Audioslave - Revelations Lyrics

You know what to do, you know what I did
Since you know everything just clue me in
I am such a wreck, I am such a mess
I know what I know, why don't you fill in the rest?
I will bring you down, I will make it bad
While you're feelin' proud, why don't you help me?

Such a shame that I wouldn't know by now
Your revelations
Cut me in, I don't wanna live without
Your revelations, revelations

You know what to say, you know what I said
You know what I dream sleeping in my bed
You hold all the keys, you know all the roads
Why don't you guide me in, if I'm such a lost soul?
I'm spinnin' 'round, I will make you ill
Since I'm so broken down, why don't you fix me?

Such a shame that I wouldn't know by now (I wouldn't know by now)
Your revelations
Cut me in, I don't wanna live without (Don't wanna live without)
Your revelations

I am haunted when I am sleeping
Try to give without receiving
It's in the applebite (It's in the applebite)
It's in the days and nights (It's in the days and nights)
In the afterlife we'll reap

Such a shame that I wouldn't know by now (I wouldn't know by now)
Your revelations
Cut me in, I don't wanna live without (Don't wanna live without)
Your revelations
Such a shame, such a shame that I wouldn't know by now
Cut me in, I don't wanna live without (Don't wanna live without)
Your revelations

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Audioslave Revelations Comments
  1. Andreas Durst

    thx like in thank you

  2. Ana Regina sulimann lima évero ok lima

    Os caras são foda.beijos

  3. sujith edwin

    I don't want to believe that he is gone! He is here now...when we listen to him..

  4. León Benavidez Westergaard

    Y de la nada un comentario en español

  5. Vasti Altamirano

    So good

  6. Naturalism and Philosophy

    No-consciousness is a proverbial time machine, it is skipped over until consciousness resumes via a new organism born (somewhere in the universe) after you've died.

  7. K J

    Nobody does a guitar riff like Morello

  8. okolekahuna

    Love this song! Long remember Chris Cornell...

  9. Ivan Martinez

    Favorite AUDIOSLAVE song 💫👌🏼💯

  10. Ron Donn

    Madden 2008...thats how i got hip to this it...still to this day...

  11. tapatia74

    Brad Will looks better clean shaven in my opinion

  12. Stephen Lim

    "I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell" - Christopher Walken

    Pastorino Olivier

    Chris was awsome in all those bands and in solo. Both bands were 2 of my favourites bands of alltime. They had great names (and it's rare) with significant and simple meaning (thanks to Chris) and amazing songs that sounded like no one else. I would love your input on the first video of my first album. It got the attention of one of my heroes Joe Bouchard (ex bass player founding members of BÖC) who is following us on Soundcloud but returns from people who likes same music is always the best. If you have just 3 minutes to listen and a bit more to comment, that would mean the world to me. Keep rockin' : and new song

  13. MmentoMori

    Cornell, Bennington, and O'Riordan never died. They just became music.

    I hope you'll enjoy this last piece.

  14. Henro Manurung


  15. Angel Hope Morrisseau

    My Life 💔

  16. Adolfo Benicio

    Cris cronell Rip

  17. Dan Martin

    Best group ever

  18. Francesco Mazzi

    Tom is one of the most talented musician ever.

  19. beggersbanquet 5150

    Tom Morello played his best when he was with Chris Cornell

  20. Apache NeverAlone

    Rage reuniting in 2020. I cant wait ! AZ

  21. Luis Gore Gonzalez

    Love this song!

  22. MFL

    Still can't believe Cornell is no more. Anyone here in 2019?

    stephanie mccord

    I miss him everyday.

    César Barrantes

    He's inmortal.

    Srijan Mridha

    @César Barrantes true


    Yep. This song slaps and will continue to slap until the end of time. RIP Chris.


    Still here

  23. Erin James

    Still one of the BEST concerts i ever went to!! Miss Audioslave. RIP Chris.

  24. Laureen Perez

    No one sings like you anymore....!

  25. budirock original


  26. Bill Jones

    I love Tom Morello’s solo at 2:15. And I love every second of Chris Cornell’s vocals. RIP Chris and thanks.

  27. beggersbanquet 5150

    Not gay at all but he was one good looking man

  28. Den Koslov

    THank you guys for the awesome songs you make )

  29. Luke Clover

    One of Cornell's most underrated songs

  30. Vijay Daniel

    sensational stuff

  31. Andrio Purnawan I'freak

    Amazing song.....

  32. Esteban Montalvo

    Alguien de habla hispana que escuche este hermoso tema .

  33. Maciel Test

    Gostei desse clipe🤘

  34. Tesla

    I'm not gay but damn Chris was so hot

  35. Daniel Sandoval

    Madden 07 Gameboy Advance

  36. Rafix Zawisza Czarny

    Chris sings in
    angelic choir now. Angels know R`n`R at last.

  37. RecordnRtist

    Prophet music.

  38. Ágnes Temesi

    R. I. P Chris 😔😥

  39. joe Domjan

    Always thought of Chris as a modern Ian Gillian. It’s a shame we lost him.



  41. Scott Alan

    fuckiing supergroup. this makes the chili peppers sound like a garage band. sorry.morello´s solo try and copy it.chris cornell takes my breath away.Brad Wilk is sick!1 Who plays like that. not cbhad smith. he does not have the precision.

  42. Remote Controlled

    Chris Cornell used his craft to spread a message and now I suspect he's gone on ahead to get the camp fires lit for our comfort. Good souls come in all kinds of packaging.

  43. Celinei Kraft Cuppi

    CHRIS ❤️ ETERNO ❤️

  44. Dan Levy

    A decade later and still loving it!

  45. Ernie Velveeta

    Goddamn, he had such an amazing voice.

    Rest in Peace, Chris Cornell.

  46. Daniel Romero

    sounds a lot like Avenged Sevenfold (or they as this song...)

  47. Bill Harms

    I miss Chris.

  48. José Eleazar Arenas Ramírez

    i miss you so much brother, you will always be my hero, this place isnt the same anymore

  49. TheKaffeeKlatsch

    Miss this dude.

  50. Jackie Masci

    Such a beautiful person!

  51. 4what2fish

    Best part of this song at 2:15, love this riff. RIP Chris Cornell

  52. Stephen Meagher

    I am an Audio Slave, at the Altar of Sacrificial Lambs.....Long Live Chris Cornell

  53. #Nelson Soares#

    Às 08:49h
    Rio de Janeiro 🇧🇷
    Obs: Eu precisava vir aqui alimentar e fortalecer meus neurônios ouvindo esse clássico inesquecível do mundo do rock 🎸.

  54. EL MANUELAS . bo

    Soy el único latino 😂

  55. nardo sin presupuesto

    Temazoooo, despues de be yourself y like stone
    La mejor cancion de audioslave sin dudas

  56. Mark Sherrill

    I am such wreck,i am such a mess

  57. Magikarplord93

    Best Chris Cornell song ever R.I.P.

  58. Garrett Horsch

    It saddens me that I cannot find a video of them playing this live. Impossible to get it now. RIP Chris Cornell.

  59. fins fan13

    Damn I just had to listen to some Audioslave! Such a shame that Chris is gone. One of the best vocalists ever! Chris you may be gone but you will forever live on through your music! R.I.P. to a great singer,songwriter, performer,human being and I'm sure a great family man!

  60. Jolly_ Rancher

    Rip 😖

  61. Daniel Perkins

    Greatest rock singer of my life time...maybe Chris

  62. Heclay Materan

    Loved it 💕

  63. Cindy Cassell Gilbert

    Ya just gotta love when this shows up in your feed again and its 2019!!!

  64. Bart Jardine

    officially now my fave Canadian Band, had not heard the newer albums until recently. Its different but it's the same, It's Big Sugar!

  65. 5ped 0f s0und

    Ah christ 2:38 makes me feel like nothing happened after a hard day

  66. Trucker TYME2007


  67. Matthew Taylor

    As much as I love this song and album, Audioslave’s first album is hands down the greatest album ever created. That album is the main reason why Audioslave is my favorite band by far.

  68. Jair Canada

    As much as this band was Chris we need to pay respect to the riff man , Tom Morello .

  69. Anas Tahir

    when I listened to this song for the first time I was like ' Whaaat thee fuccc?? How can someone produce this kind of music? how is this even possible?"

  70. BigMichael78

    Nice one! The second-best "Revelations" after Iron Maiden's!

  71. Martín Montarcé

    An ass kicking song and a cry for help

  72. Gucci Anthony

    Guitar solo makes me tear up it's so beautiful miss you chris

  73. bicho lol

    the legend never die 🙌

  74. Haryono 86

    Wait for revelation...

  75. Hidden Temple

    Anyone from 2019?!

  76. Ralf Medes

    This kind of Song is so wonderfull 🤘😎

  77. Bunny Matiasevich

    Stop trying to martyr us. Or turn our shit into your on religious agenda

  78. Bunny Matiasevich

    How did that last super pan out?

    Bunny Matiasevich

    @WarhawkWarpath serve better food and free booze then

    Bunny Matiasevich

    @WarhawkWarpath fuck some party .... what about the dope? What kind of last super is that malarkey

  79. Bunny Matiasevich

    I bet you all enjoyed putting jesus on the cross.

  80. Ignacio De Los Ríos

    great riff!!

  81. clit crusader

    Rip tho

  82. Mary Soundgarden

    2 anni dalla tua morte Chris, ma sei sempre nei nostri cuori.we love you Chris Cornell.

  83. Hernan Ramirez

    Que banda por dios! Tenia la ilusion de que vuelvan...sos grande CORNELL!!

  84. Fredrx Caligula

    Ese cornell es estupido y sin gracia, que bueno que se murió

  85. Thaís Braga


  86. insertaunnombreaqui

    it needs more cowbell

  87. Josh

    That section from 2:38 to 3:18 is so beautiful, and the way Cornell stretches that last note. RIP Chris 🤘😔

  88. Lachlan Mackinnon

    F*cking hell, forgot how good this song is. Used to to go mental to this song when I was going out. What a tune in 2019!👍

    Karol dw

    callate estupido

  89. Alberto P

    Cornell, why?

    Karol dw

    tu vieja

  90. Faris Kasim

    The music of Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine gave me strength to go through teenage angst and tribulations of a young-adult. I was truly obsessed with the music of the super group 'Audioslave' and still continuously listen to them. It's 2019 and their music is still strong!
    And I still can't believe that Chris is actually gone, R.I.P the voice of a generation!

  91. Daniel Edwards

    2yrs already 2019 what a shame n a great loss . Rock.In.Peace.

  92. Nemesis 23

    "It's in the apple bite, it's in the days and nights, in the afterlife we'll meet" I hope to see you soon Chris, but not too soon I still got a lot of work to do here.

  93. Jackie Masci

    One of my favorite Audioslave songs!!!

  94. Diane Fiddler

    Damn that drummer is awesome on The sticks. Love his arms and long hair...foxy 🥰😛