Audrey Assad - Be Thou My Vision Lyrics

Be Thou my Vision, O Lord of my heart;
Naught be all else to me, save that Thou art;
Thou my best Thought, by day or by night,
Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my light.

Be Thou my Wisdom, and Thou my true Word;
I ever with Thee and Thou with me, Lord;
Thou my great Father, I Thy true son;
Thou in me dwelling, and I with Thee one.

Riches I heed not, nor man’s empty praise,
Thou mine Inheritance, now and always:
Thou and Thou only, first in my heart,
High King of Heaven, my Treasure Thou art.

High King of Heaven, my victory won,
May I reach Heaven’s joys, O bright Heav’n’s Sun!
Heart of my own heart, whate’er befall,
Still be my Vision, O Ruler of all.

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Audrey Assad Be Thou My Vision Comments
  1. A Smith


  2. Noelson Chery

    My heart melts not only before the beauty of the melody and the meaning of the lyrics, but also before the awe inspiring voice that sings it.
    Jesus is worthy of it all. Glory to God!

  3. Paul Arora

    Let it be All about You today and until my last breath...

  4. Blessed Mother

    Best version, ever.

  5. Eli G

    Lead trough paths of good and not evil. be thou my vision for the rest of my journey

  6. Peridotpearl

    No words can convey the effect this beautiful song has on my heart.

  7. B60 Delta Wing

    Do this without the autotune Audrey.

  8. Susan Moran

    This should be Ireland's national anthem. Not soldiers song which is violent and boring. Ireland is called the land of the he saints. It should have a anthem worthy of that title.

  9. The adventures of Frances

    You should check out her channel the adventures of Frances it’s awesome you don’t want to miss it Wednesdays and Friday on YouTube 😊💯🔔📸🌎👍

  10. Victor Lutes

    Asbury Theological Seminary ,, Wilmore, Kentucky , Estes Chapel. PREACH THE GOSPEL,,

  11. Y Erasmus

    Wow! And without adds (monetising)! Thank you.

  12. Why is watermelon so delicious

    So beautiful

  13. Wendy Wilson

    Woah...just stumbled upon this. 1st time hearing it, immediately shared it with my sister.

    tears!...captivated the Holy Ghost within grabbing ahold of my soul putting it in alignment with God’s Spirit to manifest in a whole new way! O Hallelujah Lord Jesus😭
    All glory and honor and power and blessings to You, mighty One of Israel!!

  14. kuta bacha

    still be my vision.. yes

  15. Jim Whittington

    So utterly beautiful......thank you! 😀

  16. Donnie Sellers


  17. Donnie Sellers

    Praise God! My Presence shall go with thee and I will give thee rest!

  18. Remsiama Siama

    This song has been inspiring my soul

  19. Moses Loh is the most quiet version I have heard so far. Who a agrees,like this comment.

  20. sandy shore

    Wow...what a voice...such an inspiration to listen to your singing...its all about the worship and praise...thank you for being one of the few who sing for the Lord...not for their own accolades...God bless you and those who listen...

  21. Vidya Kendal

    My spirit was singing as I listened to this great hymn.

  22. Play DeList

    Auto-tune at :31 ???

  23. Life In Addis

    imposible to dislike this song

  24. Zion Warden

    Very good dude!

  25. jenny mccullough

    I love you Jesus my Vision

  26. Make Me Over WEC

    So beautiful

  27. Jacob Robbins

    I don't know where this was filmed, but it reminds me of the Cumberland Plateau region of East Tennessee. Beautiful setting and music!

  28. Gacha Angell

    Aww so cute my teacher Sandra French is gonna sing this at a wedding

  29. Oriana Salas

    Sé tú mi visión, Señor de mi corazón;
    Nada es todo para mí, salvo que tú eres ...
    Eres mi mejor pensamiento, de día o de noche;
    Despertándose o durmiendo, tu presencia es mi luz.
    Sé tú mi sabiduría, y tú mi verdadera palabra;
    Yo siempre contigo y tú conmigo, Señor.
    Tú mi gran padre; tuyo sea yo,
    Tú moras en mí y yo uno contigo.
    Las riquezas que no presto atención, ni las vanas alabanzas vacías
    Tú eres mi herencia, ahora y siempre;
    Tú y tú solo primero en mi corazón,
    Alto Rey del cielo, mi tesoro eres tú.
    Alto Rey del cielo, mi victoria ganó,
    ¡Que llegue a las alegrías del cielo, oh brillante sol del cielo!
    Corazón de mi propio corazón, lo que sea que suceda,
    Sigue siendo mi visión, oh gobernante de todos.

  30. Haoteng Tan

    Father, glorify me through your Spirit, thy Spirit is truth.

  31. Susan Moran

    We used to sing this at school. It's a popular song in Irish schools. Although your not Irish Audrey, you sing it beautifully.

  32. Fredric

    The music was rythmic enough to keep me glued and feel the LORD ♥️ Thank you 🙏

  33. Patti Messenger

    This is such a beautiful version of a beautiful song of worship!

  34. Zion Warden

    This was in the new "Pilgrims progress. My mom loved the movie

  35. Beth Gangte

    Praise the Lord Amen ❤❤❤

  36. Kelly Carrillo

    BEAUTIFUL VOICE!!! Greetings from Venezuela. God bless you!

  37. Emily Nicklas

    Does anyone know what key this is in?

  38. Rebecca Lurie

    Beautiful song

  39. Joy Campos Villanueva

    Beautiful ! ❤️❤️❤️

  40. Mayqueen Lamin gassah

    Overwhelmed with God's grace to have such a great voice. Keep it up n God bless....🙏 Thank you for this song

  41. X.A

    I came across this a couple of days ago via a fellow Christian friends playlist. I listened to it a couple of times and felt somehow there was something missing.. I went in search and came to realise that there was in fact something missing from this piece. An entire and important verse.

    "Be Thou my battle Shield, Sword for the fight;

    Be Thou my Dignity, Thou my Delight;

    Thou my soul’s Shelter, Thou my high Tow’r:

    Raise Thou me heav’nward, O Pow’r of my pow’r."

    Is the singer able to explain at all, why this powerful verse is actually missing? 🙏🏻

  42. Moacir Portera

    Deveria ser um hino universal.

  43. Rizelle Jane Anthony

    last week, I commented that I've been listening to this song for a week already, for atleast 20 times,
    well now im still here listening to this. I told yall ill never get tired of listening to this song. It holds something sooo powerful behind the lyrics. May God Bless everyone, have a great day ahead.

    edit: click on 'sort by' in the comments, then click newest first. It'll show it :)

  44. Rizelle Jane Anthony

    this is the 20th time ill be listening to this on this week. And i will never get tired of listening to this.

  45. lake5pilot

    After almost 1500 years, this song's lyrics are still powerful today!

  46. James Davis

    Love this. Sharing to my Faith and Values page on Facebook.

  47. KJ Santa

    Just going to echo what many others have already said. One of the most beautiful hymns I have ever heard and Audrey Assad's rendition is wonderful. Very blessed every time I hear this. Oahu, Hawaii

  48. nando mio

    Tuhan Yesus Memberkati

  49. Nova Intan

    Life hymns

  50. Nancy King

    Yes, He is the Ruler of all.

  51. Elizabeth Bell

    Every lyric is incredible

  52. Thu truth

    My husband with dementia senses the anointing in this song and requested to listen in loop, then rested in the presence of the Lord for sometime. Such a blessing. Thank you and thank you Lord Jesus.

    Nancy King

    Thu truth Peace, love, and blessings to you and your husband.

  53. Sara Siesto

    My husband's favorite hymn, we used it for our wedding!

  54. Tom thx

    She is a wolf in sheeps clothing.


    Why do you say that?

  55. Michelle Mailloux

    Heavenly....beautiful angelic voice. Blessed be God; Blessed be His Holy Name!!

  56. Kathy Everetts

    Love this song 😊

  57. Gabor Hardy

    A song that transcends religion and church -- a prayer of soul to spirit

  58. Eddy's Rocking world


  59. Sarah Sophia

    high King of heaven my treasure thou art <3

  60. Your Cell Phone

    "Thou my great father, I thy true son". This is a woman singing...

    The words are as empty as can be.

  61. Donna uu Tambun

    Your sound is like my friend

  62. rob mack

    Let me preach without words but by my example. Mother Teresa

  63. N7 Offtank

    YouTube did not disappoint me for recommanding your video to me. Beautiful voice, gorgeous scenery, this video is just surreal! Raise your voice, and praise God!

  64. Praise YAHUSHUA for this song

  65. Diana de Avila

    Beautiful rendition of a favorite of mine. I love your lilting vocals .... so pretty.

  66. David Pottinger

    Hallelujah that's a sweetest song yes amen that was goood song!!!!!🙏👍💖☺😉🙏👏👏💖

  67. Putri Ango

    God bless you,Audrey☺

  68. Tyler Barbour

    You are heavenly!

  69. Jason Moorison Jr

    Listening again and again no end time for me such a beautiful song. Really the song draws my 💓

  70. Hilary Fianu

    I really love her voice

  71. RSVT gunawan

    Holy song. Awesome voice . Praise the Lord

  72. ???

    I love this hymn! Its my favourite. Your voice is amazing! He has blessed you with so much talent 😊

  73. keddie empleo

    This is one of my favorite hymns and you sang it beautifully. Totally a God-given gift and it is just right to sing and give praise to the One who gave us this special gift. Thank you for sharing your gift and mostly to our Heavenly Father on High.

  74. Jeanie Roberson

    Thank you for posting this beautiful version of this song.

  75. Evangeline Santa Rosemond

    Will you do "before the throne of God above". I love your composition and your music

  76. s k

    굿입니다. 배경화면은 어느나라인가요?

  77. Ludka357

    What key/ chord progression is this?

  78. andy raeside

    Wonderful wonderful hymn, just beautiful.

  79. Nancy Lawrence

    What a voice, what an arrangement, what a beautiful tribute to the High King of Heaven, God has given His gift in the voice of this gifted singer. Loved this so much, so beautiful. Thank you!

  80. hibiscus4me

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful hymn with your amazing voice. God bless you all.

  81. Margaret Hess

    These words, translated by Eleanor Hull, are attributed to St. Patrick and are over 1,000 years old

  82. Kelsey B

    I love this song! Just made my own cover of it

  83. Mikachi Yamazaki

    I could listen to this for 999999 times

    B R

    Mikachi Yamazaki I found this just now. Wish i found it sooner.

  84. Ívia Júlia

    Sê Tu a minha visão, óh Senhor do meu coração
    Nada seja tão importante como Tu para mim, salvo Tu és
    Sejas Tu o meu mais elevado pensamento, de dia ou de noite
    Acordado ou enquanto durmo, seja a Tua Presença a minha Luz

    Sê Tu a minha sabedoria, e Tu a minha verdadeira Palavra
    Eu sempre Contigo e Tu comigo, Senhor
    Tu o meu grande Pai, e eu Teu verdadeiro filho
    Tu em mim habitando, e eu contigo um só

    Riquezas eu não atendia, nem louvor vazio do homem
    Tu és minha herança, agora e sempre
    Tu, e só Tu, em primeiro lugar no meu coração
    Altíssimo Rei do céu, o meu Tesouro és Tu

    Altíssimo Rei do céu, minha vitória já conquistada
    Que eu possa alcançar o gozo do céu
    Óh brilhante Sol!
    O mais importante de tudo Tu és, aconteça o que acontecer
    Sê a minha visão, óh Governador de tudo

    Hellem Fernandes

    Ui linda

  85. Robin Clarke


  86. Sylvia TAY

    Loving the lyrics. So true. So sacred. Keeping our eyes affixed on Him.

  87. Jeff Ostlind

    I’ve always listened to this on my phone, but today I bought the song on iTunes, and blasted it from my car speakers. Little did I realize there’s a freakin bass drop in the middle of the song. I don’t think my speakers will ever recover

  88. spaciousgalaqxy

    This is the most beautiful hymn ever written.

  89. Riding through Blvd

    Always chills when I hear this piece of art.

  90. TheYoung96er

    Wonderfully done, praise be to the Lord and may he bless you

  91. Vinod Jacob

    Great song, sung from heart, touching every ones heart!
    She is a great singer!

  92. Brooke Pieros

    This gave me chills. Amazing

  93. flaming frog

    Be thou 4 times be thou 4 times
    (All my NHS niggas know whats going on)

  94. Micayla Nanninga

    What key do you sing this song in?