August Alsina - Right There (Remix) Lyrics

Right there, right there, right there
Right there, right there, right there
Right there, right there, right there
Right there, right there, right there

I know how it be when you trying your best
But you turn around, and you got nothing to show for it
So you stay on your grind, tryna get to the shine
Even turn to crime, but how come I ain't made it yet?

I'm just like you (I know the feeling y'all), I been there too
I hope you feel me cause I, been through the pain
There ain't a difference, you and I are the same

Homie I was
Right there, right there, right there, right there
I was right there where you are I can't forget that I was
Right there, right there, right there, right there
Now I'm reaching for the stars but I remember I was
Right there, right there, right there
Homie I was
Right there, right there, right there
Getting money
Right there, right there, right there
Born and raised
Right there, right there, right there
I remember

[Meek Mill:]
I remember them nights
I couldn't remember them nights
High off the weed and the liquor
Just tryna get to the light
I know some guys out my hood
They've never been on a flight
I tell em to open their minds
You could be fly as a kite
My people they dying to fight
Fighting to die and they wander through life
And it sounds like an animal crying at night
I've been here before but I'm tryna live right
Cause them streets will take your friends, your family, your freedom
So make your exit plan and get up out em
Cause you don't need em
Homie I was right there


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August Alsina Right There (Remix) Comments
  1. Masiko Mamba

    dope My Nigga

  2. Mrspretty K


  3. Empress Nia

    The Struggle continue ... above the waters💚☝🏾

  4. DSMoney HPT

    if I had august voice I would sing to myself thru all this bullshit everyday

  5. Lawrence Roland

    Song helped me alot

  6. DeShan Nichols

    Man my headphones was banging dis shidd onna bus omw to work August a real nigga

  7. Chanel Jones


  8. Unique Bartee

    Free my dog Meek !!!!!

  9. E cutie

    I love August 😘😘😘this remix dope

  10. Eddie Zimbandi


  11. Daku Hall

    August & Meek Huge Fan.

  12. Jeffrey Burke

    August and Meek collab album. Who agrees??



    Kíñg Çashøüt

    I def wanna hear em do more music together but idk bout a album

    NA J

    they have done an album

  13. Charlene Howard

    My shit

  14. Henry Lewis

    this ma shit🎧🎶😁

  15. Moumen Mawlawi

    Song is dope Af🔥🔥

  16. Caleb Gomez

    Meek is a good person he took lil SNUPE out of the hood

    Michael Roach

    Caleb Gomez RIP SNUPE FOREVER! He would be killin the rap game right now!

  17. Lobajaguar Entertainment

    Meek the underboss...tHE CAPOOOOOO.....21 gun salute

  18. Brianna Smith

    love this song with a passion they did this frfr

  19. Brianna Smith

    love this song with a passion they did this frfr

  20. King Trance

    Drake dick riders please locate the nearest exit. Thanking u in advance.

    Chris-Flavion Muntu

    you right bro

  21. Mika Ladama

    Meek is the new Jay Z Ijs lol and Nikki & Meek the new Power couple!!< Right There>

    Mika Ladama


    Mika Ladama

    ..dont* come*

  22. Terrio Anthony

    they killed this song

  23. Ida Ellis

    Yes! Meek stay slaughtering tracks!
    #phillyshit #215

  24. Oliviée

    Meek killed it I love him in this song with August 😍

  25. Kent Stay Flexin

    Fmoi @ famous.yungin

  26. Miguel Fort

    August alina this song go hard

    Su Su

    LOOOOOOL "August ALINA YANOO" Shut up you aint a fan😷😪

    Nathan Skipper

    Miguel fort it's alsina

  27. Javon Pink

    Fab should be on the track i like original version better...stil fire doe

  28. Devils In The Details Toronto

    Meek's flow and delivery is perfect for this track

  29. Money Trell

    Its a lot of lames talking bout august version better by its self go listen to it then why tf u go to the remix foe meek did his shit 💩 👌👌👌



  30. Orlando Cole

    Inspirational song.. dude has a lane of his own right now. And niggas be sleeping on Meek.

  31. Jazz MaTazz

    August is Everything. End of story. 🙌🏼😩😍

  32. Coreyelle Celestine

    why meek mill part so short 😟

  33. Dayjanai Tyler

    tell me how this is 6 mins and 19 secs if after the songs done there nothing else playing ?????????

  34. Melody Davii

    I love it

  35. Mark Frost

    lil snupe would of killed this!

    Coreyelle Celestine

    right 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  36. Tremayne O

    This song was already good its one of those songs that don't need to be remixed I played this song out to me it was the best song on his album

  37. Marlon Harris

    Y'all mad as shit meek on this jawn 😂

  38. Maya Hunter

    Real August fans would know that this is the original version, Meek just didn't meet the deadline with his verse so it had to be released afterwards. Meek verse is really nice though, adds to the pain and emotion of the song.

    Anthony Gallegos

    Maya Hunter Real August Fans would know that Tory Lanez wrote this song

  39. IamGmac23

    worst part is niggas come on here to call someone stupid or dumb for their opinion.......if you come on here to make fun of opinionsyou corny as hell and have no life.... I like both versions and tot alot of respect for both of them....

  40. dapperdanrasta

    fuck everbody, drop the album meek, goddamn bruh!!!!! SHIT FUCK

  41. MikeOne YT

    Little kids don't understand what's going on here

  42. 9 Millli

    Real Recognize Real , August Did His Thing On This Track As Well As Meek Mill If Y'all Fail To Understand Meek Thats Because You Were Fortunate Enough Not To See The Things Some Of His Fans Can Relate Too...

  43. Julio Ruiz

    Meek was perfect guy for the remix.him & August both come from the slums of the streets &made them a way out of them. YOu gottA respect the outcome they made from them cold streets of Philly & New Orleans.

  44. enovia 123

    Meek Mill verse is FIRE!!!

  45. Xavier Johnson

    Fuck yall meek help the song by giving that strong hood nigga vibe cause the song is about being in the stuggle nd makin it out which both of them did

  46. Dajah Harris

    🙌 meek verse was fire

  47. Darkness_kid

    Augusts jawline is out of this world. God lawrd

    Jazz MaTazz

    Lol. He knows he looks good.

  48. fggw2

    I'm just here meek mill

  49. BlackDracRises

    Since August is dropping remixes, why not peep this Pornstar Remix?

  50. Ghost

    I love both versions, fuck what the haters say

    Monita Washington

    Frfr I agree with you

  51. XXX YYY

    Ugh go away Meek. We was fine with Nicki on No Love.

    Kleaszy Visuals

    Stfu☝🏾️ we was better without your comment right there

    Kleaszy Visuals

    +better than you ... wowww a year ago how so very much old. You sound like a dumbass child, if you didn't like the music you shoulda never clicked on the song eh? Yeah. I pretty much think so

  52. Ikerria Williams

    Yasss y'all did that 💯💯💯💗💗💗😍💚💚💚💖💖💖💓💓💓


    @August Alsina Seattle Fux Witcha All MF Day!!!!! 2015'

    linda chamou15

    my song

  53. Tynaija Smith

    Love them both...😍

  54. brandon johnson

    this shit is dope

  55. Jaiden Brown

    Dis da song

  56. Consuela Cureton

    I like this song alot! Everybody need to stop the hate on Meek Mills!!

  57. KingVance

    I hope everybody know that Meek was suppose to be on the original song but didn't make it in time to turn his verse in. Which is why that spot is empty on the original version. But they definitely could have kept it as is. Verse wasn't to bad tho.

  58. Babu Rishard

    Meek mill

  59. Tachelle Bowen

    I love this song but it never needed remixing


    He was supposed to be on the original, but he was still locked up.

    So technically this is the Original. Right There. 👈

  60. tamera clark

    August does good by himself, to be honest...


    @tamera clark shut up

    Sandro K.

    @tamera clark then why dont you just go and listen to the original version lol

    tamera clark

    @TheJaredwaters bye

    tamera clark

    @Saaandman lol good idea

    Curtis LaForce

    No one gives a fuck about your opinion, too be honest...

  61. rossmark738

    Tight track August an Meek I'm loving it MMG

  62. shazlfc ronaldo

    Great by Alsina just thinking he should replace meek with breezy

    Davonte Triplett

    How? 😑 tf Chris Brown can't even relate to this song.

    Mila Monroe

    @Davonte Triplett how do you know what Chris brown can & cannot relate to ? Do you know him on a personal level? If not then stfu

    shazlfc ronaldo

    Any song with Chris brown is amazing it call be the chorus the hook etc he kills everything best so far in 2014 and 2015

    Davonte Triplett

    The song is about him in his past life. Who better relate to that? Meek Mill or Chris Brown? Everybody know what Meek Mill went through and how long it took for him to come up be where he is now.

    E cutie

    shazlfc ronaldo Chris Brown didn't go through shit...unless the beating of rhianna count...Meek killed it

  63. Rafael Belgrave

    I see ppl hating on meek mill

    Charlie G

    Rafael Belgrave - Drake Stans

  64. Elexus Daniel

    Omgggg ✌