Audioslave - Shadow On The Sun Lyrics

Once upon a time
I was of the mind
To lay your burden down
And leave you where you stood
And you believed I could
You'd seen it done before

I could read your thoughts
And tell you what you saw
And never say a word
But now all that is gone
Over with and done
Never to return

And I can tell you why people die alone
I can tell you I'm a shadow on the sun

Staring at the loss
Looking for the cause
And never really sure
Nothing but a hole
To live without a soul
And nothing to be learned

And I can tell you why people go insane
I can show you how you could do the same
I can tell you why the end will never come
I can tell you I'm a shadow on the sun

Shapes of every size
Move behind my eyes
Doors inside my head
Bolted from within

Every drop of flame
Lights a candle in
Memory of the one
Who lived inside my skin

And I can tell you why people go insane
I can show you how you could do the same
I can tell you why the end will never come
I can tell you I'm a shadow on the sun

Shadow on the sun
Shadow on the sun
Shadow on the sun
Shadow on the sun
Shadow on the sun
Shadow on the sun
Shadow on the sun
Shadow on the sun

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Audioslave Shadow On The Sun Comments
  1. Meister Pelzig

    2:58 Morello does a description of heaven on his guitar and it is to short 🥺

  2. LightningVolt127

    Does anybody else try to sound like Kris while listening to this song???

    Meister Pelzig

    Well while sobbing yes^^

  3. Jorvas25

    "Every drop of flame lights a candle in memory of the one who lived inside my skin." That one made me shed tears. Fuck. 😞

  4. Agustín

    Listen in 2020, Chris still singing

  5. Colby Solomon

    He literally is the shadow on the sun

  6. Colby Solomon

    Rest in peace to one of the greatest singers that ever existed #SoulPower

  7. The Hub

    what a great band

  8. Adam Blake

    2020 Anyone? I fucking love it.

  9. JM2 mm2

    breath taking !!! 2020

    Ashley & Donovan Bergman

    They don't make em like this anymore thats for damn sure!!

  10. Carlos Sibaja

    I really hate december

  11. Raf Creo

    World in Conflict played this in their NYC trailer.

  12. Dustin Lee F.

    2019 till infinity..

  13. Kimberly Belt

    Cornell love ya

  14. Gabriel

    Uma vez
    Eu costumava a querer aliviar sua dor
    Te deixar onde você estava
    E você acreditava que eu podia
    Você já viu acontecer antes

    Eu poderia ler seus pensamentos
    Te dizer o que você via
    E nunca te falar uma palavra
    Agora tudo isso se foi
    Terminou e sumiu
    Nunca para retornar

    Eu posso te dizer por que
    As pessoas morrem sozinhas
    Eu posso te dizer que eu sou
    Uma sombra no sol

    Encarando a perda
    Procurando pela causa
    E nunca tendo certeza
    Nada além do vazio
    Viver sem uma alma
    E nada para ser aprendido

    Eu posso te dizer porquê
    As pessoas ficam loucas
    E posso te dizer como você poderia fazer o mesmo
    Eu posso te contar porquê
    O fim nunca vai chegar
    Eu posso te dizer que eu sou
    Uma sombra no sol

    Formatos de todos os tamanhos
    Se movem atrás dos meus olhos
    Portas na minha cabeça
    Parafusadas por dentro
    Cada pingo de fogo
    Acende uma vela lá
    Memória da única
    Que vive por baixo da minha pele.

  15. OneThousandEyes

    My favorite song, I love Chris Cornell <3

  16. Christian Picardo

    Collateral by michael mann/tom cruise/jaime foxx brought me here

  17. H U


  18. MathiouH

    The bastard left way too soon...

  19. Shalini Pradhan

    One of the best song by Audioslave. ♥️

  20. Charles Shamseldin

    2.3k people with questionable musical tastes

  21. Naturalism and Philosophy

    A fire that casts a shadow....

  22. J Cotton

    As a recovering addict this hits the core

  23. Sergio La Rosa

    En 25 días el video cumple 10 años en YouTube

  24. Arrkane

    The bass is nasty is this song

  25. 110liveoak

    Fuck yes

  26. Michael Turner

    collateral brought me here

  27. Amarion Baker

    I like that song

  28. Zach Jansheski

    I miss. You. Chris. You. Get me through tough times. You got me off drugs. Your. Voice is so. Perfect and your gone wish I could've saved youi. Wish we all could've..

  29. Blackspot M.B

    I bought this album when it came out, it didnt leave my Walkman for weeks I just couldn't stop listening to it start to finish over and over again.

  30. Brandon T

    That second verse is pure bliss, magic and sadness all in one

  31. T. I. N Mateus

    It is absolutely hauntingly beautiful when he starts to tear his throat at 3:40

  32. Austin Starke

    RIP Chris <3

  33. Eric Cartman ™

    Who is listening to this in 2020? 😃

  34. b zanon

    What an amazing voice....

  35. nyblusaiyan

    I watched Collateral this morning. Now Im here 😎😎

  36. Daily goofer

    This entire album was the best thing to come out of the 2000’s

    james burke

    Next to me, yes 😂

  37. Appalachian American

    The NUMBER 1 MOST UNDERRATED band of all-time. Audioslave, primarily in most part thanks to Chris, is one of the greatest bands of All-time, but for some odd fucked up reason, they are rarely mentioned outside of their hardcore fans. Audioslave rivals any band you can think of. And I am a huge fan of many. I don't care if you're a heavy metal elitiest, thrash elitest, punk elitest, or whatever. Audioslave is as good if not better than Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Metallica, Megadeth, Black Label Society, Pantera, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Credence Clearwater Revival, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Aerosmith, Eagles, The Beatles, R.E.M, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Pusifer, etc, etc, etc.

    I don't care what genre you can throw in there. Audioslave rivals them. The vocals, lyrics, the melodies, the guitars, the drums, the solos, however you want to critique it Audioslave is almost as perfect of a musical band as you can get.

  38. vnexfash31

    I listen to this song for the one 'who lived inside my skin'. I lost him to one of the rarest types of blood cancer on July 16, 2016 which was a month after our daughter turned a year old. He had known since the previous November but kept it all to himself. No matter what those 6 years I had with him I will forever be grateful for. I loved him yesterday, I love him today but never as much as all my tomorrow's.... until I see you again, Christopher.


    my condolences

  39. Kevin Ogles

    Danielle, I will forever Love You!

  40. Ceyda Ertekin

    Miss ur magical voice:(

  41. Marty J

    The only music I enjoy as much as chris cornell is alice in chains 90s and 2000s brilliant music that touches the soul.

  42. Moisés Filho

    who is listening this in 2092?

  43. mappingネフェルダム

    2020 <3

  44. Jose Villanueva


  45. Nina Lucia Nabizadeh

    loved seeing this in collateral, jamie foxx rules!

  46. FaiqGamer

    Source music: World in Conflict New York Cinematic

  47. korben dallas

    Starting my Friday morning right, hauling down a country road illuminated by the rising sun. This bass line is hella good.

  48. Sergiu Fanica


  49. TannerSmith80

    chills 2019

  50. राहुल शर्मा

    Album cover is like a stoned fire .

  51. Luis Montes

    W O R L D I N C O N F L I C T

  52. growth without distruction

    song says so much.

  53. Charlie Peery

    The only way to go out is a dangle ill see Chris soon

    Charlie Peery

    Bye hell

  54. 1vox1 Arce

    This song is basically existentialism

  55. Manolis Tzagarakis

    The scene in Collateral where this song played was pure poetry.

    Micah Psalms

    Wait, this was in Collateral.

    Gilbert Valdez

    Micah Psalms... look everyone, a rare sighting of an internet troll trolling.
    Don’t make any sudden movements you’ll spook ‘em

    Jack Cook

    Omg yes.. great movie

    Jack Cook

    @Micah Psalms yes when there driving and coyote crosses the road


    I was enjoying Collateral simply because I did enjoy the movie.. but the scene was great and the song made it perfect

  56. Theresa M Kunkle

    Call when u get here !

  57. João Colaço

    Shapes of every size
    Move behind my eyes.
    Doors inside my head,
    Bolted from within.
    Every drop of flame
    Lights a candle in
    Memory of the one
    Who lived inside my skin...

  58. Eddie Crespo

    WOW this & like a stone. Look and read the lyrics deeper...hes talking about hell and the devil (satan). Not even gunna trip over people dissing me because i know its the truth. Subliminals in both those songs.

  59. wulverine Loegan

    Take away a mans home and ALL his saftey and you expect obedience????? Seriously ?!?

  60. Christopher Bingham

    This may be my favorite of all the Audioslave songs that weren't radio hits.

  61. Armando Bravo


  62. Lorna Henson

    Chris had the loneliest voice in the world. It just rips your soul out. RIP Chris.

  63. romain leclercq

    Cris ??? The highway !!!

  64. Celestine Escopete


  65. the real RORSCHACH Dotcom

    Forever Chris

  66. Stefan Tomasi

    Collateral brought me here

  67. matt Htowncoalition

    2019 just sitting remember the man Chris cornell such a great song and your voice touched my soul spirit lives forever 🔥🔥 🔥

  68. R Ander

    He might know now?

  69. Ruta Kinapiss

    The most talented 90s man in Rock... bar none.... rip Chris Cornell.

  70. Chris Vanderbeke

    wow at 5

  71. Megan Newberg

    Goosebumps every single time. Its beautiful and haunting, edgy and full of darkness. His lyrics are his truth, and the truth, its gotta count for something.
    Fly free, Chris Cornell! 💜

  72. mike palmer

    saw him in 1994....19 yrs old, in awe.

  73. Slim Pacino

    It kinda reminds me of one chorus for one last breath by creed

  74. Devin Harbert

    Rolling and crushing is fucking good shit.

  75. Dennis Stuckwish

    The ending is the best. Chris was showing us he Could do metal if he wanted to haha.

  76. Mr Chef TTV

    When I was young my mother commuted suicide and my 2nd dog just died today. He was my last connection as I feel this song. When my whole family was toghether this was the song we would listen too.i closed my eyes and saw my faintly again. I miss them so much

    Gabriel Curti

    The things will get better soon,just stay strong

    Mr. Chad




  78. Jenn D

    Solar eclipse totality. Townsend, Tennessee. This song at total darkness. Unforgettable.

    Father Freshness

    Sounds like magic

  79. isomur

    Ageless. In future this will be remembered.

  80. Patrick Lloyd

    You know, I could sing just like audioslave.. we could be just like soundgarden! ..oh know my past..Salem..witch..chemawa.. :D

  81. Ezequiel

    Muito TOP

  82. Extreme Yumnam

    Although I grew up listening to Soundgarden, Audioslave makes me the true me.
    RIP my best artist C Cornell 💔

  83. fat head

    how awesome is old mate on guitar

  84. Eileen Sianez

    Reminds me of my stay in Mississippi back in 2015.I discovered this album and loved every song!! Yeah,Audioslave defines Chris Cornell for me.He's cute too.

  85. chop

    “Staring at the loss,
    Looking for a cause
    And never really sure...”

    We miss you, Chris.

  86. H sock

    Shame we never will here anymore song from this band

  87. Kyle Spear

    Damn. Your voice gives me goosebumps.

  88. TMac66

    the haunting sound of chris

  89. A.I.R


  90. Dat boi again


  91. Christopher Parisot

    Collateral film tom cruise

  92. Roxdell M.V

    it sounded to the paper house at first 😂😂

  93. Michael Vapez

    Rip glenn thomas kyser, this year has been hard without you here brother. I miss you man i hope i see you again in another life, words can't express how i feel, a part of me died the day you left us

  94. Luca Ratm

    Hello, does anyone have any idea what line of the "REMO" brand Brad Wilk uses in his Snare? The sound is perfect..... Greetings from Argentina!

  95. Melvin the Mop Boy

    How can anyone listen to this junk. Reminds me of deftones. You’d have to be deaf to like those tones.

  96. Simon bolivar

    Collateral movie best scene.. Greetings from Morocco ♥