Aura Dione - Sunshine Lyrics

You say you wanna own a nightclub
Cuz girls are easy to impress
I fell in love with all ya madness
I'm not a doctor but you seem depressed
A 160 days of sadness
A big black hole inside ma chest
Finally got to change my status
Feels so good I must confess

It hit me like
Wooohooo, I can't believe it's true
Wooohooo, I think I'm over you

I got sunshine for a week
I put my shades on so you can't see
I need some good times desperately
Now everybody better
Come and dance with me

I'm moving on
Put that on repeat
I'm moving on
And I can't stop my feet
I'm moving on
Put that on repeat
I'm moving on
And I can't stop my feet

You say you're going to Ibiza
But not with me just on your own
It's a little late at 37
When you got two kids and a girl at home

It hit me like
Wooohooo, I can't believe it's true
Wooohooo, I think I'm over you

I got sunshine for a week
And I got two lungs full of weed
I need some good times desperately
Now everybody better
Come and dance with me

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Aura Dione Sunshine Comments
  1. Ivan CSKA

    У нее раньше груди были больше. Усохла?

  2. Moe 6ix9ine

    Keep going we love u 🇮🇶

  3. Кпр Кпрович

    почему мало просмотров? супер голос👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 2020

  4. Account

    I Love this song, I can't wait for other Songs to realease. I'm so proud of you 💞💞❤️❤️🙌🙌💪🦋

  5. bahtiyar94

    i love Aura Dione! i love this song)

  6. Rytix

    Wow you are a part of my childhood even if its a little but Im still listening to your song Friends I love it so much, gladd to see your still on it u deserve much more than this Geronimo and Friends were Hollywood level and now excuse me I need to listen to this song

  7. MakedonskeY

    ee baby! kiss me!*

  8. Marianne Arendt

    Ich will Sonnenschein und tanze so lange bis über mir die Sonne aufgeht .oder zumindest bis ich Sonne im Herzen habe 💓❤

  9. Marianne Arendt

    I get sunshine 🌞

  10. Marianne Arendt

    Sunshine is my world

  11. Marianne Arendt

    Yes dance 💓❤

  12. Canel Gezer

    I miss the geronimo times 😪❤️

  13. Scarlett Vi


  14. Spanish Inquisition

    OMG, I need more! ❤
    I love moments with car, You look so lovely with hat 😍
    Everything in here is so amazing. I'm impressed dusbzubwyxbwushz

  15. Мавр Гансело

    Я б влул


  16. Goddessoflove

    You are baaack..yeaah!kisses from Serbia

  17. Stefan Lenkeit

    Warum haust du das Auto?🥺

  18. Sylvia Papadaki

    Kinda sounds like Valkyrie by ONEUS

  19. Razvan Barsescu

    This song should have millions of views !

  20. Нокия Пипле

    Amazing Girl)

  21. Ainur ainur

    Голос шикарный😍😍😍

  22. Bastian Benckenstein

    This is amazing und so beautiful🥰

  23. я конечно не идеал, но и ты не луна!

    Но мне кажется что начало похоже на Песню Сергея Лазарева "Идеальный мир" ☺️ но я не говорю что это плагиат, просто похоже!)

  24. Asli Azazi


  25. Clemenza Schwarz

    Fantastic voice. But unfortunately an absolutely disgusting mouth... brrrrrrrrrrr. Ugly.

  26. Christian Thullmann

    Damn she is so gorgeous *__* I love her <3

  27. я конечно не идеал, но и ты не луна!

    Пришла сюда после "Friends" решила посмотреть клип, думала Аура изменилась, но нефигашечки не так. По внешности выглядит также, как и 6 лет назад, голос НЕМНОГО изменился. Песня понравилась! Очень лёгкая, нежная. Всё супер! Рада что Аура такая же как раньше, а не читает реп, и в её клипах не крутят жопами)! Но я мягко говоря прифегела когда увидела кол-во подписчиков. 85к????? Интересно сколько же у неё было подписчиков на момент выхода песни Friends? 1к? Почему же 6 лет назад она была так популярна, песню Friends крутили просто везде, делали на неё ремиксы, изменяли тональность? А сейчас. Аура не достойна 85к точно! Она достой на миллиона и больше! Но надеемся что подписчики прибавятся🌚🌚Желаю удачи в дальнейшем, Аура! 😘😘И привет из России! 🇷🇺😘

  28. Tea Bradašić

    Best song everr❤❤❤

  29. Nhung truong

    love this

  30. ذكريات طفولة

    She deserves 1b views she is one of my fav artists that I'm proud to be a huge fan of

  31. Ruslan Masinjila

    Looks like she is at a place with strong gravity that keeps pulling her down

  32. Sławomir Przybysz

    Cool song, but I have strange feelings , I put on my neck wooden crosses, amethyst, moon stone, dreamcatcher, space blanket, lighted incense in my mouth from white sage, and waiting for the next songs 🙂

  33. Fathi Banhamo

    Aye love you 😘😘😚😘

  34. seethroughwalls

    What's up with the ridiculous somersaults and withering? Have you forgotten how to be natural? Be yourself?

  35. Kerim Demir

    Don’t stop again.We need your songs woman!

  36. Nadine S

    So proud that you‘re back Aura!! So happy that you didn‘t changed! Looking forward to more HitSongs! Hoping every song of you blows up in the Charts! ❤️❤️ Your songs take me back to my childhood, because I only listened to your songs! Can‘t explain how happy I am that you‘re back! ❤️ Greetings from Carinthia 😇

  37. Diana Vickers UK


  38. David

    It’s nice to see her back

  39. viitorul

    Love you

  40. Sarah Christina Harper

    I've listened to this song so many times, I've lost count! You just get better and better and I'm loving this era, just being unapologetically you! 🖤

  41. Стас Пуртов

    ))))) сволочь же ты)))

  42. Misoolino

    Beautiful original natural super song 😘 ...and I love your dance steps 2:01😍

  43. Andreas Kohlmann

    Sounds just like the Robin Schulz Remix of Mr Probz' Waves we already had 5 years ago


    welcome back Aura!!

  45. Houcem Rezagui

    She is beautiful and sings good ❤

  46. Dora Novak

    For instance, in my opinion, she is following the trend of popular music, just like alomost every ex good artist does. Sadly, this song sounds like every freaky song on radio. I am tired of this massive peace of shit, girl pls come back who you really are!

  47. DeLuxis

    Missed you so much. I have to say that i really like this natural look/make-up more than those from when you started ;) You look beautiful and i'm waiting for new music ;)

  48. TheCuteDeath

    I love this Song ♥️



  50. alina

    I'm so glad that she is still making music. Still in love with her since 365! ❤️

  51. GSKTV

    Shakira moment stars from 0:59 ))) cool

  52. You are ugly But still a human

    This song is so calming and give your heart the light omg it’s ti good it’s helping me to enjoy every moment I have rather not just sit and overthink I’m obsessed with this Thanks aurora ❤️❤️😭😭😭u just told me not to care just do whatever u want everyone got light we just need to find out

  53. You are ugly But still a human

    Omg I miss u to much such an awesome underrated artist

  54. Yes science

    Nice song , i listen from algeria

  55. Yes science

    Your songs are beautiful but viewers are few, you have to support yourself with ads

  56. baekhos_custard

    I am so obsessed with this song. Love from India💕💕💕

  57. Omaymh _13

    lovee uuuu 😍😍😍😍

  58. Максим Попов

    wow, it's real A R T

  59. OgSchwud

    Definetly a nice car tho.

  60. Nico Konrad

    Best Song in this Year!😍😍

  61. xHarux3

    I just came here for the A45

  62. EUPRI

    I waited so long for a song of you. You got no idea! Love it Aura! Keep going!

  63. Joana Castro

    Good feelings

  64. Khalida Alayoub

    Amazing 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  65. Stain

    Excuse me this is so good, i'm gonna spam people with the link to this channel

  66. Rykit

    Mmmmm... Красотка какая .

  67. Esther _


  68. Viktor Dm

    Hi, great song,thanks!

  69. Tino Heger

    Absolute fantastic Song !!!! Love it so much!!!!!

  70. Heavy Schokoelfe

    saw this song on Instagram, i love it <3

  71. 이놈

    노래 너무좋다


    I love song 💗

  73. paulina yara

    Love it❣️

  74. insomnia dreamcatcher

    This song stucks in my head for one week now. It cheers me up, even if I'm already happy. Thank you for such a great song

  75. Николай Леонов

    I would dismiss the director and director of this clip in her place. Why the hell she twitches like a sick one!) Beautiful voice and song, but the clip, some kind of nightmare.

  76. Sley Sley

    Best song ever ❤️❤️❤️
    Nice Greetings from Germany 🎉

  77. Selina

    I love your Voice, the song and how you dance 😍

  78. Sa Rah

    Youre my childhood nostalgia IM SO HAPPY YOURE BACKKKK

  79. Divilicus

    Горячая штучка

  80. Lukas Stachelbeere

    why only 70k views? she is an international star?! and the song is amazing, really don't get it

  81. christopher mendoza

    Great song, don't understand why people underestimated singer so talented. I'm being your fan since discover your video Song for Sophie, and hear album Columbine, this album's is a diamond. Your a awesome artist.

  82. inneres meer

    Greets from Germany, Aura ☀️💛

  83. Cześć, tu Paweł

    I feel "Geronimo" vibe and I love it! ❤️

  84. Melissa Merschmann

    Sooo lange nichts mehr von Dir gehört Aura, der Song ist der Wahnsinn❤️❤️❤️

    Sley Sley

    Placebo Fan2001 ich liebe ihn auch 👍😍

  85. Spyro

    Girl, you slayed. I love this country-pop style. Your voice is just amazing.

    Love from an italian fan 💗

  86. Engelbert Sto Tomas

    Wow like it

  87. Aras Original

    You are soo Beautifull i love youu 🙊 you habe a e mail for me

  88. frank holme


  89. Norman SouthTX

    Aura's new video and song “Sunshine” is terrific. If you are just discovering Aura you need to back track her entire repertoire of music. It is extensive and it's ALL GOOD!!!

  90. Conny Swift

    I love it sooooo much 😍😍😍❤❤

  91. Ainhoa Mantler

    Who else is her bc of Lisa and Lena 😜 Love the song 😍

  92. fragkokota

    My brain at 3 am just went like : AT LEAST I GOT MY FRIE E E ENDS. So here I am , checking the singer I grew up with. Btw really beautiful song and aesthetic, loved it.

  93. sabotaging waves

    The video is sooo perfect and u look gorgeous

  94. DaOneFame only

    Wow wow this is dopeeee tune 💚 💚 needs more promo ok

  95. Aytac Meherremli

    We have missed you for a long time😍😍😍

  96. Aytac Meherremli

    Awesome song and video, you deserve a great fame🧡🧡🧡🧡

  97. Aytac Meherremli

    Love you, Auro Dione💜💜

  98. Michal

    Greetings from Poland, please do a concert here :3

  99. Michal

    Love it! U have a really not common, deep voice :3

  100. Fabian 97

    Aura, I personally think it is your best song and best video so far... I hope this song blows up!! You deserve it so much. Looking forward to your 4th album.. can't wait.. you rock this country pop style!! Love ya ❤