Authority Zero - 21st Century Breakout Lyrics

You're confined
You're contained
You've been living a lie for so long
You don't know what it means
You're controlled
You're set free
This time they're going to listen
Because you're playing for keeps
I can't believe what I'm hearing or saying
I was alive when you twisted my words
It's truly killing me in this situation
I was alive what was it really worth?

Hold me down
Speak your peace
Spit your lies
Just wait and see
Hold me down
You've got me wondering

Is anybody listening?
Can anybody see?
From where you're standing
You're looking right through me
Is anybody there?
To see what's happening
This is the day that I've been waiting for patiently
Bring on the 21st century breakout
Are you breathing?
Cause I am right now
Hold on to me
Hold on to me
Hold on to me
I'm still breathing

You're denied
You're released
This conversation has got us driving right into insanity
Let this go you confess
Come on and tell me a story
That will make this progress
I can't believe that we're stuck and replaying
And now it's fading fast
The company that we've been keeping
Is about to turn their backs

Because you know what you wanted
Chances are you shut down way too soon
So let's be honest
It's like I'm screaming at a wall
There's no reaction
Just try and remember
This is something that you can't ignore

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Authority Zero 21st Century Breakout Comments
  1. Sequoia G

    I only ever see people with Authority Zero attire here in Arizona but no where else :/ there deserve so much more recognition

  2. aleito0

    im from argentina! and i makeme a tatoo from they! the rly rules!

  3. Stitchy

    My take on the lyrics, this took a while :P
    the chorus starts at ******** and end's with * (in the 2nd lyric comment). repeat chorus twice in comment 3 (at **)
    fucking youtube won't let me adjust text format, sorry -_-

  4. Stitchy

    you're confined, you're in chains
    to be living a life for so long, you dont know what it means
    you're controlled, you're set free
    this time you gotta listen 'cus you're praying for peace, yeah

    I cant believe what i'm hearing, they're saying
    this partial connection's got me twisting on words
    torn economy, this situation
    I was alive what was this really worth?

    ******hold me down, speak your piece
    spit your lies just wait and see
    hold me down, you've got me wondering

  5. Stitchy

    Is anybody listening, can anybody see?
    come on, you're standing there you're looking right through me
    is anybody there, to see what's happening?
    this is the day that i've been waiting for, personally

    Bring on the 21st century breakdown
    I can't breathe in the silence right now
    hold on to me 3x
    I'm still breathing*

    you're denied, you're released
    this conversation is gone, they try to run it to obscenity
    let this go, you confess
    come on and chime in your story that will make this progress

  6. Stitchy

    I can't believe that we're stuck, everybody
    and now it's fading fast, the company that we've been keeping,
    is about to turn their backs
    cause you know you want it, chance is ours
    you strike down way too soon
    so let's be honest, it's like i'm screaming at a wall
    no reaction, there's no reaction
    just try to remember x2
    you gotta try to remember cus this is something that you can't ignore
    I can breathe in the SKY and right now

  7. Joy Departed

    Can we haz lyrics?

  8. Joy Departed

    I agree. This song gives me shivers. I am glad yet angry they are so unheard of where I live.

  9. TheTacoExpress Baby

    It's about fucking time... They need to not wait so long between every freakin album. On the other hand if it produces material like this then it acceptable.

    Frédérick Germain

    TheTacoExpress Baby Quality over quantity, at least I like it that way. Broadcasting to the nations, their new release, is a real bomb too!

  10. Joy Departed

    I agree, although I am totally looking for songs like Big Bad World and One More Minute. I love those songs and Jason knows exactly how they are supposed to be sang.

  11. Jake Dietrich

    This is better than some stuff from A Passage In Time! And that album hasn't been topped yet!

  12. Shawn Dalton




  14. Jacob LaMountain

    I really hope the rest of the album has this ferocity.

  15. Vince C

    cant wait for this album always great tunes

  16. Paul Coutts

    this album's gonna be fucking immense.

  17. offyourrocker1

    this album is going o rip!!!!