Austin Brown - Backup Plan Lyrics

Didn't know I was lyin'
When you said that I didn't mind take it sometimes
Silver without a linin'
Guess you must be gold
Didn't know you were hidin'
Someone that was textin' you when you're alone
So, baby, why you cryin'
When you did me cold?

You say you miss me when he's unavailable
'Cause you think I'll always be there
We both know love can be unpredictable
So I'll make it clear

Better figure it out
'Cause I ain't no backup man
I ain't no backup plan
I ain't no backup man

Better figure it out
'Cause I ain't no backup man
I ain't no backup plan
I ain't no backup man

I know you've been with him lately
And he's tellin' you everythin' you wanna hear
Got your head in a haze-y
Wants to make me disappear

What we have is amazin'
So why you wanna put it in the rearview mirror?
What pictures he paintin'?
I'll paint your head

You say you miss me when he's unavailable
'Cause you think I'll always be there
We both know love can be unpredictable
So I'll make it clear

Better figure it out
'Cause I ain't no backup man
I ain't no backup plan
I ain't no backup man

Better figure it out
'Cause I ain't no backup man
I ain't no backup plan
I ain't no backup man

Better figure it out
'Cause I ain't no backup man
I ain't no backup plan
I ain't no backup man

Better figure it out
'Cause I ain't no backup man
I ain't no backup plan
I ain't no backup man

'Cause I ain't no backup man
I ain't no backup plan
'Cause I ain't no backup man

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Austin Brown Backup Plan Comments
  1. Madiha Qamar


  2. Sunny

    I shouldve heard yr voice ages ago... luv it so unique

  3. Rebound Octagon

    This song is beast

  4. Vesil

    I love your voice and your music is amazing people should stop sleeping on you

  5. Kiki

    I love your music ❤️❤️❤️
    You make your own kind of music and it's totally my style of music! Your SO talented Thanks for letting us hear your voice

  6. Typical Lisa

    First time listening to your songs and I was blown away 🎵❤ you have a beautiful voice💯

  7. Sheela Chandran

    Is your name Austin or Austn. Btw you are SO SO SO SO underrated. ILYSM 😍😍😍

  8. Jasmine Rathi

    These are the words I want to say...but in girl's version 🤣... really loved it, words and voice 😍😍

  9. Electric Lily

    This is like _the_ side guy/girl song

  10. CJ Nye

    2019 October anybody? By the way, like if you wanna meet him. Because I DO!!!

  11. Barbara Crane

    we love it

  12. Sheela Chandran

    You are my only backup plan. When songs are unavalabile

  13. pussy cat

    Waiting for the music video

  14. Isai montero montaño Montero montaño

    OMG... i love this song

  15. Autumn Murdoch

    I’m a late comer, but I’ve been listening to your music and it’s AMAZING. I LOVE YOUR voice!!!!

  16. Regan LeRoy

    I know I'm hella late to this but just wanted to throw out there how well done your lyric videos are! I'm HOH (hard of hearing) but I love music and sometimes lyric videos try to get too complicated, and it makes it difficult to actually appreciate the song.

  17. Dvn Game08

    I like you music... cool🎶

  18. Asrina Syafa'ati Arselan

    I'm waiting for the next! :(


    I love u and the song

  20. Phatanun Sathaphonjariya

    Love your voice❤️

  21. Maria

    I love this song ❤️❤️

  22. amira

    How old are you

  23. SeekretStudios A

    My brothers name is Austin
    I added this to my playlist :3

    :3 like my cat face?

  24. Iliany Ramirez

    It was awesome and everyone has to love this song

  25. Loveth Chris

    U really have an amazing voice and ur music keep me calm 💕💕💕💕
    Can't love ur music less

  26. Lillian Marquez

    This is such an enjoyable song. I love your voice so much. This song has a really great meaning to it!!!😁☺️

  27. Esmeralda Parra

    I love it ❤️

  28. Acely Garganera

    Thank you for existing, Austin!!! Arghhh <3 I have been listening to your songs lately and every song of yours undoubtedly deserves a thumbs up. Looking forward to watching more of your music videos.

  29. limelights .whydontwe

    In between and this song are my favorite from you ❤❤

  30. luis vidal Santiago

    Hey Austin your song is beautiful you are so talented and your voice is amazing

  31. luis vidal Santiago

    Hey Austin I love IT your song is my favorite song

  32. Spare_BEAST

    Your Name Should Be Angel Not Austn👼

  33. GinaLimeL

    amazing voice-just found my favorite singer!

  34. Neo Neo

    U would never be my backup plan


    U would be my one and only

  35. River Parish

    I just listened to this , is it bad I can relate to the song .

    If Austin ever sees this , I doubt he will, you have an amazing voice keep it up❤❤

  36. Wandy

    Why isnt this available on apple music 😭

  37. _ angel_

    I can’t stop listening to this song , the best song ever!!!!!!!!

    I need help!!....I can’t


    _ angel_ sameeeee

  38. Kelsey Johnson

    Love You to much💕❤

  39. BrightStar53

    Love the instrumental

  40. Jonathan Elias

    Anyone know the chords for an acoustic cover?

  41. Harisuddin Hawali

    So relatable

  42. Ola Szmwolfgre

    really love this ong greetings from poland bby

  43. Avocado 17

    I think It’s about Annie being with Asher because when Asher is working, Annie tells Austin I miss you or something like that

    B Mosley

    They are just friends.

  44. Vivian Siganoff

    I love your songs

  45. rafael cave

    Please boy release more music love your voice goood😍 Your accent tooo

  46. Joe Metzger

    Why did you take it off Apple Music? Love the song! 🙂👍

  47. Emalie Valdez

    i love this song

  48. Kaitlyn Marie

    Omg!!! This is the best song ever!!!!!!!

  49. Matt Garland

    Yo why can't we listen to this on apple music anymore

  50. Lourain Diaz

    You tell her

  51. It's Abbie

    This is the best song ever, my friend and i jam out to this all the time

  52. 醬醬

    why this great song i couldn’t find it in apple music

  53. Eva Vrbanjac

    Great song Austin. Love u ♥😘

  54. Danielle I


  55. Dariana Hernandez

    This song is really good like the lyrics speak to me like ❤❤❤ it's so good and your voice sounds good with the beat to the music because tu voice is perfect and it's cute (*’(OO)’*) I love it dude keep it up never give up bro woohoo have fun dude 🥰🥰🥰❤🧡💛💚💙💜 I like love it so much it's a really good song that also tells a story I love it.!!!!!!!! 🖤 💞💞💞💞💞💞 I'm like I just wanna hear u sing it in real life like just your voice dude 💞💞💞💞💙💙💙💙💙💙

  56. Maria Reyes

    Omg Love this song. This is my first time hearing this song and im already dancing to it. LOVE IT. ❤❤

  57. pink nintendo

    i heard tihs first on my apple music pop station and i feel inlove with the chorus. your voice is so nice. i can't believe you're so underrated!

  58. Jade Pollock

    I love all your songs, I can't stop listening to them. You are such an amazing singer Austin. i love you

  59. milton mejias

    This one for you venica


    Really, Loved it. Repeatedly listening.
    Depicting reality😻 I love your each and every song.. Waiting for more.. Young artist. 💓

  61. Jaivir CHOPRA

    "You say you'll miss me when he's unavailable" PHEW!! The vocals for this para are amazing... Hoping to listen to more songs in the future

    Sheela Chandran

    Jaivir CHOPRA ikr. Love it too

  62. Na-tzu Lee-Park

    You can signed a contract in a company you really have a nice voice

  63. Madalin Spencer


  64. K C

    Great work😍

  65. Sydney Heyboer

    Oh my god I love all your songs I heard in betweenin and I immediately knew I’d love you😂💛💛your voice is honestly amazing and unique it’s really good I love it💜

  66. Swati Sahoo

    Love the song❤️


    yet another amazing song Austin. your voice is just incredible. ilysm ❤️

  68. Tushita Bordoloi

    *you are so talented!! I love your music!!*

  69. Lina xxx

    I really think that these 18 people who disliked this song are deaf!!!!
    Btw I'm in love with this song💞💕❤️

  70. Sara Finders

    I love your music

  71. Esha Shah

    Broooooo you deserve so much attention. You're doing incredible, keep it up

  72. Kaylie Clites

    Why did you decide to write this song?

  73. Kaylie Clites

    I love this song. I just reminds me to stand up to people when they try to take advantage of me. Thank you Austin for making this song. It's amazing!

  74. PX Rivera

    Amazing! 💣😵

  75. Abigail Martinez

    Is this a boy or girl?

  76. Dazzling Genz

    💕😭Yeeees Austin! Beautiful vocals as always and this song is A+ 🥳💕

  77. Charlotte Sparks

    I love this song Austin! Your voice is so good! Can't wait for your next song!!!

  78. Chelsea Faulkner

    AWESOME SONG! You're so talented! Great job! Keep up the good work!

  79. Vy Yv

    The lyrics is sooo good and the background too

  80. DanielSeavey _whydontwe

    Omg Austin
    I love this so much
    Ahhhhh it’s so good I’m obsessed ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  81. Cecily Brennan

    Omg 😲 Austin I love this song it’s so good!!! Keep up the good work!!! Love You!!! Xoxo 💛💜

  82. Be who you are GA

    This is great song your so talented Austin 👍💙

  83. lexi s

    OMG!!! My new Favorite song. Ive listened to it over 1000 times by now but it never gets old.

  84. Inês Almeida

    Dammm you rock it!! Proud of you

  85. Truly Cloey

    OMG that was amazing!I think your amazing and deserve everything you want 😊!

  86. Leida Ramos

    My favorite on my daughters playlist

  87. Olivia Nice

    OMG!!! YOUR so talented! I love all your songs! Merch? Tour? TALENT

    Olivia Nice

    BTW Im a huge fan

  88. Hannah Fehr

    hey, and just so u know i love this song :)

  89. Wahab Ozomaki

    nicce austin

  90. Diana aaa

    BETTER than Jacob Satorious songs.Tbh

  91. Gemma Ferrari

    this is the best song you've made so far

  92. Caiome Blackburn

    your such a good singer you a have a good vocie

  93. Caiome Blackburn

    your such a good siger

  94. Maja buhangin Dennis roxas buhangin nenafe dauz

    Austin I love your voice your amazing

  95. Alex Vakar

    this song is so perfect for the situation i’m in rn i cant stop listening to it. you worded all my feelings perfectly.

  96. Aidee Maritza Perez Valencia

    Love you Austin bronw😘💖

  97. eve mulvey

    It’s obvious who it’s aimed at and I love love
    The song!!!!

  98. AUSTN

    Leave me a comment and let me know what you guys think of the song! Gonna be commenting back to people :)

    Andrea Gómez Méndez

    Hablas español

    07 Laeina

    So awesome!! Love your songs!
    (an hour ago I found your songs and now I got like a really really long playlist with your best songs, this one in it)

    Nicole Jones

    I love this song and I am always replaying it and it's the first video I click on when I enter YouTube

    Rebound Octagon

    Whos lily?