Audrey Assad - Spirit Of The Living God Lyrics

O Spirit of the living God, thou Light and Fire Divine
Descend upon Thy Church once more and make it truly Thine
Fill it with love and joy and power, with righteousness and peace
Till Christ shall dwell in human hearts, and sin and sorrow cease.

Blow, wind of God, with wisdom blow until our minds are free
From mists of error, clouds of doubt, which blind our eyes to Thee
Burn, winged fire, inspire our lips with flaming love and zeal
To preach to all Thy great good news, God's glorious commonweal.

So shall we know the power of Christ, who came this world to save
So shall we rise with Him to life which soars beyond the grave
And earth shall win true holiness which makes Thy children whole
Till, perfected by Thee, we reach creation's glorious goal

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Audrey Assad Spirit Of The Living God Comments
  1. Vanesa Castillo

    WOW what's ?

  2. Schatzen Liebe

    June 1,2019😊🙏🙏🙏👍👏👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you Father Yeshua... Baruch Ahavah..

  3. Lori Foster

    click here: for Peace and Unity in Our Lord , Jesus ! Beautiful Song and Voice

  4. tom darrohn

    So beautiful!

  5. Ranfer

    I wish I can sing this song to LORD by myself.
    Love you Jesus!

  6. Husky Lives Matter

    I'm gonna cry😥

    In a good way tho😂

    jesus Christ

    Husky Lives Matter same 😂

  7. Madeline Russell

    I prayed for Gods Spirit to come take over my life and my soul, mind body , and all my words to be what he wants me to speak. I had so much confusion in my life and mind trying to lie to me, lies from evil spirits and Satan's lies had overtaken my whole life. I was told not to read my Bible, God was a lier and beaten by evil works. But I preach God's Spirit to take control , bc I cannot defeat this torment alone . He takes us by the second we pray if we believe that he will and be patient in his renewing perfect and beautiful timing. Be patient and pray. He will take over and the lies will never be able to take over your lives again.


    Madeline Russell Amen. GOD heard your prayer Madeline Russell. And He has beautiful plan for your life & He loves u with an everlasting love. Jer.29 : 11 ; 31 :3. God bless. Ps Will King. :)

  8. Join the redeemed

    Look! The Heavens declare the glory of God!!!!

  9. Allen Merlin

    Is that CGI or true view?

  10. pamela Edoho

    Oh! Saviour of my soul! Oh! How my soul longs for you in a parched and thirsty land, Come Holy Spirit!

  11. kosti zguri

    Beautiful video...beautiful song

  12. raj paul

    audrey,you inspire me so much....i want to worship god more n more.....thank you so much

  13. Manu-melo-manu

    awesome voice...God gifted