Augustana - It Only Means I Love You (You Were Made For Me) Lyrics

It doesn't make the rain fall down
It doesn't make the world go 'round
It doesn't make the loudest sound
It doesn't mean I'm sorrow bound

It doesn't make the wrong things right
It doesn't keep you warm at night
It doesn't help you learn how to fight
It doesn't show the dark from the light

It doesn't take a sign to see
The best things never come for free
And even if it's made to bleed
You know that you can count on me

It doesn't make your plans fall through
It doesn't make your dreams come true
It doesn't make your old ways new
It only means I love you

It doesn't make the river flow
It doesn't make your flowers grow
It doesn't make you feel alone
It doesn't tell you where to go

And it doesn't make a blind man see
It doesn't make a lost man free
It doesn't fix your broken wings
It means that you were made for me...

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Augustana It Only Means I Love You (You Were Made For Me) Comments
  1. Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez

    One of the few bands that I love all their songs

  2. Alvin Abalos

    2018.. damn
    just damn..
    im gettin old now

  3. Macushla XOXO

    And I was made for you

  4. Eric Yang

    Damn, breh. Nostalgia! It sucks to see Dan by himself now, but best wishes to him and his new music now.

  5. HristosIisusEdomnul

    it was made for wedding! what a beauty and what a blessing, man! be blessed!

  6. Jan Jönsson

    this song fits us very true my honey and me

  7. Edison Gomes

    Good song!

  8. Trixies Mama

    So beautiful...

  9. ludacrystal80

    God, I love this song.

  10. Adriele Rodrigues

    this voice is so soft .... "You were made for me"

  11. MrCokemaster05

    @Abbymac100 that's pretty romantic ha

  12. Jossie Arellano

    This song is so amazing. I really LOVE IT ♥♥ ;)

  13. Kätlin Kruuse

    LOVE this song! :) Always makes my mood better.

  14. MrRorosuri

    loving it

  15. a boy

    My 2nd fav. Band:) helps me think.

  16. lolcutie20212

    this is beautiful

  17. Dev Parekh

    Zero Dislikes :D ,Like if u want it to stay that way ;)

  18. c4h8n2o3

    awwww...lovely song!

  19. Volkens Elizort

    The beginning of this song makes me smile in front of my computer screen lol ;)

  20. Grace Scolyer

    Augustana is magic, every time without fail. Flawless.

  21. AugustanaLyrics1

    @DHRCLT Its from their new self-titled album 'Augustana' :)