Augustana - Someone's Baby Now Lyrics

Face the day and face the night
Hold you close and hold you tight
Did I keep you satisfied or did I let you down?

Bullet trains and aeroplanes
Blowing from the south
Are you someone's baby now

Fields of green and oceans blue
Sweeter things and bitter fruits
Only make me think of you
Yeah, waiting in the sky

Hurricanes and fire flames
Never brought you down
Are you someone's baby now

When you look in, in the mirror
You see my shadows on the wall
And now you see things, a little clearer
You're feeling two foot tall

Heaven, hell and in between
Yellow roses at your feet
Far from all the city streets
Shattering the night

Golden years will slip away
Buried in the ground
Come on and hold yourself up to the light
And do not make a sound
You know your mamma taught you what to love,
But she never taught you how
Are you somebody's baby now

And when you look in, in the mirror
You see my shadows on the wall
But can you hear me, when I need you near me
I'm someone's baby now

You can't
Can't let go
No, when you can't
Can't let go

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Augustana Someone's Baby Now Comments
  1. Robert Messenger

    I agree but there wont be a little secret anymore if they don't get exposure.
    I mean we got 4 cds and 5 if you count all the new songs on youtube but im selfish and need more music lol... a little success wouldn't hurt
    maybe get signed on to do the theme of a big blockbuster or something.idk

  2. Joyce Chua

    i know this is going to make me sound like a bad fan, but I'd rather not so many people know about them, because then it'll become mainstream and it won't be our amazing little secret how brilliant this band is.

  3. rekan mustafa

    Most beautiful band ever , they deserve so much more than their gettin at the moment , but one day , they will be seen as truly the best ever . Never lose hope , never give up , we all need you Augustana ..

  4. Dev Parekh

    Somehow , the most Underated Band ever:'(