Authority Zero - Authority Zero Lyrics

Give me a second chance
And you take one back
Yes you take one back
There's no authority given to me
It's all for you

Why must you change your mind?
Time after time you tell me what to do
And how to do it

There's no authority in our lives
You don't like me and you I despise
The world grows bigger everyday
I'll tell you my authority stays away

You can't do this
And no you can't do that
Don't dress that way
Now take off that hat

Should I listen to you, I really seem to doubt it
And no I won't forget about it
Oh no

You toss me around
You put on my funny nose, I look like a fucking clown
Throw me up and bat me around
Jump on my side now pound me down
With authority zero, Whoa oh

Authority zero, authority zero
Authority zero...

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Authority Zero Authority Zero Comments
  1. FreeToFakie

    I need to find the studio version!!!

    Jon Krampel

    agreed. Also looking for other bonus tracks for the other albums.

  2. Michael Kurtz

    Jason is amazing. Love all of his work......AZ Rules...

  3. aleito0

    love u harder!

  4. Cannibal Irk

    Малафья! Хуй! Зебра!

  5. Jeff Zemeida

    This was the first song Jason wrote

  6. Mattyj Johnson

    Sometimes you have to give it a listening to it a few time's. Now granting the fact that its acoustic does not give it the sound as all plugged in. Keep in mind that it is live, one take, one recording. We actually got to play with these guys. being in a band, sorry that every song you have played chris or sing in the shower is perfect.. but do you actually have any idea the work it takes to write and perform a masterpiece? it goes both ways with music. People w love it or hate it

  7. chris cummings

    I like you guys but that was weak

    Cameron 88

    chris cummings get fucked

  8. megan burt

    Really great

  9. lordmoonkie

    awesome !