Audrey Assad - Little Things With Great Love Lyrics

In the garden of our Savior no flower grows unseen
His kindness rains like water on every humble seed
No simple act of mercy escapes His watchful eye
For there is One who sees me
His hand is over mine

In the kingdom of the heavens no suffering is unknown
Each tear that falls is holy, each breaking heart a throne
There is a song of beauty in every weeping eye
For there is One who knows me
His heart, it breaks with mine

O the deeds forgotten, O the works unseen
Every drink of water flowing graciously
Every tender mercy You’re making glorious
This You have asked of us:
Do little things with great love
Little things with great love

At the table of our Savior, no mouth will go unfed
And His children in the shadows stream in and raise their heads
O give us ears to hear them, and give us eyes that see
For there is One who loves them. I am His hands and feet

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Audrey Assad Little Things With Great Love Comments
  1. Dorian Perkins

    ❤ Such a Lovely Song ❤...( lyrics and melodies )...( And one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard ) ❤...(so 'Peaceful' and 'Soothing' )...( and, at times. kind of sounds like Sarah McLachlan and Colbie Caillat singing 'together' )...( yet still, 'unique' )...( ❤ )...(🌹)...Love you, Audrey ❤ 'God Bless you' ❤...and thank you for sharing the Spirit of God's Love within you...( ❤-❤-❤ )...HALLELUYAH...(🌹)

  2. Deslin Paulson

    Lyrics please... So beautiful.. Thanks Audrey... your music makes my day feel more closer to God

  3. Jessica Nascimento

    Come to Brazil, please!!

  4. Fr. Nate Harburg

    Chord changes delightfully unpredictable. Lyrics are tear- jerkingly true. Holiness, Christlikeness is possible for every person. We can choose to be a saint for Jesus today, regardless of yesterday or tomorrow.

  5. Anna Martz

    This is so beautiful! "There is one who loves them, I am His hands and feet..." Thank you for reminding us of our call to be Christ for others, even in the littlest ways. Your song has perfectly captured the words and spirit of Mother Teresa to "Do little things with great love." Please keep composing and blessing the world with your music and your faith!