August Alsina - Smile Lyrics

Smile, for me
Won't you just smile for me
Smile, for me
Won't you just smile for me

Baby girl, why you don't smile no more?
So you feeling unpretty 'cause the clothes you got on
They ain't even in style no more
Now you lookin' for some pity, you don't need it
Just pick your head up
Even when you're fed up
You gotta know that, you know that it's gonna get better
And believe it's a season, it won't be here forever

Would just smile, for me
Won't you just smile for me
Smile, for me
Won't you just smile for me

I see you in your job getting read up
And your son need a daddy and a haircut
I've been in this position, remember mama's ambition
Wasn't easy, but every night she still fed us
Telling you to laugh through the pain, don't go insane
Then you say that's how you maintain, hard to explain
Don't be ashamed, We all go through it
Don't say that it's hard, just do it
Smile, on the days you feel like hope is gone and
Smile, just tell yourself it won't be long and smile

Smile, for me
Won't you just smile for me
Smile, for me
Won't you just smile for me

Smile, for me
Won't you just smile for me
Smile, for me
Won't you just smile for me

Smile, for me
Won't you just smile for me
Smile, for me
Won't you just smile for me

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August Alsina Smile Comments
  1. Katrina Livingston

    Yes August say it I love it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🎤👑🙏💖 you killed it.

  2. Tommie Dubose

    Alright who disliked this 😒

  3. Empress Nia


  4. Angelica Hernandez

    August so Happy that you are back!!

  5. Shana Dawson

    Can't wait to see the official video

  6. David Cooley

    i wanna do a song with you

  7. Jo Jogosto muito do grupo beijos

    Com uma voz dessa não tem com a,música não cerlinda

  8. Malachiae baby girl Malachiae Baby

    omg babe August Alsina I love it's babe.

  9. Tayway

    Role model 🤞can't wait to drop a hit wit him one day

  10. Triple Dub Deuces


  11. Tobiloba Idris Badmus

    The chorus was from 2pac's song "Smile For me"
    August really nailed it, how I wish he was the one on the original track with Tupac back then.....

  12. Visa


  13. Jan Badkamer

    how do you get these throwaway records?

  14. Tyisha Osby

    Love him

  15. gaming with losky

    We been waiting on your music been going thru it.. And was always looking for your music
    And your 3rd album
    I know you been going thru it to..
    And I know you only humen
    So I hope all is well..
    And we ready when you're ready
    To drop that album.. cause
    It's fina make the net go crazy
    The return

  16. Mike' Nice

    August is My boy already so doing this 2pac song over is a Plus ... I'm feeling this 4real

  17. Yameca Gladney


  18. Nick Bean

    Idc what anyone says about you. You keep it 💯 on every track you make. Your music is touching and inspirational!

  19. Beautifull Hermit

    I needed this

  20. Linda Young

    yesss, i love it!!!

  21. Ju Ju

    I'll never forget the tease on IG when he was in the studio playing this with the 🍭 years ago!!!

  22. elia malungane


  23. Dominique Johnson

    I want you smile 4 me August alsina Feel this song in my soul 💯

  24. Queen Nes

    I have such a dope concept for this video 🤔😫😫😫😫😫

  25. HiElaine Davis


  26. Jacquelyn Hawkins

    #NOLA but frfr I fw all yo music. Sum shit I used to relate to but pushed past it cuz yo music ya feel meh.💯💯 but frfr I like to see New Orleans ppl successed. Make me feel like everybody got sum gon fa em. Straight up.❤️❤️

  27. Cuban Bajan

    Patiently waiting for the album to drop 🔥💯

  28. David Alsina

    Anyone Lyrics?

  29. Nicolle Darryl

    I love this.. He a real one 💝💝

  30. Myiah Myiah

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Yay!!!!! He is back!!!!

  31. fashion police kmer

    Love this song so much

  32. Haseeb Abdul

    August is the real dope of music😚😘😙

  33. j_ blood

    Those 2 dislike is a person who dont have a life

    Darious Stallworth

    Exactly blood

    Mike' Nice

    j_ blood ... I'm with chu on that

    Joseph Beattie

    Yh true

    Darrian Jenkins

    Now its 5 ppl lol

  34. Pretty Eri

    Yes you already know my man murdered it❤❤❤

    annesha davis

    Eri and Terri Tv he is not urs stop playin urself

    Student Alyssa Lewis

    girl yes like he always do

    Student Alyssa Lewis

    Eri and Terri Tv i swear yalls hoes get to deep in yall feelongs over a damn conlmment bitch a life u aint worth my damn time

    Student Alyssa Lewis

    Eri and Terri Tv bitch stop getting in yo feelings you are irrevelant

  35. ddawk01

    I need that album Aug 🔥

  36. Kaiya Simon

    He's such a Sweetheart ❤💋

  37. Rome Rodriguez

    Nice bro

  38. Yvonne Davis

    Soooooooooooo when is he going to put his album out ?😑😑😑😑😑😑

    Tyjanique Houston

    Yvonne Davis he made this song like 3 years ago ..besides he going through something’s with his label . Let’s pray it’ll be very soon.

    Yvonne Davis

    Tyjanique Houston I know I’m just very impatient and it really about that new “V Day love” song I just really wanna hear it and just his new stuff in general . His label is taking too long to release it .

    Kaiya Simon

    Tyjanique Houston hi he made this song💛☺ three years ago🤔 off what album? What's really going on?

    Tyjanique Houston

    Kaiya Simon this wasn’t an album song it just a song that he never released . It was leaked .

    Kaiya Simon

    Tyjanique Houston okay thankyou a beautiful song 🌻☺

  39. Kaiya Simon


  40. Zeek Vevo

    People say we sound alike

    Kid q the kid

    💯 people say that when I sing 🎤 me and August sound a like it’s an amazing compliment cause he’s an inspiration in this music thing I got going on

    Faith Elisaria

    Official Zeek

    Nathieonya Jennings

    Official zeek Heey!💖

  41. Zeek Vevo

    That boy a goat fr , we’ll be doin features soon

    Darious Stallworth

    Official Zeek #goatforreal

    Zeek Vevo

    Go check out my videos... we sound alike

  42. Jetina Benimon


    Jetina Benimon

    August do ur shoot agin that should be a ring tone...

    Jetina Benimon

    A big wet kisses 💋