Audrey Assad - Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet Lyrics

Jesus' blood never failed me yet
Never failed me yet
Jesus' blood never failed me yet
And this one thing I know: that he loves me so

Jesus' blood never failed me yet
Never failed me yet
Jesus' blood never failed me yet
And this one thing I know: that he loves me so

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Audrey Assad Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet Comments
  1. harleycharley

    What is wrong with these sound engineers....Your singer is drowned out by the music...both beautiful, but I can't enjoy the vocalist...

  2. Psalm40

    Old now, I grew up in church the old hymns part of my life almost daily, throughout my life these mini sermons would pop into my mind going through each circumstance.
    This particular one is powerful and you do it so nicely.
    Thank you dear!

  3. Susan Sujatha

    Superb song Hallelujah 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌹🌹 India Bangalore 💐🇮🇳💟💟👍

  4. timothyj1966

    Old Sunday school tune... one musical phrase missing.


    Isn't it "Jesus Love has never failed me yet"?


    Isn't it where ever I go?

  5. Gary Douglas

    The hills still beckon me. The song somehow fits the harshness of that scene - the sojourn of one who answers His call, that must be faced and endured to arrive transformed to the destination He has appointed.


    Hermosas canciones quisiera algún día cantar y tocar algún instrumento para Dios

  7. ams30393

    it sounds n looks spooky. ive played it b4.

  8. AnaKosta

    Sorry, but no. Old man's song is the real thing.

    MeMyself AndI

    AnaKosta we can love both

  9. deartotheheart

    How haunting, eerie and yet magnificent and holy

  10. Bummer Drummer

    Terrible singing, old hobo man did it better. It's like you tried to do it as soft but also at loud as possible, making it disgusting.

    MeMyself AndI

    Bummer Drummer this is the most beautiful song! Both versions are wonderful, and different in their own way.

  11. Andrew Locke

    I hope to perform a version of this song Arby's Good Friday services this year. We shall see.

  12. Yoav יואב BarIsrael בר-ישראל


  13. timothyj1966

    rip off of Byrars sampling of an original Protestant Christian hymn tune, that was recored on the street sung by a homeless man. The sampling of Bryar's caught on tape is one line incomplete at the end, before it loops back into the the beginning. It is an old church chorus the man on the street probably remembered from his youth or Sunday School in England. This recording sounds eery, spooky - try looking up a Gospel version. Simple tune really but - poignant Life message. The Bryars recording is a masterpiece and something I don't should be repeated.

    MeMyself AndI

    timothyj1966 not a rip off at all, simply a different and beautiful version

    Clay McDermott

    She credits all that in the description.

  14. Isaiah Lamb

    Hauntingly beautiful. Thank you Audrey!

  15. Anne S

    I just wish this was longer, it's so doggone beautiful.😢

  16. mariowh

    Those movie score feels.

  17. Gustavo Nascimento


  18. Meagan That's all you need to know

    Thank you Audrey that could have came at a better time!!! Please never stop singing!!! God bless you!!! I love you!!!

  19. Arun Soni

    First one here :)
    I absolutely love your music, Sister. I'm like your marketing guy in Bangalore, India :D
    Peace :)