August Alsina - Would You Know? Lyrics

One minute I'll be on you, next minute I'll be chillin'
Sometimes I really care, sometimes I really don't
And you'll be all up in your feelings
Sometimes I wanna be solo
Sometimes I feel like something missin'
Sometimes I be like damn you could be the one if you keep playin' your position, and you be playin' your position like a pro
Like the way you know, if you really got the good I'll never let you go
And you always look good, you be going with the flow
Keep on doing what you doing, baby that will get you choose
I suppose, who knows
Depends on how I be feeling, you'll see what my heart's revealing

Maybe you got what I'm missin', would you keep it real if
My heart belonged to you, baby would you act right could you be the one on my side or would you run and hide
If I gave my all to you, baby would you play your part if I gave you my heart

Would you know what to do with it?
Would you know what to do?
Would you know what to do, baby if it was you
Would you know what to do?
Would you know what to do with it?
Would you know what to do?
Would you know what to do or would you be confused, baby if it were you?

Would you stay down for a nigga, times get bad stick around with a nigga
If I came home late, if I had a long day
Would you lay me on the bed, go to town on a nigga
Tell the truth, baby would you
Be the one I need, baby could you take all of me
If I call you are you down to ride, if fall down you be by my side
Girl I really wanna know, are you puttin' on a show
Is it really you for sure, if you not then let it go
Baby I ain't what you want, if you puttin' on a front
And you tryna blow a smoke, better fire up a blunt
Let it pass me, cause I'm a keep it real if you ask me
I'll let you know how I'm feelin', you'll see what my heart's revealing

Maybe you got what I'm missin', would you keep it real if
My heart belonged to you, baby would you act right could you be the one on my side or would you run and hide
If I gave my all to you, baby would you play your part if I gave you my heart

Would you know what to do with it
Would you know what to do
Would you know what to do, baby if it was you
Would you know what to do
Would you know what to do with it
Would you know what to do
Would you know what to do or would you be confused, baby if it were you

If I gave my, gave my all to you
If it were you, all I'm asking you
If you focused on paper, they focused on drama
When you feel like this game, puts a strain on you and your mamma
When you feel like you're going insane, all these niggas acting strange
And you feel like nobody else is feeling your pain

My heart belong to you
My good my bad, my now my past
If you take that
If I gave my all to you
My ups my downs, my new life now
If you were me, if I were you
If you had to walk a mile in my shoes
If nobody else would ride with you
And you only 22, what would you do

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August Alsina Would You Know? Comments
  1. Giwrgos Deme

    Whats the name of the 1st song??

  2. Amoney

    I felt this song fr fr hit like if you understand or is going through the same situation 😔😔🙌🏽🤚🏽🤚🏽

  3. Ziane Phillips

    The way he says “if” on 2:20

  4. Sheley Ross

    2019 baby💕😘

  5. Desmond Sanderlin

    Beautiful song August is amazing love this song Lord is blessing u August with beautiful voice god bless you August praying for you 🙏😘🌹🌟⭐✨💛🧡❤️

  6. nayna phillips

    2019 and I'm still in love with this song ❤

  7. Autumnn Egglestonn

    Smoking and listening to great music ❤

  8. Da'Nayshia Dickey

    someone tell me how is august alsina doing tell him I miss him

  9. catoreya


  10. Nilza chicovel


  11. 6KUMA

    2019 and I'm bumping this hoe

  12. Mz. Iyamadah

    My Daily Playlist G0 2 (2018) Dis Alwayz Got Me Think'n 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  13. Mariah Bickford

    This is so slept on !!

  14. MC GANG!!!!

    August❤ we misses your songs😖😩

  15. LaToya Lloyd

    If I gave my all to you 😍😏❤️

  16. Angel sunset

    Thier are too mines in his life good hallujah my phone herst

  17. HiElaine Davis

    August Anthony Alsina AND Argillion Elaine Alsina 😂🙌🏽😏😏😏🤤🤤🤤👅👅💦💦💦💦🔥🔥🔥🔥🤴🏾👸🏾🙌🏽🙌🏽👫❤❤💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💯💯💯💯😻😘❤💕💕💕💕💕💋💘👠👠🍾🥂

  18. HiElaine Davis

    Yes you already give me your all and yes I know what to do to your heart baby cuz I love you unconditionally that's what I do with your heart if you gave me your heart but you already gave it to me my husband to be August

  19. Darlenea Tyler

    I fw this song 😍😍

  20. Sierra Alexander

    This is it right here I actually feel like this like I can relate and understand so I do feel yah August

  21. AllThings Onna

    Its 2018 and im still listening to this.. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  22. AdoringZiegs

    Who’s still listening in 2018?

  23. Shawn Jones

    This song is so for me.been heartbroken so many time that it’s crazy.and been wondering if I should allow anyone close to a nigga.cus shawties know how to play with a niggas feelings all I’m askin is will it be safe to give u my all Nd my heart??

  24. Amanda Whitaker

    OMG!!! let me tell you smh damn I need him Infront of me...I know exactly what to do with them sexy ass lips!!!! I don't want your heart!

  25. Winter Wolfe

    How am i just now finding this song. This is like my 30th time playing it tonight

  26. Dgord Girl

    I fw august he really the realist i love aug💯😍

  27. Tweety _gang

    “Would you keep it real if my heart belonged to you?” 😩😩😩

  28. Tweety _gang

    Listening to his voice just makes me flutter with emotion I love him so freaking much. Like this is by far my favorite song. I’ve been rocking with aug since he first came out. Keep doing u babes. 🔐😍😩

  29. kerlia daniels

    This my favorite song off this album

  30. sade obrien

    Why is chris brown music so trash now the only nice song on his new album is even i he use to be so original an deep with his music all he talk about is sex drugs an alcohol miss his creativity

    North X Lord

    sade obrien Hate to say it but Breezys new tape was a hit even on hater standards.


    and you feel like nobody else is feeling your pain




    I LOVE THIS SONG !!!! 1:20-1:40 his vocles are awesome-no the whole song is awesome!

  34. Quaisha Seymore

    this song always makes me hype for some reason

  35. Unit City

    This a hot ass song! 😘😍❤

  36. Alyssa Inostroza

    Would you stay down fa a nigga times get bad stick round w a nigga.. ❤️

  37. Beloved Royalty


  38. Roslinal Wyatt

    2:40 to 3:00 is my part.He hit them notes and I LOVE IT

  39. Daniella McDonald


  40. LaCassady Spratt

    Ok bae I see u 😎😎😍😍💯💯

  41. lurita gilchrist

    I love my baby August Alsina

  42. Lashay Wimbly

    Im in love with this song💖💖💖💖💖💖

  43. Skyler H

    This song🙏🏾😪❤️

  44. Victoria Bazzano

    The way he sang “pain” at 3:36 made my heart melt😍😍💙🔥

  45. Jasmine Hamilton

    yall peeped that lil jodeci moment I LOVE IT 😭😭😍😍 "my heart belong to youuuu"


    do you have a Instagram

  46. braskas pretty

    i love him so much 💙‼️

  47. Clayvion Paige

    Literally the words I said the woman I given my heart to and she shattered it. But it's food dough. Every rose needs the rain sometimes

  48. Natallee


    Natallee M.

    Natallee I was finna comment the same thing when I came across my old one😭😭😭💙

  49. E cutie

    my August😘

  50. Tykia Hunter


  51. Tykia Hunter


  52. James Madison

    Sometimes I really care sometimes I really don't

  53. Sherelle Willis

    I can so relate to this song I love August Alsina

  54. jasmine faison

    i love this song this is one of my favorite albums from august

  55. Demri Parrott

    and you feel like nobody is feeling your pain

  56. Demri Parrott

    would you know what to do with it?

  57. StakZ


  58. Yungrich. Mark

    i like this song

  59. Jayla Warren

    best song😍

  60. Dainesha Wainwright

    Real shit 💯

  61. Precious Summit


  62. Kanani Stova


  63. le Mitchell

    929wdup...TuneIn radio app... subscribe

  64. nikayla oltin

    My Favorite Artist 😍😩🔐

  65. Melissa Meadors

    3:36-3:42 I feel his pain!!!!

    Kevonte Jones

    Melissa Meadors big facts. 😞

  66. Britain Brown

    #Nowplaying #2016 I still rock with this song in Late December 2016 . Where is my Baeeeeee loll.

    Precious Summit

    Jim Soares you find one don't rush it 😉😍

  67. Carolyn Dixon

    voice is silk

  68. Hunnee SoSweet

    I must say...Aug got relevant lyrics like Tupac, Mary J, Marvin Gaye...

  69. Reeseana Sutton

    Omg this song😩💕💍

  70. Oneshot1kill

    1:06 omg

  71. Emaria Smith

    I would know wat to doooo😜😜😜😜😜

  72. Red 368

    One of my favorites from Youngin

  73. Red 368

    I love August Alsina for this song!! This some real shit!

  74. MaddenGirl1224

    This song explains exactly how I feel. I've been heartbroken so many times and I'm so doubtful about giving out my heart. Thank you August for making this beautiful, relateable piece of art. FORGET THE HATERS. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DOING.YOU'RE AN AMAZING ARTIST THAT SINGS ABOUT THE TRUTH,LIFE AND THE STRUGGLES. You have a beautiful voice and the emotion seeps through it. THIS IS REAL MUSIC. Represent.

    Sherelle Willis

    MaddenGirl1224 Same Here I Can So Relate To This Song As Well

    Victoria Bazzano

    Me too totally and preachhhh

    Beloved Royalty


    Sierra Alexander

    MaddenGirl1224 preach girl u is exactly RIGHT and I’m sorry for the way that u feel

    Samantha Yonko

    I feel you bruh my nigga broke my heart n he said dat he neva eva break my heart like. Dat but he did foe dis hoe


    i love this song it reminds me of this man that i love

  76. ashanti taylor

    3:03 is my favvvv

  77. Shanicka Harrison

    he so damm sexy

  78. tamikal littlejohn

    song cry my favorite

  79. tamikal littlejohn

    I love his music inspiration


    August alsina HUBBY💍🌎😍


    number 1 always love him 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻💦👅

  82. Ariana Harmon


  83. Damian

    The only singer in my opinion that can make a real nigga drop a tear God bless him

    Manny Fresh

    young steelz I agree

  84. Uniquely_Tori

    If you have a request DO NOT leave it in a comment under a video because I WILL NOT SEE IT. Put in a video request or contact me through my website

  85. Thank you for cutting off that annoying ass crying at the end smh. The poetry was cool but that damn crying in the background was annoying as fuck.

    Tykia Hunter


    YRK Ashley

    RΔVOHN 💀

    Holy hands.. ain't nobody talking to you, you talking to me lol

    Cherelle Henderson

    I'm so dead 💀 I just went to another video to hear the cry.. bruh

  86. Layyy

    I'm feeling something deep inside

    Tyrique Innocent

    An orgasm?


    +Uncle Ruckus I'm not that deep

  87. Layyy

    I'm making a video with me and bae😍😍😍😍😖😖😖😖I SCREAMED THIS IS MY SONG

  88. Faith1995

    favorite song!! love me some August man 😍😭🙈

  89. pretty savagee

    I love this song, its so true. yesss august! this is my new favorite song

  90. Jessica Blount

    i love this song so much. i play it every day a few times a day.

  91. sandy Bernard

    danm he letting every thing out the love the beat and the he sing wit it.😆👍

  92. Nathaniel Wilson

    I love this dude💙

  93. Jessica Blount

    Wow this song is dope as fuck. i love it 💖

  94. Poetic.a Ari

    that jodeci influence @ 1:01 yassss August

  95. Tamya Samone

    sampled jodeci ❤