Authority Zero - Endless Roads Lyrics

Here we are
Let's be on our way
Have we all lost touch?
Are we even here?
There are songs of revolution in the air
Let's drive another mile and sing another tune
Let's chase the horizon just to make it through
No more wasting away
Lets find something new
No there's no other way
As we close our eyes and say

If we take this road together
We'll be fighting out whole lives
And we'll be in for stormy weather
Making the ultimate sacrifice
But we live we love we learn and breathe
Each breath we take makes me believe
That we can take this road forever
If we take this road together

Because there's a point you pass when you already know
That you're faced with something more that's in your control
Now up and down you see the passing signs
Down these endless roads lie sleeping nights so
That could be our chance to say
To say something new
No more apologies
As we close our eyes and say

Pushing into overdrive
Another day it doesn't come too soon
Pressing on, what lies ahead?
A turning point that's redirecting you
Can you take it?
Can you make it through?
There's only one way of knowing
Only one way for sure
It's full speed ahead

This is what we're living for
Let's take this road forever

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