Audrey Assad - Lament Lyrics

I'm Mary and I'm Martha all at the same time;
I'm sitting at His feet and yet I'm dying to be recognized.
I am a picture of contentment and I am dissatisfied.
Why is it easy to work but hard to rest sometimes,
Sometimes, sometimes

I'm restless, and I rustle like a thousand tall trees;
I'm twisting and I'm turning in an endless daydream.
You wrestle me at night and I wake in search of You...
But try as I might, I just can't catch You
But I want to, 'cause I need You, yes, I need You
I can't catch You, but I want to.

How long, how long until I'm home?
I'm so tired, so tired of running
How long until You come for me?

How long, how long until I'm home?
I'm so tired, so tired of running
How long until You come for me?

I'm so tired, so tired of running
Yeah, I'm so tired, so tired of running
I'm so tired, so tired of running

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Audrey Assad Lament Comments
  1. Matthew Gonzalez

    I neeeeeeed youuuuuu

  2. grace

    i always come here when im feeling down. no regrets. 🌬💛

  3. Ann Gatwood

    Thank you, Audrey! your songs speak to my soul and my life has been in this waiting season and it really is hard at times to bear with it. To find God's purpose for me in it🎼

  4. Ellen Costa

    AMO..Audrey Assad!!!

  5. Kezia Ramsey

    I love this video, but I watch YouTube a lot on my iPhone... Is there anyway you could make it accessible on portable devices?

  6. elissa julie

    favourite part starts at 2:15!! LOVE this song!

  7. Emerald Rose

    I love this song so much!!! AUDREY YOU'RE SO AWESOME!! :-D

  8. ValiantFaith

    Wait, are you telling me I'm not the only one that's felt this way?

  9. antoinettececile

    Hey friends I hope you check out my channel for some inspirational videos to help you on your spiritual journey!

  10. nikki r

    Saw her when she came with Tenth Avenue. She has an angelic voice. Absolutely beautiful.... and not to mention shes funny too :)

  11. Jordan Gonzalez

    I just can't get over how beautiful and truthful the poetry is. It doesn't hurt that her voice is perfect, too :)

  12. ryan mcwilliams

    audrey is perfect

  13. Elienne Demmers

    Woww! This is soo beautiful ! She is soooo in love with her Master ! God will Bless her !

  14. Blackstarbeneath

    I THINK IM ATLEAST 1,000 of these views haha love u!!!

  15. Brooke Horn

    so thankful for her work, every song just speaks words I long to say and express.

  16. Reformchick

    This is my song right now. I love everything about it.

  17. MadMaxi793

    One of the few artists who I make a point of buying her cds. Love her work!

  18. CallMeSmash

    this is my favorite song on the album!!

  19. MaysAngel

    thank you