Austin French - Why God Lyrics

Why God
Do people have to die
A daughter or a son
Sudden and so young
Long before their time?

Why God
Do people fall apart
A promise and a ring
Becomes a broken thing
A road that got too hard?

I don't understand
But I understand

Why God I need You
It's why God I run to Your arms
Over and over again
It's why God I cling to Your love
And hold on for dear life
And I find You are right by my side

Why God
Do we feel so alone?
Every single day
Fighting through the pain
Hoping there is hope

I don't understand
But I understand

Why God I need You
It's why God I run to Your arms
Over and over again
It's why God I cling to Your love
And hold on for dear life
And I find You are right by my side, ooh...

Give me a faith stronger than I have
I need to know when it hurts this bad
That You hold my heart when it breaks
And I'm not alone in this place

That's why God I need You
Why God I run to Your arms
Over and over again
It's why God I cling to Your love
And hold on for dear life
And I find You are right by my side
Always right by my side
Even here in the why... God

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Austin French Why God Comments
  1. Bogdan bogdi

    Why are only 2 mil ?

  2. Cole Edwards

    I was at winter jam yesterday im fort Wayne and i can relate so much i was 9 when my dad died i understand that pain now

  3. Gerardo Covarrubias

    My dad died

  4. Gerardo Covarrubias

    Love god😍😍

  5. Katie Scheuermann

    Romans 8: 28-
    "And we know that ALL THINGS work together for the GOOD of those who love God, who are called according to His purpose."
    Things we go through hurt, and that's okay. There's nothing wrong with that, and making light of that doesn't help. But God is always greater than all of our pain, and we need to remember that God's ways and thoughts are higher than ours, and if we understood everything now, God's omniscience would be useless.
    God bless, have a nice day!! <3

  6. Makkuro Katana

    I don't know why people attack what we believe even when they came to this song in the first place. What kind of people search for arguments and try to prove their intellect and that their belief is right when in the first place they would disrespect the other side rendering their opinion less valued. Why.

  7. Lexie Lindsey

    #i love this song

  8. Sara Fullilove

    My mom just passed away. I’m only 22. I sat there and watched her die from cancer. There is no why.

  9. Lea Oline

    I’m sorry, I’m losing hope:( I give up now... I wanna tell my favorite person SyreinaClaw that I love her with my whole heart and even tho she’s just someone from the internet she’s still my best friend! She’s been there for me and still are:) she knows exactly how I feel! She always makes me smile:), she’s been a lovely friend! I could’ve never asked for a better friend than her!:) I’m trying so hard to live, but it’s extremely painful and hard and it hurts so bad!😭the reason why I live is because of her! She inspired me to start drawing and I also had pretty low self love, but she made me think of myself as a beautiful girl!:) I even jumped in front of the mirror while saying “I’m beautiful!!”🤣I love her so much, but I think it’s time to let go now:( she even saved my life two times from attempting suicide! this is the hardest choice I’ve ever made, but I can’t keep living this pain:(
    *If I die*
    *please don’t cry*
    *just look up at the sky*
    *and say Goodbye*
    I love you, best friend❤️ I will always be in your heart no matter what happens!❤️

  10. Hope .M

    This was published the day my grandpa died. This song will always have a special place in my heart 😢

  11. Tyler Hopkins

    I love this song sooooo much like if u do too

  12. Ricky toriano Masicampo

    Hope has end that's why

  13. Ricky toriano Masicampo

    W....h...y? Because of w end y

  14. Katrina Chouinard

    This song is for used to be my 8th grade crush that passed away yesterday. You will forever be missed Dev ❤❤ 2/14/20

  15. kookiezukiedookie

    reading comments made me realised how lucky we are to have God .

  16. pamela williamson


  17. Summer Marvell

    “...I don't understand but I understand...”

  18. Elena Gonzalez

    If anyone went to winter jam and knows who the people they said came from australia please tell me i dont remember

  19. Lorie Rosario

    Please pray for me. :(

  20. EXOL For Life

    Why God I keep loosing friends if I showed them my true self? 💔

    Nathan S

    Because a child of God is not of this world. The friend that will never leave you is Jesus.

  21. Blue Neptune

    Hey guys, I really need some prayer in my life right now. Things are... quite difficult. I’m trusting in God and winging everyday the best I can. Can you pray for me. It would me the world to me and my family, thank you beautiful angels 😌💖

  22. I Love Me!

    I need my Ganesha. 🙏❤

  23. Madison Moses

    dude even though i’m an atheist i still high key love this song. it kinda slaps

  24. Holl E. H.

    "I'm not alone in this place..."

    But nicely done.

  25. Anne Nicole Fabile

    God has a purpose why certain things happen. Just trust Him all the way. God bless !

  26. Ely Tanchez

    When Kobe Bryant died, this song came up to my mind.... I cant believe he is gone and his thirteen year old daughter too! And the rest on the people in the helicopter, as a 12 year old Christian I question sometimes why do people have to die so young or why do people have to die? But kobe Bryant and his daughter will be forever in our hearts

  27. Ayessa Maranan

    I first listen to this song when Cameron Died but now a heartbreaking news again we had



  28. Izaquiel Soares


  29. Bo Studios

    I'm listening to this song right after Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi passed away.

  30. Bo Studios

    Why god? did Kobe have to die

  31. Marco Erazo

    Why God? Why are temptations strong?
    Why do I have to endure it?
    Why do I fail?
    Why does this hurt so much?
    Why is there no deliverence?

  32. akua kyere

    Much needed song for today. Rip koby n daughter 💔

  33. mckenlyyow yow

    Who's here after Kobe Bryant and her daughter died in helicopter crash? 😢

  34. Fhrancess Morales

    "I don't understand. But i understand." 😭

  35. Abigail Bozzo

    Cried so hard when I first heard this. I realized I was asking those questions. But I know that God has a plan and purpose for everything.

  36. vin chauhan

    💐👌😊Blessed Anyone ?

  37. X_ Angel

    God showed me this song at the right time. I lost my uncle who was very close to me a few months ago and I'm still mourning over him. All I ask is why God and is my uncle is heaven with God..

    Hope .M

    I've vary sorry for your loss god bless you and your family 🙏 this song was published the day my grandpa died. This song will always have a special place in my heart

  38. Micaela Clifford

    Hearing this song makes me think in my friend and her mother whom passed away 4 months ago... and she feels the peace of God but she obviously doesn't understand why she had to die all sudden and after 3 years of praying for her health. Little by little, I pray to God to show her the whys throught her life, God knows the whys more than any of us and I hope she holds onto Jesus and my friend and her family will find the answers... 🙏🏼

  39. Drew Calahoo

    Lost a great friend this week. I know Jesus you will never break a promise. Pour down love and guidance on his family, show them your in control.

  40. Katie Johnson

    This makes me think about Toby Mac's son...

  41. oof

    Why is it when people die or get hurt people blame God? Like we ain’t in a fallen world and have a common enemy aka the devil.

    Hope .M

    Cuz it's easyer for people to god. Not me personaly tho


    @Hope .M why would it be easier it's just as easy to blame this sinful world and the devil lol

    Hope .M

    @oof I really don't know but the world hates god till they are saved so I guess that's why

  42. Joshua Coetzee

    Felt like crying after the first 3 lines

  43. Momin Mueez

    This song reminds me of my dead cousin who died before he came in this world i wish i coudlve met him because he was the only cousin i had...but god has his reasons.....

  44. Kylee R

    I saw this amazing dude perform this song at winter jam and all I did was sit there and cry. There were thousands of people and all I did was cry and cry and cry. The wonders god does is amazing. God bless you

  45. Elijah Pilmore

    We die on this Earth because we sin against god but through Jesus this earthly death means nothing

  46. }SãkruãChêrry{ :3

    This hit me pretty hard because about a few days ago, my brother died. He had killed himself because of personal problems.. my mom, mostly my mom, questioned why God took him so early..? But I never stopped loving God. Though, the thing that hurt the most is that my brother didn't know God.. I hope, whoever is reading this, you have an amazing day, and never stop loving God. ❤💕

  47. BORI

    Oh Pocho, just got the news bro. This gonna hurt as much as Laly. You were a great friend, you were more, you were family. I pray God, you look over Johnny (his best friend). Praise you in the storm Lord Jesus


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  49. Mark Wilson

    My Great Grandma passed in March 2019. She lived from 1928-2019. She went to the hospital on her birthday and died March first. I asked God why he took her away
    and I could never figure it out why he took her. I prayed for days for about 10 mins asking him to not take her, but I knew she had to go at some point, by I didn't want it to be at that moment. I wanted her to be around until she was 100 years old. I didn't think it was her time to go, but God did. I will forever trust in him and will always be by his side. No matter what problem you are facing in your life just never forget God is therr, you just to say his name.

  50. Caley Heart

    *when someone dies, it means that heaven needs them as angels to help those on earth*

  51. Alias Direct

    God doesn’t make evil things happen evil things happen because of evil people

  52. ashley mares

    Please pray for me. I get evil thoughts

  53. lina lina


  54. You'll never Know my name

    I saw him live and he’s amazing. His presence is just a vessel for Gods shining energy and his voice projects gods true emotion behind his words. I truly feel like God chose Austin to deliver his messages. He could not have picked a better person to live out Gods word and name

  55. Elisa Zanelli 04


  56. Aistley Taptiklis

    No matter what life may bring. The good and the bad, my mantra is YOUR WILL BE DONE. My faith will transcend logic and reason. I just simply believe. 💖

  57. Briana Long

    Good bye Delilah.
    My darling.
    My daughter.
    My trusted one.
    My child.
    I love you more than life itself.
    Yet, in life, you could not stay.
    I miss you terribly.
    It's very hard without you near.
    But it was your choice to leave this world.
    You left me.
    You swallowed all the meds.
    No one put them in your mouth.
    You took them willingly.
    I love you darling.
    But now you are gone.
    Never forget me. 💛

  58. Hasti GC

    I feel like i have written this song:))💖beautiful !!thank you❤❤❤


    Today is a year after I saw my boyfriend passed away and I found this song. Wow

  60. Bunch Brunch


  61. Kim Santiago

    I know why

  62. Madison Lynn

    God loves you

  63. Madison Lynn

    God bless

  64. Evelien The Singer Vevo

    I hope one day austin sees my cover from this amazing song! God bless everyone🙏❤

  65. Bway Pale Htoo

    I don't understand but I understand, God.

  66. Mømø Āłøįş

    Basically this song lacked the other step to understand the true Will of God. Sometimes we don't understand the death of young people, broken marriages, failed plans, but it starts there where you say, "Although I don't understand I trust you, although I have doubts they won't be greater than trusting you, I want to trust you."And God has an answer for you, when you are repentant and you really cling to Him, you seek him , you seek him in His Word, it is in it that you find God's answer: all the bad and the good things (that you see as a human) that happen is for you to be more like Christ and so others can know God through the advancement of the gospel through the situation that made you have a great testimony of God. You didn't understand and yet you'd hold on, now that you understand for sure you can stand on the firm stone that is Christ,Amen.
    Básicamente a esta canción le faltó el otro paso para entender la verdadera Voluntad de Dios. A veces no entendemos la muerte de personas jóvenes, matrimonios rotos, planes fallidos, pero comienza por ahí donde uno dice :" aunque no entiendo confío en Ti, aunque tengo dudas no serán mayores que confiar en Ti, quiero confiar en Ti". Y Dios tiene una respuesta para ti, cuando estás arrepentido y realmente te aferras a Él y lo buscas a Él, lo buscas en su Palabra, es en ella es donde encuentras la respuesta de Dios: todo lo malo y lo bueno(de la forma humana que lo miras) que sucede es para que seas más como Cristo y así otras personas puedan conocer a Dios por medio del avance del Evangelio, por medio de la situación que te hizo tener un testimonio grande de Dios. No entendías y aún así te aferrabas, ahora que entiendes con toda seguridad puedes pararte en la piedra firme quien es Jesús , Amén.

  67. Meiga e Brava

    It's so emotional!

  68. ghadeer jwabreh

    The answer is because this life is not forever their is another life that have no pain no die that’s heaven

  69. MariAvgi

    Such a beautiful song 💙

  70. Joy Dellvon

    A couple of weeks ago I was in youth group and my youth pastor was giving a great lesson, we shouldn't ask God why we should ask him what. Like what do you want us to do, to learn and to change from this horrible experience. Even if it breaks us we still have to ask what. You can't fix what isn't broken.

  71. Terry


    nasomee King

    Sometimes I think to myself like why God just why do I have to be on this miserable earth💔😔

  72. Frexie Unde


  73. Jeppy Piñera


  74. Spiritual Growth

    I feel so depressed right now

  75. Game Player 2021

    Is everyone listening in 2020

  76. John Cutamora

    It's not bad to be curious about Earthly things but remember that at the end of the day ALWAYS listen to the word of God.

  77. Mine Galupo

    Im floating right now in the abyss with God🙏

  78. Books and Coffee

    This song is so beautiful yet hurts so much.

  79. Park Minhyuk

    lalpa tinge ka tlanbosan leh thin che

  80. Syldenny

    The best song i ever heard

  81. Kemba Walker

    Me and my family moved away from my home that I have lived in all my life. We moved all the way across the state (we live I. Texas is that actually a long ways) and I miss my old life every day. I have changed so much since I moved and I always asked God why. I’ve learned to stop asking him why and I’ve learned to ask him what his purpose is. I still don’t know why he had us move but I know it was for a reason. Even though I still cry myself to sleep every night I know that he has plans and that all of this was for a reason and one day I will know

  82. Sius

    Great song to listen to when I’m taking the fattest shit known to man, oh God I shouldn’t have drank Chocolate Milk knowing I’m lactose intolerant.

  83. Chriso N

    Why, God? Did this song get published?

  84. Yuki _exe

    me: closing my eyes and imagining myself with god.

  85. Sara Rifbjerg

    Love this song !

    Always remember when bad things happend, and you blame God, that he i so big, and so mighty. So everything he does, is done with love. Even if its seems bad, it came from good. He has the best overview. He loves you.

  86. Jessica Dacosta

    My boyfriend passed away on 14 dec 2019
    At the age of 29😭😭😭😭😭


    Rest in Peace 🙏😇

  87. Christian Vinicius


  88. I love Avengers

    I wish someone could pray for me🙁

    Ana carolina santos silva

    I don't know what's going on in your life, but Jesus loves you and He's taking care of you. He won't leave you alone.

    nasomee King

    @Ana carolina santos silva he was never with me 😖😔😣

  89. Pass Word

    God bless you

  90. Tye Soo

    I have this belief that every bad things happen are from this world, not God. I blame the world for all of the unlucky things happen to my life and thank God for the strength that he had gave to me to confront the struggles. And with this belief, i keep my faith in God till this day and become better from day to day.


    Ree TV amen

  91. Sheila B

    "Why God? Why do You let me be one of those people that has to suffer from mental illness?"
    I don't understand, but I understand..
    I've been answered 💛

  92. emily Hendricks

    25% of people sharing there personal stories
    Meanwhile 75% of people are talking about cameron boyce

    I get it but.....

  93. Cristina Ontiveros

    I like this song because its different and its true I know he loves me and he is bye my side I am a believer of God and his daughter so are y'all

  94. R0ck115

    What is wrong with me. Why do I break down and hate myself. Why? Please answer...

  95. missy snow

    Beautiful song
    But I sin repeatedly so god is probably not very happy . I'm broken and crushed I don't know how I stayed alive this year and last. Every year i do the same shit and 46. I'm so fucked


    I need help. Ive been in dought for too long and its affecting my relationship with Jesus and i cant keep on going like this. Im meant to be a Christian DJ/Producer /Artist. People want me to help them eith there spiritual problems but i cant even fix mine. Plz pray for me. Thx for reading and God bless. Plz pray for me🙏☹️


    Man this song hurt me so bad.. i lost my bby almost 2 years ago
    And i can't understand why him?
    This song makes me cry

  98. Yuri Plisetsky

    This is what I'm going through right now. My mum-mum (grandma) passed earlier this year, this was my first Christmas without her.
    R.I.P Debbie Bitting
    1959 2019
    I will miss you forever