Authority Zero - Crashland Lyrics

As we stand in awkward silence
And see these crazy things
While this world goes on corrupted
And we lose sight of our being
What's the point in desperate measures?
When we're out of desperate time
When our hope has been succumbed to fear
And filled within our eyes

Well just maybe there's another way
Beyond this great divide
As we dream unforgiving dream of all the things we hide
As we look into the future
As we hold into the past
Now we're falling from the sky once more
And now we're falling fast! so

Lets get right out of here
Crashland and be on our way
Before its too late
Crashland with no controls
What do you say?

We're going down
Whats the matter with this picture?
It's time to set it straight
We guide a course with engines failing while
Cries of maydays circulate
The airs been thick up here for miles and miles
It seems to never clear
Conducting energy and images
We've been programmed to 'round here
Spewing filth down in these trenches
Bruised and battered bleeding eyes
Infected far beyond recovery
Holding on to dear life inside
Just as we're soaring to the future
And coldly holding to the past
And now we're falling from the sky once more
And now we're falling fast! so


It's getting harder to sleep
I swear I've lost my mind
Spinning right out of control
And this illusions taking over
We find another gateway to the soul
Corrupted paradise, a landslide
An unforgiving dream that we once knew
Well systems fail this is an S.O.S. for help
As we suffocate
Pressure blows with strength and tends to choke
At every turn we make
Sounds of mayday, can you hear me?!
Low on fuel and burning fast
Don't know how long we can survive this cuz we're
Going down and falling fast! so!


Four strong, disguise
There's no way out
We're falling fast
We're going down
Four strong disguise, we're falling
Falling with no control
This time the cabins shaking
This time there's silence as we fall

[Chorus x2]

Hey hey
Do you say
Its time to finish what we started
Gotta spin ourselves right out of control

Hey hey
Do you say
I see a clearing up ahead
As we continue spinning out of control

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Authority Zero Crashland Comments
  1. Dave six

    beautiful song!!!!great job guys

  2. Benoit Papineau

    This song kicks ass!
    Let's get right out here !!!!

  3. Jon Weiss

    JD - "I'm going down to Mesa Town."

  4. Jon Weiss

    "One More Minute."

  5. Jon Weiss

    Killer JD. Jonny Weiss 🎶

  6. ZankTheGreat

    I just realized AZ is the initials of Authority Zero- and it's the abbreviated name for the state they are from. Coincidence? I think not.

    Jon Weiss


    Killer Bro! My favorite band! 🎶

  7. Chris Helton

    amazing song great lyrics and all around powerful musicians!!!

  8. Kyle Witha jay


    Kyle Witha jay



    @Cody Rogers define "sucks"

  9. Hiago Nunes

    ugshhszbk ξγψξξφηκοφκτφξχδφξιττθκκνωωξομμηξηγγφγοδδφογριη

    Daniel Price



    Dec. 8th I will get to see them for first time. I hope your right.

  11. stephen brandhuber

    Agreed! Who else can you see live, where the frontman takes a shoe to the lung and says "good job!"

  12. Shawn Dalton

    Zero Crew unite!

  13. burner665

    no, it deserves to be there but shouldn't ;)

  14. asdcs

    amazing band and song!

  15. Shawn Dalton

    One person... its too late for.

  16. punkpakos

    Came back to greece again soon!!!!

  17. TheWinningful

    literally NO dislikes

  18. Mr.Bash

    love these guys! if only the deviates and authority zero would tour together. sigh, ANDIAMO

  19. tampon tammy

    starting to become my fav song on this album so amazing, i love his use of reverb

  20. John LaCroix II

    If I could live in a song..this would be it.

  21. Joseph Fisher

    @bigduderoyal I never even heard of unwritten law till they played in Boise on 4/17... and I was not impressed honestly. I met Jason right before the show it was soooo awesome that was the 4th time I have seen AZ in concert.

  22. OakRidgePunk777

    @Steveosis311 they're not advertised enough. We should status about them on facebook if more fans is what they want. that's the easiest way to spread the word nowaday

  23. bigduderoyal

    What a sick fn show on 4/20 in Denver. Met some dude that was there to see Unwritten Law and he left buying all the AZ albums and said they killed UW on stage. Zero Crew!

  24. Steven D W/luna iris

    most amazing live shows EVER!!!!! cant believe they havent seen more success than they have. This album (along with all of their others) should be WAY up on the billboard charts! AZ 4 life!

  25. Jason Wood

    love Authority Zero, Ive been love n this band since A Passage in Time. every new CD that comes out i buy and add to my collection. I just cant get enough of this band. Damn Good!