Auerbach, Dan - Show Me Lyrics

There's nothing you can say that I haven't heard
Cause walkin' still speaks louder than words
All this talkins' been a lot of fun
But if you really wanna get it done
Don't you act so fancy free

Girl come on and show me
Show me

I took a little drive out into the country
I'm feelin' half alive, does she really want me?
I'm twenty miles out of Tupelo
And I don't really wanna let her go
But I can't play make believe

Girl you gotta show me
Show me

My heart is not a toy that anyone should play with
I wanna be a man that you want to stay with
Well if it's yes you gotta let me know
If it's no please let me go
I got this heart here on my sleeve

Girl come on and show me
Show me

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