Audrey Assad - For Love Of You Lyrics

You live in a million places
Your fingerprints can be seen on a million faces
There is a trace of You in every hallelujah
Every song that I sing

And for love of You, I'm a sky on fire
And because of You, I come alive
It's Your sacred heart within me beating
Your voice within me singing out

For love of You, oh, for love of You
It's all You, yeah

You are the highway I travel
'Cause I watched You carve streets of gold from the sand and gravel
I gave You brokenness, You gave me innocence
And now this road leads to glory

And for love of You, I'm a sky on fire
And because of You, I come alive
And it's Your sacred heart within me beating
Your voice within me singing out

For love of You, yeah

You are my deepest longing and so I see You everywhere
It's You I'm chasin' after
'Cause I am captivated by who You are and how You move
I'll follow You forever

For love of You, I'm a sky on fire
Because of You, I come alive, yeah
For love of You, I'm a sky on fire
Because of You, I come alive

It's Your sacred heart within me beating
Your voice within me singing out
For love of You, oh, for love of You
Oh, so, for love of You, God

And everything I do
Oh, so, for the love of You, You

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Audrey Assad For Love Of You Comments
  1. Kay-Anna Goins

    i was completely obsessed with this when i was 10. i went to through a rough patch in life and forgot about it. now i’m 18 and still come back to this.

  2. Turma Holy Kids

    Olá! Criei este Canal e estou Precisando de uma Ajuda.
    Tem como se inscrever para que eu possa monetizar!!!
    Obrigada pelo apoio viu!?!!!

  3. Yuri M.

    Amazing voice! God bless you, Audrey!

  4. Jessie Gonzalez

    I was raised Catholic till i was about 22 years old. I was in jail and some hard core gangster told me if he could give me a book. I thank God i said yes because that book was a little gideouns bible a new testament and because of this book my life was radically changed forever By God i never realy new that God loved me even as i was a bad person a bad guy someone who just didn't care about if i hurt anyone or my self or God.i believed in God in jesus and the holy spirit in the saints in the virgen mary and in other virgens because thats how i was raised went to church as a kid on sundays. But never had read the bible i just remember going to church and putting on holy water as we entered in the church. And sitting down with no bible because the padre was the one that would read to us as we were in church. And what ill never forget was confession were we would confess to the so call padre ... So the day this guy gave to me the bible he said i knew that God can forgive us for our sins i said yes but we dont have a priest .. It was then that he told me that God says in the bible to confess our sins to him alone. He showed me were it says in the Bible 1 john 1:9 romans 10:9 to confess to God personaly just me and God by confessing to Him that i had sinned and that i was a sinner. And that i believed that Jesus died for my sins and for the world and that i believed he rose on the 3d day from the grave for my justification and that i confess Jesus as my Lord and savior a Catholic i was never showed or taught this. What made me start believeing all this was because he told me to start reading in The book of john and as i read God was working in me because as i read about Jesus all these miracles he was doing and that he is the son of God then wen i got to the chapter were jesus is arrested because they diddnt believe he was the son of God and that he was going to be put to die on the cross...that wen something started changing inside of me it was my heart.. Their this feeling of love inside of my heart for Jesus and then i rememberd all the bad i had ever done and it was then that i knew that Jesus had died for my sins so that he could forgive me because he loved me that he died for me so thats when i became born again and i was saved forgiven for all my past sins sins of the present and the future sins all because i believed by just trusting in God in Jesus by faith that i was saved .you see as a Catholic i never realy knew this i didn't know if i died if i was going to heaven ..THEN this guy told me i was a born again Christian i was confused about this for a couple of years and i was different for about 6 mounths because wen you become born again the bible says then you become a child of God john 1:12. And then God send the Holy spirit to be in you as a helper by sealing us with his spirit ephesians 1:13 . and all this i never knew i just knew about religious beliefs about my religion that i was Catholic and that all my family was Catholic and praying all these prayers that are not in the bible the only prayer in the bible wen the apostles ask Jesus how do we pray jesus says in mathew 6: 9-13 our father in heaven Hallowed be your name your kingdom come your will be done. On earth as it is in heaven. So the holy bible says to pray from your heart to God by asking him in prayer for whatever you want to pray to Him in Jesus name .Amen the bible dont say to pray to any other person but directly to God alone in Jesus name .1 Timothy 2:5 for there is one God and one mediator between God and men the man Christ Jesus... Romans 3:23 all have sinned and fallen short from the glory of God . romans 6:23 for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in christ Jesus our Lord. John 3:3 jesus tells nicodemus most assuredly I say to you unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God. John 3:16 for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in Him should not perrish but have everlasting life .so the Bible clearly says that only Jesus christ can save us so we could enter heaven and not go to hell the day our time is up here on earth .this is Gods promises for all who believe not by religion by traditional beliefs or about how good you might be or how much you've prayed or done good deeds or maybe havnt done drugs or maybe not alcoholic or whatever might be bad if you've never confessed to God that your a sinner and jesus as your lord and savior and believe and know your a sinner and that by jesus blood youev been washed and forgiven this could hold anyone back from entering heaven... Its by having a relationship with God through faith in Jesus as savior and lord and by the holy spirit living in you because of Gods love and mercy and by his grace by faith in believeing in Him you shall be saved not by works. Ephesians 2:8... I wrote for those catholic those from the watchtowers mormons and whoever might not know the truth found in the sond doctrine of the word of God that has the power to salvation through faith in the son of God The man christ Jesus ...born of a virgen by the power of the the Holy spirit so that the profesis could be forfilled and coming to pass isaiah 7:14 isaiah 9:6-7: john 14:6 Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Oh and i could keep going i thank my God for radically changing me transforming me from my old nature child of wrath in darkness and for converting me into a child of the Light. And for everyday being my provider God father savior lord My jesus and for filling me with his spirit over and over again each day. Because i knew i was a sinner and still am i just sin less and no longer love sin because i know the truth that sin is a lie from the father of lies who has no place in my life no more God is a much better way i have Godfedience. ...rev 3:20.

  5. Carter Turk

    I listen to ur songs all of the time

  6. Stefani Ramalho

    You live in a million places Your fingerprints can be seen on a million faces And there's a trace of you In every alleluia Every song that i sing For love of you I'm a sky on fire Because of you I come alive It's your sacred heart within me beating Your voice within me singing (out for love of you) It's all for you You are the highway i travel Cause i watched you carve streets of gold From sin and gravel I gave you brokenness You gave me innocence And now this road leads to glory You are my deepest longing So i see you everywhere It's you i'm chasing after Cause i am captivated by who you are And how you move I'll follow you forever God For love of you

    Stefani Ramalho

    texasguy5001 this singer is amazing! I love her songs and the way she talk about God <3

  7. Lerian V

    'University of Chicago Open Forum with John Lennox' video brought me here. Such an amazing voice. I felt something as soon as I heard a snippet of this song, and I shazamed it immediately. She is beautiful as well.

  8. Iana Moss

    My only issue is I can't understand what she is saying on any of her songs unless the lyrics are there.

    Colleen Posadas

    Iana Moss hearing Aides perhaps

  9. Iana Moss

    My only issue is I can't understand what she is saying on any of her songs unless the lyrics are there.

  10. MsMariiia

    How have I never heard of her till today? Love this song & her voice is so beautiful!

    Scott Dane

    Check out A more beautiful you by Jonny Diaz ,Audrey's sweet voice is the back up vocals.

    Ingrid Diniz

    maybe because artist like Audrey is out of spotlights. :D

  11. chi Kanu

    Such a star

  12. Tom Reidy

    This talented believer said yes and the beauty of her work glorifies the King.we all strive for what she's got.... a humble heart . excellentl

  13. chris glen

    I love it.. bless her and her beautiful voice of and angel. Bless the Catholic church pope Francis and all the saints.

  14. Tao Yu

    i can make a comment now and i have found a pure and chaste Christian singer --- Audrey N Assad

  15. Fausto Cantero

    Ecumenical music :( she's catholic

  16. Felipa Airece

    Such a beautiful song (:

  17. artstarr2011

    the Holy Spirit is with her....

  18. Jorge Igor Menezes

    this song invades our hearts with the power of a hurricane, but there, resting involves us in a way that seems to lull us to sleep like a baby and leads us to the arms of God ..

  19. Fernando Henrique Rodigues

    Linda Voz .. Beautiful voice .. 

  20. Robert Turner

    She is an awesome gift from God!

  21. David Poulin

    Fantastic.  What a blessing she is too us.  Thank you Audrey for being God's instrument!

  22. Minh Ross

    I've listened to 3 K-LOVE songs and I am hooked!  What talent!!!!

  23. Quinton Blue

    Charlie Parker, the bebop saxophonist, was walking to a gig one night and stopped to listen to a Salvation Army band. His friend tried to pull him away but he insisted on listening That night he worked a musical quote from the Salvation Army into a song he played. That's what the great ones do. This song uses a quote from the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins. She does a nice job making it her own.

  24. imblessedso

    Why? because of the music of ONE Catholic artist? You do know that there are also great acoustic Folk Protestant artists as well as mainstream Christian radio artists who are Catholic? There is no guarantee that Christian radio under those circumstances would end up any better than it is now.

  25. Kaleb H

    I don't agree with the term "unsaved". One is not saved simply for being a Christian. Our salvation comes from our choice to obey the will of Christ, and it is not guaranteed until our death. Also, Catholicism and Christianity are not separate, much less separate religions. All are apart of the universal Body of Christ through baptism in the Holy Trinity. As Catholics, we just believe that we have the fullness of truth as Christ desired. As a Catholic, I'm glad to see any good witness.

    Jake Rock

    Kaleb H way to represent our Catholic faith. Catholics can never be anything less then Christian. We are Catholic Christians. Audrey Aussad and Matt Maher are great for Ecumenical purposes. Beauty speaks volumes. Matt, Audrey, keep doing what you're doing.

  26. andiejvlee

    Amen :)) i don't think it matters wat u are... as long as we worship and love God with all our hearts,thats all that really matters <3 hehe

  27. Brother Daniel Leckman

    Too bad Jimmy and Greg had to turn post into a petty Catholic vs Christian argument..this is a beautiful artist and song that celebrate God full heartedly. Who cares if she's protestant or Catholic. God is praised..that's all I need to hear! Yes I'm Catholic, but I above all follow Jesus and love God. Apparently, that's not enough for some. Haters will be haters I guess!

  28. Greg Broussard

    Let me also call you to James 2:14

    14 What does it profit, my brethren, if a man says he has faith but has not works? Can his faith save him? 15 If a brother or sister is ill-clad and in lack of daily food, 16 and one of you says to them, "Go in peace, be warmed and filled," without giving them the things needed for the body, what does it profit? 17 So faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead.

    Catholics are called to be HOLY people, not good people. Many atheist are good people.

  29. Greg Broussard

    The Catholic Church was started in the year 0033 by Jesus Christ himself. Works based religion you say?

    Matt 18:18
    18* Truly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. 19* Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.20 For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

  30. Greg Broussard

    Hey Jimmy, you left out the part about us worshiping statues. If you are going to run your mouth try to at least know what you are talking about.

  31. David Gladieux

    who cares its not like its one against the other, its just all about praising God. thumbs down for you

  32. Ned Gadsby

    Bless this child of our Great God!!

  33. Sweetme

    Wow... I'm sure she was not thinking about that when she wrote this song.
    Awesome song!!! Such a blessed voice.

  34. Andrew Fisher

    yeah if only other people knew this clip makes me go hard Yeah and i use this to get the mp3 of this track =>

  35. marcheline717

    Oh Audrey, you are SUCH a gift to us :) I'm so excited about your new, upcoming project !!! :)

  36. Lake Martin Baptist Church

    It's not about your denomination, it's about following our Lord Jesus Christ. God Bless you brother :)

  37. M Nye

    It DOES matter whether you are a Catholic Christian or a Christian, that doesn't change the fact we ARE all followers of Christ, and that her fabulous song is wonderfully inflencing and lovely for those who prefer alternative music...additionally, a quarter of America's populace is Catholic, so Catholics are not an inconsequential minority

  38. Elizabeth Marie

    Actually, the Catholic Bible has more books in the old testament and there are no revisions to any verses in the new testament from their original translation. Just want to make that clear, although your point is valid and i thank you for it.

  39. Elizabeth Marie

    rephrase: Thumbs up for Catholics taking over Protestant radio! how's that? Christian radio focuses on a protestant audience.

  40. Gloria Shaffer

    I love your music! Mike Donehey was do sing like an angel. You have the purest voice I've ever heard. Thanks for the blessing!

  41. Trevor Dennison

    Catholics ARE Christian...

  42. Joel TL

    Its not that we are not Christians but rather we call ourselves Catholic to ensure there is no misunderstanding. Otherwise when i tell people im christian and fast forward 2 weeks and they find out im catholic they proceed to be shocked and ask how i did not tell them this in the beginning? The fact is there are quite a few protestants who strongly believe Catholics are not christian. And hence the divide...

  43. Daniel Fantaneanu


  44. BearTruth

    It's weird cause every time I ask a Catholic if they are a Christian, they reply to me", I'm a Catholic." I just don't really understand it because we read the same Bible and believe in the same Christ. But still, you guys don't call yourselves Christians. All I know is that I believe Jesus died for my sins and I'm justified through my faith in Him because thats what my Bible says. Call me what you will, a Christian, a follower of Christ, a believer. I just have faith in Christ.

  45. Laura Beth Ernst

    I just want to say that you have the most AMAZING voice and you are so inspiring! Thanks for being so awesome! :)

  46. keesea

    It's shouldn't be about what you "label" yourself and have that be the basis of separation between us....we all follow CHRIST.

  47. Timothy Betts

    Well that's a very separated way to look at things. Aren't we all Christians? That should be the only label we should care about.

  48. palomangela

    Especially if there's alcohol am I right? ;)

  49. teamorthodoxy

    "Sacred Heart within me beating" is totally a Eucharistic reference. Much love for Assad.

  50. Sage V

    She has the most beautiful voice of a woman I have ever heard. I listened to her, Rend Collective Experiment, and Tenth Avenue North last Friday. I've heard the other two in concert but not her. I was amazed! So beautiful! God blessed her voice.

  51. TheOneWordband

    What an amazing live singer. Few people can see like that live. Very impressed

  52. sawde asa

    I like this more than the studio version.

  53. Thailline Cristina de Assis

    You know a site to download her songs?

    Galedas Music

    Thailline Cristina de Assis look up here now and voila

  54. Thailline Cristina de Assis

    I'm Brazilian, and I heard one of your songs Saturday. I am really delighted with the lyrics of his music and his voice, so beautiful! There are few American Catholics, and I admire you. Surely I will follow your work.
       That the Holy Spirit will continue giving you the inspiration to reach many more people! *-*

  55. ATG Assassin

    gorgeous voice. she doesn't try and overpower her song with huge vocals like Kelly Clarkson. She jus keeps it simple and it sounds beautiful. Love it.

  56. stlipman

    I notice that a lot of people who bring the most beautiful worship songs happen to worship Him within their Catholic faith. Way to go, Catholic Minstrels!

  57. MrTimoJosh

    since when was it a competition between catholics and christians? dont we all believe in the same God? So what should it matter which "Religion" is on radio more? as long as we get the message out to the unsaved it shouldn't matter!

  58. fngrstyl


  59. aimeisa

    hola mierdamita!!!

  60. Pelle Andersson

    I love you!

  61. Philip LeBaron

    Message me, I'll mail you a Bible

  62. unphazed123

    how can i get close to god when i've no bible? im the only christian in my family T_T

  63. NinaAmore2

    What does it matter what "religion" she is. They are still based out of Christianity. The only thing that differs Christian organized groups are the "rules and regulation" whether biblical or not that are implemented in their doctrine. I consider myself a Christian Non-Denominational and I was raised Catholic. Saying you are a Catholic does not necessarily guarantee you are saved, neither does saying you are a Christian. Regardless, her music is anointed for sure.

  64. Leena Johnston

    goosebumps. I love Audrey.

  65. Alex kim

    shes really beautiful

  66. OUATLuvr

    my youth group leader showed me some of her songs. she has such a beautiful girl. she reminds me of my little sister, who died, because they have the same the name. that is partially why i love her so much. but that aside she has a wonderful talent, and thank God she is using it to praise God!!

    Ashley Gwynn

    God bless you, I'm sorry for the loss of your beloved sister. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted. Hugs, XOXO !

  67. villagefem


  68. Zac Davis

    Thumbs up for Catholics taking over Christian radio!

  69. salgadoxx

    Jesus I love you because you are merciful and you love me inspite of everything i done, I want my heart to be yours and only yours

  70. Amid Rivera

    God bless you =D

  71. One Minute Truth

    Wow, beautiful voice. God bless your ministry!

  72. JoeyyLundin

    @true2lyfe the headphones allow her to hear herself.. if shes singing out of key she can change mid song... it helps as she sings... if u didnt already know that since this coment wqs a year old

  73. Jordan Jones


  74. JoeyyLundin

    @jhonnybrick if you look up sarah kroger she sounds just like brooke and audrey

  75. JoeyyLundin

    3 dislikes?!

  76. Jerry Anderson

    I am a brazilian catholic and i am so glad to know that there is a catholic singer as Audrey Assad singing to Jesus. I Would like to see her singing here in my country some day. Jesus bless all you.

  77. MrHandsomeboynow

    Whoa nice! Totally expected an Isley brothers song but everything went better than expected. Go Jesus I guess.

  78. Ivery Singletary

    She has such a beautiful voice!!

  79. Aphoresis


    Well their voices aren't the same, but their both Folk style voices, that's what you're probably hearing.

  80. SunnyJay

    this girl is awesome! GOD BLESS HER :)

  81. Abigail Koorey

    she sounds so good live!

  82. Hannah Smith

    Is there a way I can download this version? So much better than the one on the album !

  83. Mayito Ruiz

    @jhonnybrick parecida pero diferente

  84. Nikko Norman Izar

    her skills in playing alone can speak.

  85. Mike Reylow

    Audrey and Brooke Fraser got the same voice... :D Like if you agree. :))

  86. musicalala

    Wow spectacular vocal ability and expression!Came looking to hear Isley Bros. cover but was knocked on my butt by your voice!


    I'm so glad to be a God's Daughter, Thank you Father.

  88. noonkakenji mand

    simply Awesome!! Praise The Lord indeed a beautiful song ^^ Tnx Audrey

  89. Donovan Hardee

    Very Beautiful performance!! This blesses me much!

  90. kayris19

    you could really see her heart in this song very beautiful song

  91. Paul Brewster

    Beautiful song!

  92. yimar007

    @absurdlyawesome there is an itunes live ep that she recorded and it's amazing!! :)

  93. yimar007

    I love her voice, her lyrics... she is amazing!

  94. Daniel Guerrero

    Dios los bendiga y sigan adelante para la gloria de el

  95. disneydork06

    Love to see locals do so well

  96. feetchermancj

    How are you supposed to describe that voice!?

  97. Shane Mincer

    I agree. She is blessed and hope that God uses her in a big way.

  98. Brance1011

    Saw her in concert last night. What an amazing person <3

  99. ThePlaceboEffect

    My mom met her about two weeks ago, shes an amazingly nice person, shes not like any other singers just in it for the money. she doing it for God, giving back the voice her gave her:) shes beautiful in every way.