Audrey Assad - Blessed Are The Ones Lyrics

We're tossing pennies in the well, empty pockets all turned out.
Happy shining blessed are the ones who hunger.
When our poverty is plain, I'll try to burn it in my brain.
Trace a line around your face to paint a picture.

So further up and further in we have nowhere else to go.
As we plant the seeds of toil and tears, it's beauty we will sow.
Blessed are the ones, Oh blessed are the ones.
Blessed are the hungry ones.

Let's build a house with turned out doors, so we can share what love affords.
Pour ourselves out like a wine that we've been saving.
So, when our well is running dry, and when we raise our glasses high
happy,shining are the faces of the thirsty.

So further up and further in we have nowhere else to go.
But you give us seeds of toil and tears, it's beauty we will sow.
and blessed are the ones, Oh, blessed are the ones.
Blessed are the thirsty ones.

Love is all, love is all,love is all, yeah, love is all, love is all we need.

So further up and further in we have no place else to go.
And when all we have is what we need, its joy that we will sow.
Blessed are the ones, Oh, blessed are the ones,
Blessed are the hungry ones. We are blessed, yeah.

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Audrey Assad Blessed Are The Ones Comments
  1. Maika Tupua

    Thanks Audrey ...i thank you for sharing your beautiful voice. I was about to go for free dive and my friend had it on bluetooth speakers from youtube. It haunted my dive in a good way😁


    gracias! merci! thank you! grazzie!

  3. River Dawn

    The voice of an angel.

  4. Scoop Ski

    thanks for this SONG

  5. RJ Acosta

    God bless you abundantly sister Audrey, bless your Family, your Ministry.

  6. Harmonica Mike Merrill

    Beautiful song

  7. Mike Merrill

    This is a beautiful song, I'm a Catholic and I play harmonica and sing. I've always wanted to start or be in a band to share my Catholic faith. Love your music.

  8. Matheus Nascimento

    ohh God, I love your songs. Send hello to Brazil

  9. Truthfullparadox

    This woman got massive amounts of talent. Boyakasha...respect! And I bet you all that she would be equally talented no matter of what interpretation of God or the laws of God that she chooses to believe in. I think perhaps music is like the way God is, an infinite amount of interpretations and manifestations.

  10. tutecaum


  11. Felicia Moniq

    "and provide for those who grieve in Zion-- to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor." God's great reversal.

  12. John Zhang


    Bruno Vellarte


  13. Anton Davies

    amen blessed are the ones...great music and not to hard to understand.

  14. Cinthia Isabel Benaducci Angeles


  15. Trea Nicholas

    I thank God for Audrey Assad. Very impressive! May God continue blessing her. Can't spend a day without listening to her Music

  16. Neftalí Méndez

    Hermosa voz, alabanza, música con tanto arte y sobre todo espiritualidad. Felicidades que Dios los bendiga!

  17. Daenerys Targaryen

    I absolutely love the Narnian refer eve in the chorus - "Further up and further in!" - thank you so much for conveying a taste of the unbounded joy and bursting love that we hope to experience in heaven!

  18. Ileana Campo

    I´ll try to find de lyrics ! hope in google

  19. Shayne Swenson

    Beauty:The ultimate proof of God's existence and goodness.

    Anton Davies

    right you are arch bishop :)

  20. Mindy M

    The blessings of a talented musical artist for Jesus Christ.  Enjoy some music that is easy on the ears.

  21. Mario Vega

    Not a Christian music person, but I am a huge fan of Ms. Assad.  Such a talented songwriter and player.  Such a beautiful voice.

  22. kimmy waldron

    really love this song

  23. Crespo IT Solutions

    Can't stop listening to this song. Love it!

  24. Michael Gearheart 
    Narnia Reference!!

  25. Fidel V.

    20 people don't know what an angel sounds like. 

  26. Brian Tucker

    This is my favorite songs of yours Audrey. I love the beat, the bridge is so great, and the lyrics are so wonderful!

  27. Erin Ruman


  28. 87nicoh

    I cannot begin to describe how glad I am for googling "catholic musicians." Thank you, Audrey.


    I'm a musician and I feel humilliated by your compelling voice.

    alex fotu

    87nicoh yes indeed

  29. Allana Gomes

    You are a God girl!!!

  30. Cheryl T-Sun

    "Farther up and further in!"

  31. Ray CHEN

    wow~!  so nice voice

  32. hotelier id

    You are a blessing, Audrey.

  33. joel douglass

    Audrey Assad<3

  34. Myrtle Quir

    dang... I thank God for you :)

  35. Eloy Anderson

    Gente!!! Lindo demais isso aeh!! coisa do Deus Pai!!

  36. Camila Lara


  37. BroinChrist

    All my brothers and sisters everywhere, I love you and am praying for all of you. see you in the millennium. AMEN 

  38. Christian Music Playlists

    This was impressive on recording, seeing it live, it is almost hard to believe the talent she is blessed with. She literally makes it look easy. All glory to God.

    conner moore

    Yall done praising and worshipping your fleshy idols? Lol....smh. Repent in the name of Jesus Christ!!!

  39. Kim Ji Hoon

    I just heard her sing in live. I fell in love with her. ;)

  40. Quinton Blue

    I like the restrained sidemen's play, too. They leave her up front where she belongs. I like her best with the small combos and versions with the voice and piano alone. She's an artist, doesn't need heavy orchestration.

  41. Giovanna Falcao

    THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONNNNNNNG ! i love it sosososos much ! <3 

  42. Shea Wilson

    I can't say anything else but her voice melts me... like Maurice Mataban said in the comments below. Her voice gives me the most joy to listen to.

    Shea Wilson

    And also, she has traces of Celine Dion's voice.

  43. Juliano Batista

    Maravilhosa canção!!!

  44. Maurice Mataban

    Her voice melts me. Can't get enough. :)

  45. Vivian Wolf


  46. José Roberto Zorato

    LOVE this!

  47. Bruna Luna

    Linda música!

  48. Mark Chavez

    Her voice is so nice!

  49. Sandré Amorim

    Lindas canções Parabéns

  50. carlos henrique

    Canta D+++ muito linda as suas canções ♥

  51. cwhang

    LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH, it's such a blessing!
    Wish I could find the chords though :( wah.

  52. Melissa Effler

    She has a Dove's voice.

  53. Anthony Reyes

    Aren't we so in sync with P Francis with this lovely song?

  54. Jackie Minton

    That's it! First song I've ever heard of hers & I am soooo buying the whole album!

  55. rockyrockandroll

    2:35-2:45 AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  56. Caelem517

    Further up and further in!

  57. Linda Carbajal

    I love her voice

  58. Karen Drab

    this song is well as her voice is awesome..Loving it

  59. Ximena C

    I do love your music <3 thanks for what you've done. God bless you!

  60. musicmintPatti

    her style is unique i like it

  61. Amsal Polla

    i love your sounds.. And your voice is a clear as a fountain..

  62. Daniel Víquez

    Demasiado buennaaaaa!!!!! Me encanta!!!!

  63. iwillkillgaia

    She's so pretty and has a beautiful voice, but I'm gonna go listen to some Deicide...

  64. lightspanish

    She sounds like the singer of The Sundays.

  65. Tiago Silva ABREU


  66. Elias Omale

    This is Awesome!

  67. marcheline717

    Audrey, you are so so so so talented! :)
    I'm your follower on Facebook, so I was so excited when you announced that you are working on new, free worship album. Praying for this project! <3

  68. Jane

    Her voice is amazing!

  69. broceratops1337

    she played at my Church yesterday and i was so sad i didn't hear about it :< :<

  70. David Green

    You have an amazing voice!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love that song!!!!!
    [email protected]

  71. roxanneisaac

    Beautiful! Do you sing any sort of middle eastern christian music too? As an Orthodox Christian I'd love to hear anything you have of that sort also! :)

    Keep up the great work. Your voice is amazing!

  72. infallibleghost

    Matthew chapter 5 verse 6

    Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

  73. M Nye

    her voice has a fabulous clarity which is SO beautiful!!! I cant believe how incredible this is. :)

  74. Nestor Gonzalez


  75. Jerry Anderson

    I'd like to see Audrey assad in Brazil someday. we catholics need to know her musics. God bless everybody. Jesus loves you!

  76. Priscila Vieira

    Seu talento é divino, você é especial. não consigo parar de ouvi-la.

  77. Allan Lopes dos Santos

    Is she going to WYD? :)

  78. David Cathers

    I love this girl. I'm an Evangelical Christian. She was raised Protestant, but converted to Catholicism, and she breaks the denomination factor down. We're ALL God's children, whether some minor details aren't the same. Christ has given her a gift and she's using it. Love you Audrey!! :)

  79. Elizabeth Marie

    Got to see her live at FUS :) She is truly talented

  80. Sirweah Music

    Just listened for two second and already I'm love

  81. caribee60

    Hi Audrey, The wisdom and understanding in your lyrics shine so brightly. You surely please our Heavenly Father immensley! Thank you with all my heart for sharing yours :]

  82. Guilherme Paulino Gonçalves

    Who creates her intrumentals?

  83. playtolive Cromley

    I'd like this song to never end....beautiful!

  84. Geoff Smith


  85. Guilherme Paulino Gonçalves

    What a nice voice she has! I liked both CD of hers...

  86. João Victor

    9 people definitely missed the like button . Coz' it's impossible don't like this .

  87. alex443x

    You kinda look like Tina Fey. But back to topic you music is awesome! Love it! New fan. And I think you are pretty.

  88. Jessica Stohr

    You're right, they do look similar!

  89. Hellen Hrishka

    God bless you all

  90. Lois Orekoya

    She's no Tina Fey!

  91. Williams Diego

    Deus te abençoe Audrey, uma serva do Senhor.

  92. Leopoldo Valencia

    beautiful song.. all of you .."God bless you all"

  93. Wtraille

    Amen sister !!!!!!praise the Lord !!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Georgiana Laiz Smyth

    Became a fan just found out about you Audrey, amazing new gospel sound..I loved the world needed that..God Bless you..

  95. Renata Saraiva

    Her voice sound like Sara Bareiles...;) She even looks a little like her too!!! Regardless, absolutely beautiful voice!!!