Audrey Assad - Oh, The Deep, Deep Love Of Jesus Lyrics

Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus
Vast, unmeasured, boundless, free
Rolling as a mighty ocean
In its fullness over me

Underneath me, all around me
Is the current of Your love
Leading onward, leading homeward
To Your glorious rest above

Oh, the deep, deep love of Jesus
‘tis heaven of heavens to me;
and it lifts me up to glory,
for it lifts me up to thee!

Oh, the deep, deep love of Jesus
spread his praise from shore to shore!
How he loves us, ever loves us,
changes never, nevermore!

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Audrey Assad Oh, The Deep, Deep Love Of Jesus Comments
  1. danceballetacro

    audrey assad singing the hymns is so pure and draws me to the Lord!!! <3

  2. Narinder Choranji

    love it.

  3. Poli Incredible

    Experience the love of Jesus:
    Confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus. Believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead and you will be saved!
    (Romans 10:9)

    Life with Christ is INCREDIBLE!

  4. Dhinakaran samuel

  5. sid jones

    Your voice is cherubic..please keep singing and healing, like Christ. Pax.

  6. Jannaken Schmucker

    I can’t stop listening to this song ❤️❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 her voice the music the words the spirit all breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful!

  7. andrea arthur

    God loves me ahh

  8. 이수인 시인의'공감TV'

    I am touched. Thank you, Lord, for your kindness

  9. Marcus Constantine

    Wow ~ so beautiful, so anointed ~ very thankful for your ministry through music!

  10. Diana Choi

    Two of my favorites!!!

  11. Aimee

    If i had a voice like audrey's i could never stop singing praises back to the Lord, such a gift


    Aimeecrg you should always sing praises back to the Lord anyway :) a heart full of love and sincerely singing to the Lord is always a sweet sound in His ears and that is all that matters :) sing your heart out anyway

    Kristen Apostol

    @Aimee Don't let that stop you! Our Father is worthy of all praise ☺

  12. Pam Webster

    The voice of a real Angel...

  13. Chet _

    does anyone know where the video was filmed?

  14. K Reese

    You did this! Two of my favorite Christian voices of all time, together; THANK YOU!

  15. Danielle Williams

    So far this is my favorite hymn of the year🎶🎵👍🙏😇🥰😍

  16. Jennifer Faith


  17. xoKenny

    Uhhh this doesn't sound like the original but same lyrics?

  18. Ariana Summers

    This song 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  19. Diane Watson

    Sounds a lot like Morning Has Broken. Beautiful.

  20. keddie empleo

    Such a sweet melody to sing praise and worship to our Lord and Saviour.

  21. M a n s o n i

    Incredibly Beautiful.

  22. Cynthia Marble

    I will tell you who is the very very best christian singer, male or female, that isfernando Ortega , I literally cannot believe the beauty , the emotion, the sheer exquisite sound of his voice, and his songs, are gifts to humanity!!

  23. Yunita Batara

    Thank u for this song. Make me feel peacefull for my life.

  24. Ruth Anderson

    I have anxiety at night and I fall asleep listening to your music and praying. It gives me a calm and restful evening. God bless.

    Dani in the Lion's Den

    Ruth Anderson let Jesus cast that fear out of you. We have nothing to fear, when we are in Christ, be blessed !

    Moises Perez

    God bless jesus will be with you ill be pray for you

  25. vickie bailey

    sigh! So beautiful! I would give anything to sound like Audrey!!
    Really! I LOVE her voice!

  26. vickie bailey

    you sing like an angel, Audrey and we are all so blessed to know your music. Thank you!

  27. Bill Goodin

    Thank you for this different, yet the fresh truth of His love for us is expressed, calling me to worship with tears. Oh the unfathomable love of Jesu ! Thank you, Jesus.

  28. vickie bailey

    I love this girl and her beautiful singing!!!! She sings like a beautiful and inspiring bird! Very emotional singer - like a musical instrument, like an angel - yeah, I love her to pieces!!! I wish I could sing just like her!

  29. R Andrade

    Where is her version of Hard Love with NEEDTOBREATHE?!?!

  30. Lotte Ahmadu

    A beautiful rendition of a heavenly hymn. Thank you for this. Praise to God!

  31. spainishgirl


  32. Curtis Rogers

    great song the melody is from "Morning has Broken by Cat Stevens" just a little slower. It works really nice when you put them both together.

  33. Patty McGregor

    Thank you.

  34. RTNable

    i don't know how to explain how this song gives me strength as i hear it when my heart feel the loneliness, worriness and scared.. this song help me getting closer to almighty God. Thank's in advance.

  35. Marcio Tonoli Soledade

    Conheci ontem e fiquei apaixonado....... maravilhoso, canções inspiradoras

  36. nadya angel

    Love this music,this made me almost in tears

  37. Jessalyn K

    This is a catholic hymn !

  38. Daniel Galley

    So in love with this one!

  39. wade hicks

    You have a beautiful voice. God Bless you 😊

  40. RTNable

    Thank u for the song

  41. Thomas Chambers


  42. Kaah Hoseok

    Audrey im from brazil i hope you sing how great thou art why is one beautiful song !!!

  43. Jewel4Jesus

    I only recently discovered your music Audrey Assad and oh how blessed I am.♥ May God continue to bless you so that we can be blessed and God alone be glorified!♥ #LoveYouJesus #NoSweeterName

  44. Melody Stevens

    Sweet music...gentle and kind....just like Amazing could anyone listening to that beautiful song and lyrics not feel love, peace, joy, hope, mercy and grace?

  45. Chantelle

    Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus
    Vast, unmeasured, boundless, free
    Rolling as a mighty ocean
    In its fullness over me

    Underneath me, all around me
    Is the current of your love
    Leading onward, leading homeward
    To your glorious rest above

    Oh, the deep, deep love of Jesus 
    ‘Tis a heaven of heavens to me
    And it lifts me up to glory
    For it lifts me up to thee

    Oh, the deep, deep love of Jesus  
    Spread his praise from shore to shore
    How he loves us, ever loves us,
    Changes never, nevermore

  46. ienlingtong tong

    Found out about this song while watching the youtube video of Nabeel's funeral.. Brought tears to my eyes! thank you so much for this important reminder.  God bless you!

    Jehu Hernandez

    Me, too. I cried when I heard it and starting looking for it right away. Beautiful song. It'll always remind me of Nabeel.

  47. Nanik Woelandari

    Very beautiful lyrics. Thank you Audrey, you remind me about his grace and it leads me to think again about my identity and my spesific calling from Him "why do I still on this earth?" - Know Him and make Him to be known. Much love from Indonesia 😊

  48. Cjay

    So beautiful...

  49. Toya G

    Praise God!

  50. samthelima

    It took me quite a few listens to realize that this is the lyrics to Oh the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus, but set to the melody of Morning has Broken! It just fits so naturally, and has a lighter feel than the original hymn arrangement!

    Marcus Constantine

    Thanks for pointing that out ~ so neat!


    @Marcus Constantine morning has broken is such a beautiful hymn

  51. Kristen Grace


  52. Beulah O

    This is so peaceful

  53. Amanda Watkins

    One of my current favorite songs!!!!

  54. Toni Virgin

    Absolutely beautiful.

  55. yose mamahi

    Nice Voice to all You to heart ...i think This song make my heart peace

  56. César C

    Nos te respiramos o jesus!!

  57. ChristineB.

    How do they do those beautiful background shots and images? Does someone literally go somewhere and film them? It is so breathtaking

    Evan Bourcier

    ChristineB. Hey Christine! We did actually! We spent 5 days roaming New England in the winter filming all the footage for this series of videos. This one is a mixture of North Conway NH and somewhere in Maine I believe

    james paul

    @evan bourcier

  58. crivosarb

    Beautiful collaboration! Always loved Fernando Ortega Songs...and this song ist simply BEAUTIFUL!

  59. Anjali Toppo


  60. Yumah Konyak

    Beautiful and melody song God bless you.

  61. ams30393

    beautiful song. beautiful lyrics n i have always loved Morning Has Broke. keep it up!!!

  62. Kevin Grady

    I have never heard this version of "Morning has Broken" Did you right the lyrics? By the way I love your videos and music.


    Kevin Grady
    The lyrics are from a song called O The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus, but it is set to the melody of Morning Has Broken.

  63. Billy paul R. Silva

    I love you Audrei

  64. Billy paul R. Silva

    Canta muito lindo gostei demais

  65. Hevelyn Rosendo

    Oh my God!What a amazing song!Did you make the arrengement for this song?

  66. Lindsay J

    This music elevates my heart so much.

    Jamie Walker

    audrey will sing at one thing conference kansas city dec 2016 and there are two videos of her on you tube where she performed there 2015 she is of the catholic faith

  67. Solomoni Tane

    beatiful indeed. thank you Audrey

  68. Solomoni Tane

    beatiful indeed. thank you Audrey

  69. Derick Gines

    This is the exact tune from Cat Stevens Morning Has Broken. Like... Exactly... Either she acquired the rights, or she just copied it. Maybe... It's a coincidence? But if you listen to them side by side... It's hard to believe.

    Kevin Grady

    Morning Has Broken was not written by Cat Stevens but is an old hymn and is public domain. Which means you can use the tune and write your own lyrics.

    Derick Gines

    Very interesting!

    Kevin Grady

  70. Larissa ;P

    Beautiful song!

  71. ams30393

    beautiful words. beautiful beautiful beautiful. amen. thank u

  72. Jhow Jhow

    te amo meu Jesus... muito😓

  73. Pedro Alvarez

    Gracias.. desde España.

  74. singing4hope

    Loving the new songs on your new album!!

  75. Zu versicht

    this amazing voice😍😊

  76. koolkatkathy123

    This is beautiful! The tune made me think of "Morning has Broken"

    Paul Ebenezer


  77. Genevive Estacaan

    the best song i have ever heard, thank you this is very very beautiful rendition of the hymn. :) (Philippines)

  78. Lynne Shaw

    Never heard or thought of putting these words to "Morning has broken". It works beautifully. I shall definitely be doing that next time I use this song in a service. I've often borrowed the tune for "Here is love vast as the ocean" as that fits really well too. Your music and your voice are a real blessing. Thank you.

  79. Foglabenchi Lily Haritu

    My favourite musicians together melting their voices... It is my best in this album and 5am alarm which baby (still in the womb) is accustomed to waking up to. He leaps and rolls each time this comes on. Other baby favourites by either one of you: Good to me, Jesus King of Angels and Give me Jesus. A musician is baking in here :)

  80. Jan Pieter Kroes


  81. Valerie Roth

    So beautiful. Thank you Audrey. May God bless you with a deeper and deeper revelation of His limitless love.

  82. boe1956

    My only disappointment was that this beauty song came to an end. Could of spent the whole day soaking in this ...hahaha.. ...replay buttton!

  83. Kim Padan

    Oh my...two of my favorite musicians together! Perfection!

    Mandacious Jones

    Kim Padan AMEN!!!!

    Mandacious Jones

    WOW!! Thank you!!!

    Tara Tags

    Kim Padan Same. Both voices like butter.

  84. Adrianna L

    So beautiful...❤️

  85. Kevin King

    My favorite song of the album! Wonderful arrangement; only wish it were longer :)

  86. Lê Phan

    amazing, tuyệt vời!

  87. YooSmurfette Uaena

    Thank you..

  88. jenna Cassidy

    That was incredible! I love the original song and yours sounded so different, but in a "it gave me chills" kinda way. All of the new renditions of songs you have been putting out are so amazing!!

    raymond bertus

    Love this song Audrey its bring back happy memory of my childhood as a devout Catholic .love you. Ray

  89. Alannah Quiniones

    FERNANDO ORTEGA and AUDREY ASSAD? This is awesome with sauce on....


    A smorgisborg of holiness doused with grace lol! Such a beautiful collab, I wholeheartedly agree!

  90. James

    Thank you for your music. you have no idea what it does for me. It nearly brought me to tears hearing this melody we sang in Catholic school growing up with the lyrics 'Christ be before me'. Your music is such an inspiration and blessing and gives me a longing to be closer to Jesus. Thank you once again.

  91. Mae SJ

    What a Wonderful song. I'm looking for an instrument of this song. do you have Audrey? If you do please send to my e-mail if you do have time for The Glory of The Lord. thank you. GOD BLESS!

    Audrey Assad

    +Mae SJ :)

    Mae SJ

    Thank you Audrey! God Bless :)

    18478185 Latrobe

    Hi Audrey, this is such a beautiful song! I was wanting to play it in mass and was wondering if there is any piano sheet music for it?
    God Bless xx

    Sean Denny

    $50????? Yikes!

    Suhanti S

    Leading onward leading homeward