Audrey Assad - Oh Happy Fault Lyrics

O felix, o felix culpa

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Audrey Assad Oh Happy Fault Comments
  1. Eliezer Franco

    Like si vienes aquí por Full of Eyes...

  2. J. Larsen

    So, could Audrey make a 55 minute version of this? I'd buy it!

  3. Palestrina's Masses

    O Happy Fault
    that gained for us such a great Redeemer.

  4. Judite Nascimento


  5. Neil Leslie

    I love this! I've been attending the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (the older form of the Catholic Mass in Latin) for several months now, and I can easily imagine this as an Introit (entrance antiphon).

  6. applebug

    O Felix Culpa ....beautiful meaning behind it. Thank you Jesus

  7. ponyphonic

    Magnificent. Thanks for posting this!

    Raymond Goins

    ya still on the pony train?