Augustana - Ash And Ember Lyrics

Am I seeing double, am I withdrawn
Depositing lyrics into a love song
Spider weaving webs for a catch that won't come
Am I pulling roses from a dead bush
A soldier running late for the ambush
Ready in the depth for a stone that's long gone

Is it too late?
It's never ending but nevertheless
I'm the first one to second my guess
And the fire in my heart came from ash and ember

And every I step I take, got the devil to repay
I'll never make it out alive, but I won't surrender
Had to take it day by day, had to learn the hard way
Like a phoenix rising up from ash and ember
Ash and ember

Am I reaching out for something that I can't grab
Something infinitely splitting into two halves
Is there something I forgot that I can't remember
Am I swimming in a river that was manmade
Demolishing a road that was just paved
It's like trying to catch a junebug in late December

Is it too late?
It's never ending but nevertheless
I'm the first one to second my guess
And the fire in my heart came from ash and ember

And every I step I take, got the devil to repay
I'll never make it out alive, but I won't surrender
Had to take it day by day, had to learn the hard way
Like a phoenix rising up from ash and ember
Ash and ember
Ash and ember

Have I climbed the ladder to the last rung
Am I simply gonna finish where I started from
Is the future just the past that I'll never outrun

And every I step I take, got the devil to repay
I'll never make it out alive, but I won't surrender
Had to take it day by day, had to feel the heartbreak
Like a phoenix I was born from ash and ember
Ash and ember
Ash and ember

Am I stealing something I could borrow
Is yesterday just waiting for tomorrow

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Augustana Ash And Ember Comments
  1. Daniel Bennett

    Tom Petty vibes?

  2. intpop

    so underrated video!

  3. EvanSchermer

    Most underrated songwriter of our time. Guy is a total legend. Just cranks out masterpiece after masterpiece.

  4. Derek Lewis

    I get a Keane vibe from this song hard core. Could you imagine them doing this as a duebt with Tom?

  5. Sabaidee Bee

    Does this feel like it could be an Adele song or is it just me?

  6. Ahsan

    This is stuck in my head.

  7. Jonathan Gough

    OMG he looks like Ian summerhold but hotter

  8. Blue Sky Puzzle

    Love every song youve ever made

  9. william Aggrey-Orleans

    Sounds as if it was produced by Daft Punk.

  10. Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez

    They r among the small bands that I love all their songs

  11. Darcy Marie TCB

    Wow this should be a hit on the radio. He is amazing!!

  12. Eric Yang

    I remember this song during my second semester, first year of college. Damn, already 4 years. 😭

  13. Parsel tongue

    I fell inlove with them when I first hear "Boston" while Im drunk by the seaside with my college friends. Twas awesome!
    I was heartbroken because my guy close friend is already taken. lol

  14. Maggie Doe

    Only 2k likes?!

  15. Cleo Simpkins

    This song is epic!! Keep dropping hit Dan

  16. HartyWRX

    Oh man, idk why these guys aren’t as big as they should be, I love their music so much.

  17. AG C

    Augustana is really good. 👍

  18. Candace D

    Or maybe I didnt miss it :)

  19. Candace D

    Kicking my Arse for missing this one .

  20. L R

    why this sound like coldplay though

  21. Big Foot

    sounds like Head and the Heart, but then I realized Augstana has been out 10 years longer.

  22. jennifer tonquin

    the frontman never aged still look gorgeous amazing song

  23. Jordan A

    I used to listen to "Can't Love, Can't Hurt" in the car over and over again when it came out and I really enjoyed hearing this song too! I'm proud of Dan Layus for all his songwriting and sticking to his soul even when he is the only original member left.

  24. Mimi Pizarro-Logsdon

    I love his songwriting! It's so amazing!!!

  25. Amy Carmichael

    💕💕soooo good!!! Love them

  26. hopeless havoc

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who likes their/his later and more mature music than their older music even though there are numbered songs from their past albums that are likeable and can be listened to all they long


    +John Anthony Vital NO.

  27. Leiyu Ye

    Still the augustana .

  28. David Wise

    Terrific song.

  29. Jay Giles Griffin

    ..infinitely splitting into two half's...

  30. isum sum

    best song ever!

  31. муlσ ƒαяσυк

    very nice music


    amo esta canción😍😍😍😍 es mi favorita

    Jose Zamudio

    muy Linda musica sigo su musica desde su primer album

    jesus alberto gutierrez ortega

    es una de las bandas que marcaron mi vida :)

  33. kity kat nat

    so good

  34. skiller

    Love it great job guys

  35. Soukaina El

    nice song , I love it .

  36. LunaMarie Sims

    great song

  37. Alejandra Salazar

    So cool

  38. Alejandra Salazar

    So cool

  39. Giovana Bonoto

    Love this song

  40. Joshua Foy

    Saw Augustana live the other day and they were only an opener. They only got to play for about 15 minutes and then had to go. They were so good I'd rather them have hours at every concert cuz they're more than an opener!

  41. rchele017


  42. Neethu Varghese

    Welcome back augustana're on repeat !

  43. Alvin Chua

    They play this song so much in Armani Exchange Regent Street in London

  44. drunkenharp

    I was fortunate to see Augustana play our annual city festival right when they got popular. What an amazing treat, and vocals that haunted me to this day. Talk about being in the right place at the right time :) Bands like this come along only very seldom. 

  45. Bima Aji Lazuardi

    i dont care how many views of Augustana, i just cant stop listening their music. Augustana is dope. Greetings from Indonesia!

    melanie villavicencio

    Gygssďdsssx c

  46. Nazneen Ali

    Never heard of this band until today and I've already fallen in love with their music. I've only listened to are 5 tracks and they are all excellent. I'm from the UK you never hear bands like this


    It's highly unlikely that you wouldn't have heard "The xx", but something tells me you haven't. The UK has amazing bands too.

  47. Jessa Mae Villaseñor

    I've been missing their music for years. Glad their back.

  48. ee_hillard

    dem jaw bones. Mrowr.

  49. AvenueDN12th

    If anyone watching this video and wonder why views so low? Well, think like watch good work less nowadays

  50. Terrance Hill

    Bodini’s last request                                          written by Terrance Hill February 1, 2013
    The dawn is breaking across the horizon of my heart, searching for the light
    How could you realize that I have been crying in the darkness alone, it’s folding in on me?
    How long do we have until the sun sets behind the tall forests of redwoods, we turn, and they’re gone…
    They say only one has conquered death on this planet my friend, don’t believe it, I‘ve been standing in front of you all along…
    I found a sparrow with a shattered wing, I carried him as long as I could as he flew into the infinite just as simply as the blink of an eye, it’s always been on my mind… how high that bird flew
    When I found you on my back doorstep, you may remember all the groceries went flying, I swear they had wings, golden and purple as all the apples fell to the ground…
    I’m running out of reasons to be here, so far across the sea, it’s difficult to explain these hieroglyphics written in the these red rocks, and on the wet sand where the tide rushes in…and it has retreated forever back into that vast sea…
    I can’t chop wood or carry water without feeling sorry for the monks who hang out here among these dreams intertwined with dying stars, and undiscovered galaxies that have been our playground…
    I believe nothing lasts forever, and forever is a question of balance a simple equation, so here’s to the scholars who’ve long tried to figure it all out, as I begin to understand it in the corner of your smile…
    Tell me who packed all of the parachutes, before we board this ship, bound for distant galaxies it’s all a hurried orchestra that plays another sonata to the wind, as we walk across the forever bridges
    Turning to a recognition I recalled or conjured to defend my forecasts of fading into infinity  
    Let’s allow the walls to crumble, leave the doors all wide open, and leave everything but the flutes behind…
    I’ve been saved by the music more than a time or two, writing my way back into your heart and cancelling all of our misfortunes on the doorway of the estate of the coming kingdom
    I called out your name one last time before I walked this well worn path back to the beginning
    I dreamed last night you were still lying here beside me and I could hear you breathing as I whispered one last prayer that you will be smiling in my direction when morning first rises…and the chanting and guitar players kick it all into high gear and we approach the fast lane with eyes wide open, and the wind in our hair singing to Bruce Hornsby and the Merrymakers playin’ “Dreamland” full blast on the Bose stereo, blowing down
    Highway 1…

  51. Harly Quinn

    I luv the lyrics, nice song :)

  52. MystifyMeHutch

    Go Dan.  One day at a time...

  53. Haiam Fehmi

    Love it! Amazing! My favourite band

  54. Puma Thurman

    Dan really does look like Bob Dylan doesn't he?

    John Conaty

    I just heard this guy for the first time the other day, this song but live at the Bing lounge (great acoustic version), reminded me big time of Jakob Dylan, so funny you say that!

  55. Puma Thurman

    Dan really does look like Bob Dylan doesn't he?

  56. 1234567Basketball1

    Augustana is no longer a band it's just him.

  57. nidia aranda

    Argentina ♥

  58. Victoris Pauloy

    I love Augustana been listening to them since I was in high school a great band, but slightly underrated.

    Santiago Blando

    "Sligthly", No. It is really underated, already shared with close friends and they all loved it. But todays seems that you need to be controversial in order to reach greater audiences. Sad but true, I'm glad I know this band and i will continue recomending it.


    They're fucking brilliant

    Victoris Pauloy

    No doubt :)

  59. Wildana Mahmuda

    yaa its been long time, welcome back augustana

  60. Maddie Hong

    His voice sounds a lot more strained here than in the last album. Is it just me?

  61. HristosIisusEdomnul

    God Jesus bless u for all ur life and protect u always!

  62. MrKrisWhyNot

    Amazing song, I've been listening to you for years, too bad you don't have a bigger audience. Just keep up what you're doing, you're really doing an amazing job :)

  63. Jossie Arellano

    I just can't stop listening to this song, it's perfect!

  64. Galandrios Montoya

    Awesome artist, awesome song, love it!

  65. drizzit71

    swell :)

  66. serglinkk

    great music video !

  67. Cassie O

    Love Augustana, havent listened to the whole album yet, cant wait to listen to it

  68. Izidor Natek

    Wooow, I love you guys. You are the one (of two) bands whos new album I just adore. It's fu****g perfect, great job, guys! :D

  69. Edison Gomes

    Their lyrics are full of emotions...From All stars and Boulevards to Life imitating life, they keep the same mentality..Great band!! I think that I am the only Brazilian guy to hear them!!

  70. pikachew_PRo

    Incredible song...amazing..

  71. Asong writtenaboutyou

    i love this song

  72. Ryan Root

    I've really grown to like Augustana. This song is effing great!!

  73. Brett Marks

    Love this new song it reminds me a lot of Matrimony!! Check them out!!

  74. Alie Layus


  75. obsessed101691

    Why doesn't this video have more views + likes?! it's amazing!

  76. Victor V.

    song is great but he looks as though he's been drinking a lot


    He's actually been completely sober nearly 3 years now...

  77. Josephine Diaz

    I want a double of dan layus! ♥♥ Haha

  78. lavenderpanda

    Love love!!! 

  79. popsikkle23

    no dislikes. that's the way it ought to be.

  80. warriorgirl126

    So glad to have them back :)

  81. Thomas Darena

    They should try to make some vid's of older songs !

  82. Josephine Diaz

    Awesome! This deserve more views! ♪♪♪♪ Incredible and fantastic music,lyrically poetic, great voice, captivating tune, augustana is never gone!! Im a Forever fan of (Dan Layus) Augustana ♥♥♥

  83. Jennifer Harris


  84. 최영인

    You guys awesome!

  85. annddyx3

    Love Augustana 3

  86. Alex Rights

    this is amazing! don't want to spam but the location reminds me of my latest music video.. just funny! .. This whole album is beyond genius, the lyrics are great and the songs really differ from each other!

  87. Ray Slavenburg

    this reminds me of Jack's Mannequin... a lot!


    Augustana was out long before

  88. ShannonQT85

    Nothing, but the upmost respect for Dan....the new album is perfect. Keep doing what you're doing Dan!

  89. Eli

    uuuuhhhh is freakin awesome... bands like these are unique! ♥

  90. Nathaly cubillas juárez

    finally a new video and a beautiful song!

  91. L.A. Allen

    "I'm the first one to second my guess."

  92. Cathryn Dianne

    Another great song from Dan! The whole album is fantastic

  93. Robert Messenger

    this is why we ALL hate vevo!

  94. MuffyyyPLAYS

    This is the augustana I love

  95. Gina

    Soo good ♥♥♥

  96. Dartanianswordsman

    It sounds to me like he's attempting to sing higher than his voice is capable of handling without the risk of sounding strained, pitchy, and irritating.  Augustana is a good band and I would hate to hear in the news that the lead has injured his voice and needs surgery. Remember Adele?


    nah. check out some live videos.. the dude's got incredible technique, you can tell. seems like he knows what he's doing and he sounds great. he's just got a raspy voice. sounds more powerful than strain IMO