Auerbach, Dan - King Of A One Horse Town Lyrics

Everyday is just a little white lie
Telling myself I'm gettin' by
I just stay in this room and cry
The snow it covers up the ground
And I can't hear a single sound

I'd turn off the TV and go for a drive
But I can't see there's any signs of life
Except a Christmas tree with blinking lights
I coulda made it but I messed around
I'm a loser with a rusted crown
Scared if I jump in the ocean I might drown

King of a One Horse Town
I'm the King of a One Horse Town
And I barely pull my weight around

I thought about leaving but I don't know
Wouldn't even know anywhere to go
Guess I'll stay on desolation row
Go get stoned and hang around
The beat of my drum is the only sound
I would jump into the ocean but I'm scared I'd drown

King of a One Horse Town
I'm a King of a One Horse Town
I'm a King of a One Horse Town
And I barely pull my weight around

I'm a King of a One Horse Town
King of a One Horse Town
I'm a King of a One Horse Town
And I barely pull my weight around

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Auerbach, Dan King Of A One Horse Town Comments
  1. Dominique Gonzalez

    Oh shit....alright...this is good.. Yes sir😎keep your head up people the devil jerks off to your misery

  2. SgtFred USMC

    After listening to this song I got the sudden urge to grow an afro, put on some bell bottom polyester knit pants and take a cruise in the Pacer station wagon

  3. Bunny Vegas

    Absolutely WonderFul

  4. starguy9

    Every liberals dream. Do nothing all day and be noticed.

  5. friend to friends bossdarko

    naked and Chill from spine mind

  6. lacrymal1

    This is pretty much my anthem.

  7. shiningbearable

    so beatlesque....I lovvve it

  8. 17 76

    Wow...mellow goodness. Dancing with my girl, feeling this groove.

  9. It’s Phrangk

    The timing of me seeing this for the first time right now is eerie and incredible. Just wow...

  10. Senor Chivo


  11. Gang Of Four

    Dude likes to get baked ! Nothing original here. Sounds like a thousand other tunes ! Pfft.


    I know 20 idiots just like this

  12. Gabriel Martinez

    Looks like UNCLE RICK

  13. Robert Newell

    Surgeon General’s Warning: This song has potential to induce suicidal thoughts

    Evan Jaundzems

    Do you need someone to talk to man?

    Robert Newell

    @Evan Jaundzems ...... 😂😂Nice. A top tier comment fer sure 🤙🏽

  14. Okiepita50 T-town

    Great song.

  15. ObiJuan Kenobi

    I always think I got style.....until I see someone with style.

  16. Bimm BeckBimm

    I wanna get sconed with The Black Keys

  17. Herb Scoot

    Perfect 👌🏼

  18. Isabella Smith

    Only on YouTube. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Jerzy Kajmowicz

    Oh man, this is some good $#!t right here. Wow! I love this!

  20. Scott Wachowski

    hey now ... I resemble that remark! dig it.

  21. Mybol Czaricin

    Looks like the kind of place Jack Reacher would turn up in

  22. michael dixon

    Awesome! Didn't even mean to find this! Surprise surprise!

  23. Gerald Brown

    What a great killer song and the music video is absolutely brilliant! 👍🎸🇨🇦

  24. Nigel Samuel

    This IS my 'theme' song for any ally mcbeal fans left out there... sooo good. Thanks man for the music👍

  25. 孫悟改 Son Gokai CA90272 Pacific Palisades

    Sometimes i say thank you to my you tube recommendation ^^

  26. Sebastian Plaza

    Si lo pones a 0.75 de velocidad, es una cancion de Pink Floyd

  27. A.C. Harrison

    Cage The Elephant!

  28. Ryan Jackson

    Just waiting for this song to be in the next Tarantino movie lol

  29. Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation

    Welcome 🙏🥰🔥💜🖤💜🖤

  30. Nathan Bryson

    This song reminds me of the futility of success when you have no one else is around.

  31. Neil Hennigan

    Dan's been listening to portugal the man... and fuck me i like it

  32. Nik Pretzeus

    At first it sounded like the intro music to a Quentin Tarantino film 😂😂😂

  33. Alberto Araoz

    the Peacefull asshole

  34. Melone Paolo

    25000 mi piace

  35. heavenzceed

    Your jewish?

  36. ethan herrin

    This song makes me worry about Dan.

  37. Larysa Yevdokymova-Rizk

    That’s when arranging is coming before songwriting💎it’s fabulous 💎very different💎never stop listening to💎that’s how the music will take u to a lovely tasteful world 💎alongside with the unique lyrics

  38. snappy

    If you are here because of Game Of Thrones!

  39. Fabiola Lobato

    De mis favoritas 😊

  40. Mauricio santos


  41. Blue kyc

    A este vídeo le queda la canción de " viejo marihuano" de cartel de santa jajajaj

  42. Chromaesthesia

    The guy in this video is an amazing musician,

  43. cybersleep


  44. Trenton Billmire

    I wonder if Dan Auerbach was on set in Helper!? I just moved to Price (city next to Helper) in Nov. of 17', and freaked out when my coworker showed me this

  45. Miles McGough

    Your music super chill

  46. MusicCafe

    I accidentally clicked on this by accident. I’m so happy I did.

  47. Voss10

    I just watched a video of The Arcs performing, and realized that the king of a one horse town guy is the lead singer of the arcs.

  48. Questchaun

    You like one Greta song...

  49. Marti Grant

    Uh, is he laughing hysterically at the end because he smoked really good weed or because he's going crazy? Still haven't figured it out. Probably both.

  50. Monstro801

    Thats my hometown, Helper, Utah! So many childhood memories are there in those mountains.

  51. Raúl Salas

    I love the sound more than anything else he's done. Love where it takes me

    A.C. Harrison

    Then listen to Cage The Elephant

  52. Shyam Naidoo

    I miss the black keys

  53. Landon Bunderson

    1:53 I once got trapped in this rail yard in my parent's blue safari minivan. Had to jump the tracks. Great memory.

  54. Nat D. Barrett

    Very Flaming Lips

  55. le hung

    Trevor... is that you ???

  56. Álvaro Tolentino

    This makes me remember the afternoons when I was going back home from school and that cute girl I never talked to sit by my side on the bus while I was listening this.

  57. L M

    Kinda feel like the guy in the video sometimes. Great song!

  58. DoodleBob 22

    This beauty would do well i Fifa 19

  59. TheXEngelchenX

    I really like this song so much :)

  60. dali9803

    Dan discovered a well hidden Beatles' song....

  61. peri

    you can do it man..make great album again

  62. James Messina

    If Rick Rubin didn’t like music

  63. Bob Falfa

    Derek and te dominos - Bell bottom blues

  64. Jeff Hoon

    When YOU are ur own best friend.

    U have days like this.
    Ur king of a one horse town.

    Ezekiel Brockmann

    Wait, Mormons use wind generators for power?

  65. Thanasis Konstandinidis

    warren ellis?

  66. Forrest Stevens

    an excellent example of how to make a low budget music video. It doesn't have to be lip syncing, it can be a simple and profound story!

  67. Meghan Griffith

    You should eat a burrito from my one horse town. Smoke a bowl. Eat a burrito.

  68. Scout Norris

    This song makes me feel high.

  69. Adam Gitan

    The king....

  70. Marti Grant

    Can I hang out with you sexy, cool dude?

  71. XX.X

    Well, lets enjoy the silence, i guess

  72. Nir Lahav

    reminds me of these one street towns that you have so many of them in the U.S.. :)

  73. Hasan Ali

    Get back with patrick man you don't belong here

  74. Scott Walker

    Litter bug

  75. An Unentitled Motivated Millennial

    Fuck I love this song.

  76. Robert Grateful

    ok best

  77. Vin •

    Come back to Akron, Dan

  78. sixty 7 ford


  79. Gary Weight

    Is eyes yours sir?

    Gary Weight

    Cause otherwise, Easy Eye Sound is a Douche Bag. Every great song I love gets the same shit, you shouldn't get to make money off these artist. You're a leech that needs to be burnt.

  80. cBe9999

    Anybody remember 'Appleseed' from King of the Hill? I feel like we're watching a glimpse of his younger days.

  81. J2 digital

    I miss Seve Vs Evan. T_T

  82. Andy Arbogast

    I get it!

  83. Mari T

    Getting good vibes from listening to this song🌊

  84. hakan ersoy

    pink lebowski...

  85. Dávid Farkas

    no woman no cry

  86. Bobby Briggs

    After Kurt Cobain blew his brain out everything is from 50-60-70-80-90-00s on repeat....

  87. JoeTelly

    That's exaclty what the world needs - real music.

    A.C. Harrison

    We've had it, they're called Cage The Elephant

  88. Tucker Miles

    This song is the anthem for every artist who isnt making it.

  89. cole schreiber

    Ive driven through this town so many times. This song fits it so well.

  90. Mason Brandt

    so underated

  91. AndresF P

    Is this some Cage The Elephant?

  92. doobiescoo1


  93. Stephan Bertram

    big one

  94. Lizah Webster

    This is my life. Lol! Love this song. My new anthem.

  95. Gibran Valadez

    Letra (Subtitulado-Español)

    Cada día es sólo una pequeña mentira blanca

    diciéndome a mí mismo que estoy consiguiéndolo

    sólo me quedo en esta habitación y lloro.

    La nieve cubre el suelo

    y no puedo oír solo sonido

    apagaré la televisión e iré a dar una vuelta,

    pero no puedo ver que hay signos de vida

    excepto un árbol de Navidad con luces parpadeantes

    Podría haberlo hecho, pero cambie de planes

    soy un perdedor con una corona oxidada

    asustado, si salto en el océano podría ahogarme


    Rey del pueblo de mala suerte

    Soy el rey del pueblo de mala suerte

    Y yo apenas tiré de mi peso alrededor


    Pensé en irme pero no lo sé,

    ni siquiera sabría a dónde ir

    supongo que me quedaré en la fila de la desolación,

    ir apedreado y esperar

    el ritmo de mi tambor es el único sonido

    saltaría al océano pero tengo miedo que me ahogaría


    Rey del pueblo de mala suerte

    Soy un rey del pueblo de mala suerte

    Soy un rey del pueblo de mala suerte

    y yo apenás tiré de mi peso alrededor

    Soy un rey del pueblo de mala suerte

    Rey del pueblo de mala suerte

    Soy un rey del pueblo de mala suerte

    y yo apenás tiré de mi peso alrededor

    Rey del pueblo de mala suerte

    Rey del pueblo de mala suerte

    Soy un rey del pueblo de mala suerte

    Soy un rey del pueblo de mala suerte

    [La traducción no es mía]

    Aquí la puedes encontrar:

    Raúl Salas

    Awesome thanks

  96. Teguh Muharram p

    belive or not,DAN AUERBACH Is The next SUPERSTAR!!!!!!!

  97. Coriolis _

    SP7 squad here?