Audioslave - I Am The Highway Lyrics

Pearls and swine bereft of me.
Long and weary my road has been.
I was lost in the cities, alone in the hills.
No sorrow or pity for leaving, I feel, yeah.

I am not your rolling wheels – I am the highway.
I am not your carpet ride – I am the sky.

Friends and liars don't wait for me,
'Cause I'll get on all by myself.
I put millions of miles under my heels;
And still too close to you, I feel, yeah.

I am not your rolling wheels – I am the highway.
I am not your carpet ride – I am the sky.

I am not your blowing wind – I am the lightning.
I am not your autumn moon – I am the night… the night.

I am not your rolling wheels – I am the highway.
I am not your carpet ride – I am the sky.

I am not your blowing wind – I am the lightning.
I am not your autumn moon – I am the night... the night.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

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Audioslave I Am The Highway Comments
  1. Jeffrey Schmoldt

    Rip Chris. You will always live forever in your music you made. Peace and light

  2. Safely Anonymous

    this is a song about being taken for granted by his wife. This often happens and result in a steady drip of not being appreciated for the man resulting in regret of marriage and building a family.

  3. Patrick Carter

    E , congratulations on grabbing your life by the horns and living your dreams , I'm sure your parent's as well as family and friends are so proud

  4. Brenda D

    I like the song but not with this people 😑😩🙄who are they

  5. Cody Gurkin

    Slow it down to .x75 👌👌👌

  6. Uncle Elmer

    1:12 is Biggs Oregon. Highway 97 and I84 jct. Trucked thru there many times. Always worn out and weary from the road there. Most likely you came a long way from somewhere if you're there. Not many folks live there. All the best to you in Yakima. Been there too many times. Indian country. Nice town.

  7. Luke Frith

    Song reminds me of a connection mad3 years ago, left to be unmatched years ago

  8. Les Deffner

    *_There's no way of knowing, but I'd like to believe that Chris saw this video before his passing.... and smiled. If but for even just a moment._*

  9. Spider Monkey

    Prayers and condolences RIP

  10. Carlos Rodrigues

    Gorgeous baby

  11. coffee

    Thank you Chris, back in the 90's working hard and feeling lost in a music industry that just chewed you up and spat you out your music was a beacon to a young musician and sound tech... I got there in the end and had the honor of working as a tech on a couple of your shows..... Say hello to heaven man, we all got to reach down and pick the crowed up.

  12. Rees Barnes

    This song makes me cry. It resonates on another level.

  13. MysticDreamer

    i am not your rolling whelllllll

  14. Keith Harris

    I'll get alone all by myself,I am the highway.

  15. George Tsikoudis

    id like to know how there are actually 6.4k ppl in the world who dont like this song. what do hell do u listen to?

    Taga Way

    I guess they didn't like the photos.

    Color Me Dead

    Satanist listen to something else

    Color Me Dead

    They listen to satinist songs

  16. James Pinchbeck

    The WORDS says it all...

  17. Jesus Benitez

    Voice recognacinement fali cruz they dont want people know truth

  18. cindy g

    when this song came out~  the dj on the radio said ... oh my god ..this man has the best voice .. ever !!!    I love this song so much !!! RIP  Chris Cornell     : (    very sad

  19. Patrick Bishop

    R.I.P. CHRIS 🍻

  20. Liquid Asylum

    2020 bitch fuck the world

  21. Jason Stanley

    the same people that killed epstien killed him. no bullshit. do your homework pussies

  22. 90sKidDCN

    2020 anyone ?

  23. Maria hashi de taubaté

    Eterno anjo 💔

  24. Jim Pegg

    Love the family theme cris would to love life

  25. Katrina Segura

    Messes around with traffic lights and the antennas for thee nights forgive me please leave me alone say something I like the tent but sorry it's too damn late to say sorry I have to go now over the letters of the stats over the John Deere Greene county me out baby I'm lying of to take the night off let's be friends again please baby go to the curvey slide take care of the sinners side off the wall clock tokens and for the tax that ass mmmmmmm 💋

  26. Ted Spoltore

    Watching this is and all I do is work 6 days a week for what???

  27. Johnny Raymond

    roy sandi and jessie u found peace at last..I miss u guys! I miss those days!

  28. Katrina Segura

    I'm lost, I can't find my wayé back... Wayne's World wtf, don't blame me for this, WTF, it's how it happens but never did I need you, Asics... Tower Heights, don't blame me bottle of whiskey, still left on the table and a few beers. Seven thirty I'm leaving, fuk it forget it, I'm not here she's not home.. IDK where when and why she left, she never came back last night hopefully this morning she will gestures plain open field just for herself, yes, open gun range similar target shooting for the annual meeting off leaving the boys and going back to High Country Chevrolet sedan airtight main squeeze, lifted forty four more tires wide as Sweeny Todd enters the room, late night but no answer, she's not here... Ok, let's go 181010109

  29. Luciano Nunes

    Muito top

  30. D L

    Wtf is this video lmao....

    Alexandra La Bombard

    D L Don't be a dick...
    It goes with the video..
    you dumb ass...
    get out of here....

  31. Annia Squires

    Wow what a voice R.I.P Gorgeous

  32. john baglio

    Great video ,,,,it started to hit me it wasn't an Audio Slave video halfway through, but I wanted to see the end,,,,,merry Christmas

  33. Alan Nardeis

    25 dezembro alguem Brasil??

    Anderlon Martins

    31 de dezembro Camarada rsrs

  34. joseph bretton

    I've was diagnosed depression and social anxiety at a very early age. Took a lot of medication for it. Music was the best medicine dealing with it. It seemed to me Chris Cornell was truly hurting inside you could tell by his lyrics. I could feel his pain. I tried to kill myself 6 years ago. Fortunately I did not succeed taking 80 Xanax 1 mg on top of drinking alcohol excessively. It was premeditated did not tell a soul. I'm eight and a half months clean and sober. Life is great. Chris Cornell will go down as one of the best musicians ever in my book. Hands down. Anybody that has suicidal thoughts PLEASE GET HELP there is a better way.

    Mama Christy MUA christy

    On 94 days now, fight the fight!

    Lisa Walker

    We all must go,period.

    bobby kotata

    he was murdered for threatening to expose pedos

  35. Ryan Hill

    I smoke hard core drugs on Christmas morning listening to this song. 2k19

    Ryan Hill

    @Mama Christy MUA christy facts 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️


    Define “hard core.”

    MiChAeL MaXweLL

    Heavy Duty💯

    Ryan Hill

    @TEE-nuh advil

  36. Word Typer

    At least 800 miles a week

  37. Gayla Chalumeau

    Don’t know how I got to this video but, I feel ya. Beautiful family.

  38. Starre Labell

    Great song, I didn't know it was Chris Cornell. No wonder I've always loved this.

  39. Cem Celen

    R.I.P. Dude

  40. Donnie Martin

    Music how a person sings a song can change a lot in a person's life it can relate so similar to someones life
    for the ones who live on the highway n always moving on be with you if you need someone jus message or call 814 624 9396

  41. silver baby majestic

    Never forgotten sgt Stubb's

  42. Marinalda Alves

    Eterno Cris Deus te conforte

  43. Trevor Walden

    Love this song! Even more sentimental now since I'm from the Northwest lol

  44. Marilee Woods

    Why???? Did they kill him????

  45. Marilee Woods

    RIP.prayers and condolences. Breaks my heart I liked him

  46. Jake Root

    It pulls on the heart chair for real... I find my self watching it over and over..

  47. Rixar13

    Irish Bunny - One of my all time and Forever Favorites.

  48. Nugroho noto Susanto

    Good song,am love audioslave from,santo Balikpapan Lucy Hale

  49. André Luiz Benedito

    Amo essa música!!

  50. Vivi Violet

    As I watched, I was filled with emotion of the clear, obvious love between this family, and because I never saw this video, I almost cried as turned my phone on its side, to read the description, hoping this wasnt about a loss, even tho the video was portrayed beautifully. ..and I was filled with relief as I read the description, just a upload for gratitude. You can see the unity of brotherhood and family in the eyes of the people in this video, and being somewhat empathic , I reacted strongly...😇 glad to know this upload is struggle rewarded by strong loving family...

  51. Scott Faudree

    This is the first vid I saw of this song. Really good. It makes sense. I appreciate what Chris Cornell did. What a man.

  52. Curtis Pruit

    Great song, shit video

  53. Joel Tucker

    Rest easy Chris Cornell.... frontman for some of the most influential bands of the last few decades

  54. Michael Walker

    No microphone

  55. Rods Js

    Fuckn song

  56. Stephen Mothe

    Still one of my favourite songs, can listen to this anyday, music to my soul.

  57. k spence

    Cuz aaalllll geettt oonnn? Aalll by mass self get it ?44 look like 20 try b me?

  58. k spence

    I might see it soon

  59. Marcio Monteiro

    Vai deixar saudades... já deixou...

  60. Harpskoe Harper

    Who ever made this video for a brother love to you all and RIP

  61. Abdel-ileh c.

    who needs an offiicial music video when this is in Youtube :) awesome

  62. 2324kevin

    Missing you truly this December. 2019

  63. ares0wept

    Fucking fuck, fuck, fuck, I wanna die. I miss my friends. This song hurts.

  64. greeenpro

    OP do you still live where you moved to in this video? How’s life?

  65. AdrianitaElena

    e31arenas What an amazing video! Thank you for making it and sharing it with all of us. I hope you and your family are well. 🙏❤

  66. Reaper 3891

    Awesome song. Hope your family are well. ✌🏻

  67. DrFruedienslipJr

    There is no freedom where there is no equality

  68. craig rupp

    i am the skyway

  69. edson daniel

    bela música

  70. Camacho J

    This dude did not commit suicide.rhats just my opinion

  71. Joshua brown


  72. kris aebi

    very cool...~respect

  73. Jesse LaRocco

    Addiction and depression is a motherfuker rest in peace Chris Cornell you are greatly missed

    ernst de waal

    It breaks me

  74. limptera13

    be glad you cant hear me singing aloud

  75. Will Kretz

    6.3k people need to lay in the highway.

  76. TJ phillips

    I love this video you made, it goes perfect with this song. Peace and Love to your family

  77. pat traverse

    Great song and thnx for posting a little piece of your journey through life.

  78. Ivan Martinez

    Who leaves California to Washington?

    Patrick Hydorn

    Obviously you've never been to Washington state. Fuck California.

  79. Filip Grkinic

    This video, although cute, has nothing to do with the song.

  80. jacob o'neal


  81. LJ Marzula

    I'm 45 still alive, smoking a joint of the purple kush chilling out watching the sunrise listening to this. I guess I finally found it. Peace.


    LJ Marzula and you’re sad.

    Bubba Smith

    True peace, is finding it within yourself, without chemicals!

    k spence

    Finally smart people!

    k spence

    Almost 45 still counting

  82. Timothy Gruber

    Love this family

  83. Chico Goodguys


  84. Marilee Woods

    Prayers and condolences RIP. He will be missed.

  85. jarret bonnett

    Thank you for sharing and adding the story. This song is my theme song and this video you made damn near brought me to tears.

  86. Lisa Money

    R.I.P.SWEET PRINCE!!!:-):-):-)

  87. Layla Komr

    Amazing voice/ Amazing Chris/ never forget you.

  88. Adam Mulvaney

    Fly high brother your venue now is forever the heavens. RIP

  89. Djamel Kerouaz

    Makes me cry for What i could have been

  90. DarthChris96

    Just found this gem, absolutely love this song now


    Enjoy this masterpiece

  91. Cindy Fairbrother

    Facts, are go look them up for yourself “. I did

  92. valhalla811

    Love this vídeo, fits with the song perfectly

  93. Marilee Woods

    What really happened to him?

  94. Marilee Woods

    Heavenly voice.

  95. Cool Skeleton 95

    What is the meaning of this song?


    It means something different to everyone. In generic terms, live your life against the sh8t stains of this world. Embrace God, turn away from wickedness.

  96. Mark Ingram

    Most definitely