August Alsina - Look At How Far I've Come Lyrics

Not a day goes by, I don't think to myself
And remember the times there was no one else
I felt so alone, there was pain that I felt
Cause even self made niggas don't wanna do it by themselves
I looked to the hills, someone's coming for help
And he gave me the will when there was nothing left
Lord knows that I tried, Lord knows that I cried
Those nights I couldn't eat, had to swallow my pride
But through it all, one thing remained
I kept it real, I stayed the same
And I made it through a lot of pain
Had a lot of sleepless nights, but still I have to fight
So I went and got up out the dirt
When they told me it would never work
And the bad just kept on getting worse
Had to tell myself a few words from the heart

Look at how far I've come and I'm here, y'all
If you think nobody feels you, best believe I know
Look, I can't turn back now when they've killed y'all
And I can't pay all these bills, y'all, better know one thing for sure
Look at how far I've come, even though I'm outchea stressing
Still I gotta do my best and let it go
So I can't look back now
I gotta keep pressing on, 'til I make it, somehow

I know some days you feel like giving up
Feel like time is running out and all you have is doubt
Tryna keep your head up, but you fed up, tryna stack your bread up
Like how come the outcome of my income isn't dough comin'?
No one is helpin', they just out for theirself
Outchea tryna make a way, hoping there's a better day
And when you think that you're done
And the storm is raging
Look through the clouds and you can see the sun
Sometimes I know it's hard and life can have you stressing
But you should count your blessings in every single lesson you've learned
It takes hard work in getting up out the dirt
But how could you know pleasure, if you never knew hurt?
We all go through our share of pain, ups and downs
For reasons that I can't explain
But when it's all said and done
And you think you've run as far as you can run

Look at how far I've come and I'm here, y'all
If you think nobody feels you, best believe I know
Look, I can't turn back now when they've killed y'all
And I can't pay all these bills, y'all, better know one thing for sure
Look at how far I've come, even though I'm outchea stressing
Still I gotta do my best and let it go
So I can't look back now
I gotta keep pressing on, 'til I make it, somehow

'Til I make it, somehow, I'm gonna make it, somehow
'Til I make it, somehow, 'til I make it
So I know I can't look back know
I gotta keep pressing on, 'til I make it, somehow

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August Alsina Look At How Far I've Come Comments
  1. sabrina johnson

    I remember this song 💜

  2. andrew mugedo

    'How can you know pleasure when you've never known hurt....'

  3. Chris Larusso

    I went and got it out the dirt when they told me it would never work.

  4. _ 0

    August 2018.

    Who is here?

  5. Kristshel Dunn


  6. Novelette Brown

    August make me pre life dif

  7. Mrspretty K


  8. Mphuludi Mogale

    A prophet of my life

  9. chrisdya houston

    💫🎶🎵 This song is so beautiful and meaningful! Look at how far you've come @augustalsina, and God's grace and mercy are still covering your life! Remember that God is always working behind the scenes on your behalf, and He has so many great things in store for you. Keep pressing on, August 💜🎵🎶💫

  10. Bernadette Valdez

    2019 Im Feeling this song right now

  11. slimedoutTreひ.


  12. Lesego Binang

    2019???... Anyone! 😭😭

  13. Plinio Correia

    2019 ......

  14. Alyssa Nealy

    Who's still listening in 2019? This is a banger 💯 August makes such beautiful and inspiring music 🙌

  15. TrendyBoy Ray

    2019 wya?!?!?!?? 🥺💯😭✊🏽🤘🏽

  16. sugar mama


  17. AA NatioN

    2019 lets gooooo

  18. Makenzie Linvel

    Still listening in 2019

  19. Nyla Iman

    2019 all fucking day. Love you August. RIH Chandra&Mel.

  20. Felicia Kern

    I love all August alsina songs

  21. Olivia M


  22. shy_ loyalty

    This song reminds me of my past n every time I hear i just burst into tears but god had something plans for me n that is something I will be waiting for better days to come 💯 but just take this from me ppl have gone through worse things than others n that could be trying to survive on the streets or fighting cancer or strugglen form depression or whatever it is look god has a plan for you yeah it my be a bumpy road for you but there always some thing that's gonna come out good. You just got to be patient with him even if i it mans some one gets hurt he put you on this earth for a reason a purpose that he want you to reach to change something or someone if you believe Him n your self you can do what you want to do just have faith n y'all get through it .

  23. David Cooley

    i looked to the hills for which counted my health , this song is my life, its beautiful

  24. Lucy Burr

    It seems like I wrote this before in a time I haven't lived before but I was I their From the jump 💪🙌💯❌🙏✊😔💚💜💙💛

  25. TbN MUSIC

    August helped build me no lie💯
    Who can relate

    TrendyBoy Ray

    TbN MUSIC Yesssssss 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭

  26. TbN MUSIC

    August helped build me no lie💯
    Who can relate

  27. btswithmari

    perfect birthday song for him 💘

  28. Kriston Proctor

    So inspiring thanks forgetting me through

  29. Deion Woods

    I think about all the trials and tribulations I went through as a child alone. My mom and I were homeless , I was bullied all throughout elementary and middle school, lost my mom to cancer and dealt with troubles. But look at me now 3.5 GPA, family that loves me, have a strong relationship with God and was inducted into NSHSS. Let me tell y'all God is real He blessed me and is continuing to bless me. If y'all think life is hard look at Jesus. He was persecuted, rejected and looked like he was defeated. But it was for a reason. He did it to defeat sin and died for us so we can live. The wage of sin is death but because Jesus lives we get to face tomorrow and live for him. Now that's love. So my words to y'all is to keep pushing and striving it's all gonna work out. God is gonna bless you and bring more blessings that are rich in quality and its gonna promote you. Listen we all go through a season but Joy comes in the morning. It may take a while but Trust in His word. His timing is awesome and amazing. You may get frustrated but you were created on this Earth for a purpose and best believe God is gonna do it . If He did it for me he'll do it for you. God bless anyone who is reading this.

    Brandi Lee

    Thank you I love u brother.


    Man God bless you , you are strong💙💯

    enock kemboi

    Well said. Amen!


    God bless you man I salute you I too lost my mother and I miss her, but I'm trying my best to still make her proud and my father since he had to play both roles. The least I can do is give back.

  30. Karlyn Lyles

    2018 anyone!??

  31. Sierra Alexander

    This is real like this is what I’ll listen to when I’m in depression

  32. Layla Corn

    Love him so much inspires meeee😘😘😘😘

  33. Taisha Nash

    I'm Thaa Onlyy Onee Listeningg In 2018 ?

  34. Deion Woods

    I've went through my mom's death and friendship endings and losing people around me and thoughts of suicide for years but I know God has a plan!!! I recieve it because did MLK quit, Jesus when they were rejected I mean sometimes I do cry but I cant sit back and just do it. Keep pushin!!

  35. Arielle Patrick

    my song!!🎶🎵

  36. miss mika

    Luv this song listen to it every day it’s gonna be hard but I kno I’ll make it thro

  37. Geelia 190

    whos still listening in 2018. if you are please like

    Felicia Kern

    I’m still listening to this in 2019

  38. Riyah Monique


  39. Melissa Naquin

    The Realist he could get...

  40. bad bytch


  41. Phontayne Hardesty

    You are amazing with all the lyrics Tori!

  42. Taisha Nash

    Still Listeningg In 2018 💙

    Juliene Santos

    Tashiaa Nash iii

  43. Teona Robinson


  44. jordan Hill

    I feel this nigga pain

  45. Ashley Williams

  46. Loredana Roberts

    Yes God's Brought You Far And You Continue On Your Journey With Him . Love Always 🌹🌹

  47. TaylarRae Diggs

    If you don’t love this song, it’s because you’ve never been through anything 💯

    Cay JC

    💯👑 you got right that girl!!!!

  48. Marty Velasquez

    I love this song not only because the beat and lyrics but how it show the hard it is in the world and you feel like your alone and just want to give up sometimes when it gets to difficult

  49. ouma tebo setlalekgosi

    luv this song

  50. Sandy Bernard


  51. jasmine faison

    this is one of my favorite songs by him and i cried when i heard this song because i could reflect to this song because ive come from a long way

    Deion Woods

    jasmine faison same

  52. SirCorkrum

    Beautiful song. August cuts deep on this song. I made a music video to this song, on my channel, because it deserves one. Let me know what you think

  53. yung GoG3tta

    bruh this a real. ass song on my life

  54. Cynthia Ruffin

    I'm still listening in 2017

    white tulip

    2018 yass I'm tearing up yass

    Lauryn Williams

    Cynthia ruffin we may be cousin

  55. Ami'Janae Alexander

    Favorite song 💯🤘 keep this up

  56. Brionna Jones

    keep your head up 😘😘

  57. Lorenzo Banks

    this song is great it reflects...

  58. Brian wentz

    thanks august

  59. Kendra Doss

    i can relate

  60. Kendra Doss

    i love this song

  61. Ciara Cass

    The Realist 🙌🙏❤

  62. Shay Davis

    this brought tears to my eyes because its sooo true

  63. Angela Cruell Cruell

    Thank You August for the inspiration.God Bless you always.

  64. Alpha Wolf

    i love this Song , im proud of August

  65. Alexis Taylor

    ayyyeeee i like this sonh

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