

    I’m going down to Mesa Town. 🎶

  7. Losomosolo

    Putos amos

  8. Ooz

    I miss AZ.

  9. chokevic


  10. Branden-182

    I saw them a couple nights ago. I sang with the band, and my brother did as well. I got a vinyl copy of Broadcasting To The Nations signed by the whole band. They let my brothers, dad, and I help load their equipment, and we talked with them for a good hour after the show. Mike gave some bass tips. Awesome!

    Annabel Force

    That's awesome

  11. Chris the Shrinerdawg

    Saw them with Reel Big Fish and Less than Jake last year. Best show EVER!

    Russell Stallman

    Chris the Shrinerdawg I was there man! Rare occasion where the opening act was just as good as the rest of the show. 🤘🏻

  12. viennaNOFXER

    ...drinking corona down in arizona... with the boys from authority zero...

  13. Jay Mitchell

    These guys killed it at SoundWave!

  14. Jeff Darnell

    Just finding your band in 2015. Surprised I never heard this before when I was younger when I listened to this stuff all the time.


    You've missed out on a lot. Been following these guys for ten years.

  15. beautifulanodyne

    Thank you for writing this song !

  16. AntiPopBoner

    Awesome song, mehhh vid lol. This band is pretty much Jason's project at this point, but even through a lot of line up changes, this band is still fucking awesome.

  17. Jonny Weiss

    This is what I'm talking about.


    Jonny Weiss me 2 breh, me 2

  18. Kenny The Jet

    all most looks like bert mckracken from the used

    Elena Quintero

    Yeah  but bert has cut his hair

    Kenny The Jet

    well duhh! I'm talking about earlier


    Yeah, not even close.

    Kenny The Jet

    Im talking about his earlier years with the used

  19. Domenick Stewart

    Who knew punk rock could have a beautiful side to it. Incredible song.

  20. Mercenary IQ

    he probly still is on obama care though

  21. RandomIndies

    God damn Jason looks so much different in every song!!

  22. SGT Cloudrunner

    2 years now and still strong, haha.

  23. Nicole Nelson

    Rip Derrick Spiegel think of u always bro 3

  24. Nemomiah07

    Authority zero!!!!!

  25. Samantha Gruber

    He donates his hair :)

  26. Nando

    keep the short hair

  27. Glavaskistevan


  28. Dallas Bisshopp

    best live band i've ever seen! ;ive with guttermouth and real mckezies 2002 Kelowna $7

  29. wikisaiyan

    u still smoking those big bowls?

  30. MoreMetalThanYourDoublePedal

    Warning: Listening to Authority Zero may cause obsession for first time listeners and longtime fans...No Regrets

  31. TheWackyJackie18

    @xXCityofevilXx True, except for... Being Authority Zero!

  32. Andrew Heil

    @riper76 the album is 12:34

  33. Andrew Heil

    @riper76 the album is 12:34

  34. TurnedGreen

    @riper76 Stories of Survival

  35. riper76

    I'm a new fan of this band, would someone give me the name of the album where this song is. It's simply awesome.

  36. ZeRoX880

    I definatly had "no regrets" watching and hearing this song :D

  37. Mr Devil

    Not only does ALL of their albums kick ass but this is definately one of the best song off 12:34 IMO.


  38. TheTacoGods

    i think i heard this song somewhere

  39. Kool

    101 : 0!!! :D

  40. SuperMarioStar10

    Sooooo siiiickk!! love it

  41. Punx DeadLöck

    i love this band!

  42. monkeyman904

    @Eminemlyn way to quote fail. p.s. your real hardcore sport

  43. monkeyman904

    @TheGhostofGramyBoy99 awesome... idk about epic

  44. Rkomegakillz

    @Eminemlyn Of course you did.

  45. CsRemix24

    @TheGhostofGramyBoy99 it took my friend a year to be able to play this song on bass. granted i dont know how much he practiced but he said it was freaking hard cuz of the speed.

  46. Katharina Hess

    Bestes :)

  47. felipipi

    Jamie Cullum

  48. somehow888

    fuckin awsome..