August Alsina - Make It Home Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I don't always do what I should
But I do what I gotta do
When you've been at the bottom, you see the hunger inside of you
Don't say what you won't do
'Cause it can all change
When the going gets tough it'll drive you insane
See I done dodged a couple shots
Served a couple blocks
Hit a couple corners tryna shake a couple cops
I broke a couple rules
Ain't graduate from school
'Cause I was busy hustling, man,
I thought that shit was cool

See I gotta keep it real with you baby
'Cause the shit I used to do is what made me
And I'm hoping I ain't gotta go back to the trap
'Cause we really know that we don't want that

But if I don't make it home tonight
Tell my mama that I love her
Leave some flowers for my brother
Girl I love ya
But if I don't make it home tonight
Take some money to my sister
I don't ever want her chasing after niggas
'Cause where I'm from
Niggas outchea dying every day
And they ain't no bad, they just tryna make a way
And I ain't no different
So if I get missing
These are my last wishes
I hope you get them right
Girl if I don't make it home tonight

[Verse 2:]
I know it's harsh
But this is how I feel, girl it's coming from the heart
I hope it doesn't end the way it had to start
'Cause it started out bad but I made it this far
But everyone ain't tryna see me make it
Or they only wanna see me win so they can take it
'Cause I know it's hard to find a job
So niggas kill and rob
There's a chance that I won't make it here tomorrow
Being honest



[Verse 3: Jeezy]
Would you miss me? Would you miss me?
Would you walk up to my casket? Would you kiss me?
My life is schizophrenic, I'm just tryna stay sane
Pour a cup full, hope it take away the pain
I said you know I I I I came from the projects, nigga
Don't care if it kill me, I die, won't stay in them projects nigga
You know I'm fresh as a motherfucker, in case that I die tonight
Got a lot on my mind, you know that I'm high tonight
I left that black Hublot at home
So really I don't got the time
My nigga got power quarter, heard that he dropped the dime
Failure's no option nigga, you out of yo fucking mind
Risked my life and my freedom for it
So ain't none of you stopping my...


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  1. Calvin Kinsey

    Rip to kobe Bryant and his daughter and also to the other victims 💯🙏🏽

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    1-22-022 friday ..i can relate

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    2020 Anyone?

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    Who’s listening to this in 2020 just me OK

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    I'm tryna make it home tonight

  9. Einstein Peta

    R.I.P Mechie(Demetrius Williams).

  10. LilzeeTV

    LISTENNING IT BRING tears out automatically not from the eyes but from THE MADAFUCKING HEART....

  11. ElmoFromTheWest

    Cruising the streets slapping this song right now in 2020 how about y’all ? Still here in 2020 slapping this?

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    2020 in da house? give a like if soo


    Classy B august is literally my favorite artist

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    Aw August 😔 ❤️ I remember bumping all your songs on my way to school. Much love to you.

  15. Pebbles Boo

    2020 anybody?❤

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    January 2020...Love from Hong Kong

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    Damn that look ? When you like? "What I do? Man I just got off work! Shid...when you said "leaves some flowers for my brother" omg! I got chilld 🌴🌱🌎🖤

  19. Rosa Tiana

    Jan 2020 anyone?❤💯💯

  20. kiddsqueen

    It's Jan 3 2020 and I am still in love with this song

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    I love august so tanleted sexy handsome poppin smart lit

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    Hit like if you still listening/watching in 2020

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    Stop saying that who is still listening 2019 2018 stop doing

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    Hit like if you are watching this in December 2019.

    GHOST 17 English

    Yes sir

  37. Hi Beam

    Gotta keep it real with u baby!!

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    This songs his the heart when you realise the loved ones turnout To be fake and you have to make it on your own

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    Nice 2019-2030

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    this will fa eva b my song. I love ya aug ❣️

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    Take some money to my sister so she don't depend on a nikka chasing a nikka. My brother that boi Joe Rosales

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    But if I don't make it home tonight
    Tell my mama that I love her
    Leave some flowers for my brother 💯 2019

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    I used to know every single word to this song now i barely remember xD.. I love aug he my fave still

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    Man this is my trizack late 2019!! 🔥🔥

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    bruh really needa come back to the music industry pray for my boy 🙏

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    where is this mans new shit :'(


    where you at #teamaugustalsina Nov.20/2019???

  52. Roger Nzally

    Who else listening in November 2019, December 2019 and forever

  53. King Dre

    This nigga talented. #Respect

  54. Terry Whitney

    The Testimony era was the best.

  55. Terry Whitney

    "And I ain't no different, so if I get missing these are my last wishes, I hope you'll get them right, girl, if I don't make it home tonight".

  56. Terry Whitney

    This song is sad but contains meaningful lyrics 💯🔥🎶😭

  57. Terry Whitney

    Who's watching this in November 2019???

  58. Black longoria

    You will be home carnalito el shortie!! I always play this song wen I'm thinkn of u. Time will fly I love u. Keep ur head up stay strong !!!

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    Sexy man love music

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    Been August fan since for 5 years I even got that beCk heart a gram tattoo behind my my neck saya famila ❤️ 🎶

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    Cause where I’m from niggas outchea dying every day//
    And they ain’t not bad, they’re just tryna make a way//

    Maaaan..i relate.

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    My s.w.a.t. husband I love you always

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    See I done dodged a couple shots
    Served a couple blocks
    Hit a couple corners tryna shake a couple cops
    broke a couple rules
    Didn't graduate from school
    Cus I was busy hustling, man, I thought that shit was cool

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    August alsina I love this song make it home to night with Young Jeezy

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    RIP Shawn T Gillis

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    Man this song means so much to me my uncle died the year this song was made when I first heard this song all I could do is cry In fact in writing this right now I’m whipping tears away I gotta make it for him so I can take care of the family...🙌🏽❤️He’s the reason I do what I do so I can make man all the things my family has went through they deserve it...❤️❤️❤️please go follow me on Instagram @eric_whisler_sings help me make it please...🙌🏽🎤❤️

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    One of the beet tracks I've ever heard

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    August is rich and he knows pain.

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    I always come back this song got me thru so much only if y'all knew.... I went thru hell when I heard this song 2019 n this song still wakes me up n make me cry.... I appreciate it so much #nocap #noclout real heart n love! Thank you August!

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    “Take some money to my sister
    I don't ever want her chasin after niggas” May she Rest In Peace🙏🏾

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