Audioslave - Getaway Car Lyrics

The first time I saw you
You were chasing down
A cyclone
All alone in a field
With rail yards and clovers
I kept rolling on and never thought
You'd wind up chasing me

Well settle down I won't hesitate
To hit the highway
Before you lay me to waste
Settle up and I'll help you find
Something to drive
Before you drive me insane

You're tired of walking and you
Loathe the ground
The sidewalk will barely
Touch your feet and life moves
Too slowly to hold you down
With ringing hands
You take it out on me


So get yourself a car and drive it all alone
Get yourself a car and ride it on the wind

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Audioslave Getaway Car Comments
  1. biggus dickus

    why did you leave us chris

  2. Jorvas25


  3. Jorvas25

    Great song, for everything.

  4. Carlos Benavides

    Tema.culiao hermoso

  5. GBS Artworks

    This is my kinda of chill music

  6. richard audas

    I dont know why but I love listening to this song late night when I cant sleep.

  7. Blackout_0596

    And she drove me insane...

  8. Eddy Okka

    Could be 007 theme song so easy!

  9. Willie Wilhite

    Hes a force ghost

  10. Sean Peck

    I got to see Chris two weeks before his life ended, in Memphis, Tennessee where rock was born. It was when he was back with Soundgarden, unfortunately there were technical difficulties and they had to end about an hour into the set. This song has a lot of meaning to me. My momma was diagnosed with stage 4, and my girl broke up with me a month later. Exactly what this song says is what I did. I got myself a getaway car and hit the highway. It helped me tremendously. To be honest and frank, the pain still exists, but if I did not, I don't know if I'd still be here. Rest in heavenly peace Cornell, you saved my life with a lot of tears.

  11. Joe Fine

    Still my fave

  12. YA *THINK

    <{}> Thank Youuu! 😉

  13. Darlene Spradling

    Of course silly! Lol

  14. Jason918114

    One of the sickest songs ever.

  15. Up4Gameing32

    Come back to us Chris

  16. Janyele Fernanda Santos

    Love song

  17. Jordan Buell

    i was going to see chris preform in rock on the range in columbus but he died the day before he was going to go on stage and i cant even tell you how hard i took it, his music got me thru some of the hardest parts of my life.

  18. veruccassault x

    This mans voice does things to me

  19. majestic nine

    Better than Taylor Swift's Getaway Car

  20. Sari xoxo

    R.i.p Chris😭💖

    Zoned 247

    I feel you Sis

  21. Maicon futuro carreteiro se Deus quiser

    Melhor voz do grunge

  22. Dandy Chiggins

    This was such a great band. The raw emotion in Chris's voice was hauntingly beautiful. Check out his version of "Nothing Compares to You" on Sirius XM here on YouTube. It's wonderful!

  23. John Howerton

    Miss you Chris.

    Zoned 247

    I feel you bro

  24. Matheus Morais

    I need a car

  25. Tiffany Roman

    Still jamming out to this in 2019


    My favorite Cornell song.

  26. Jamil Hijazi

    I appreciate if you can take just one minute to check out my cover of this song below, great song

  27. Candace Buck

    Love his voice and soul. Makes me feel less alone...

  28. X Rocker Gaming

    is it just me, or is there a lawnmower in the background 1:47

  29. Gina B

    Chris voice was one of kind

  30. Christopher Vasilis

    One of the best pieces of modern music imho. Fucking mind numbing

  31. Oscar Torres

    Solo is so damn bad ass

  32. Seattle Rain

    One kick ass song. So soulful
    Chris, your voice is truly heavenly....💚☘️🕊️

  33. Johnny Lariat

    When you need to sit down and feel

  34. Cody Gene Whitworth

    My all time favorite song he's ever done

  35. Ruan Acacio

    Just for those who still miss Chris Cornell in 2019 ♥

  36. Theresa Marie Cornell

    I am going to see you in the afterlife again ... forever Theresa Marie

  37. Dandy Chiggins

    This is their finest song. Chris was blessed with such amazing pipes.

  38. Ryan Lambert

    Might be my new favorite audioslave tune, i'll have to check with my catalog😀

  39. Felipe Luiz

    Trilha sonora de muitos dos meus pensamentos...

  40. Ruan Araújo

    feliz aniversário Chris

  41. brandon roberts

    2019 and this still hits me where I need it most

  42. Diana Lynn Coyle

    Love you Chris

  43. favthings

    Totally under rated song on this album

  44. Mark Lubashevscky

    Audioslave > Taylor Swift

  45. Highlander

    We mised another original song from this men!
    But i'm glad for the Masterpieces to let us!!

  46. Karine Oliveira

    As músicas desse álbum são ótimas!

  47. Armando Peralta


  48. Andy E

    Who's still listening (insert year)?

    Rob Soul

    2019 going strong.. one of the best songs of the album

  49. Argo Nunya

    Every relationship I’ve had is encapsulated in this song. I love crazy girls and apparently love breaking myself trying to fix them. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️rip C.C.

  50. Dutch29

    Listen to the song with rain in the background. It just adds a whole different element. I used this video and when the song ends and the rain is still going its just beautiful.

  51. Brittany t

    i listen to this song all of the time, but usually when i need to cry & release some emotion. this song will never get old for me. ❤️

  52. Charles A Brown Jr.

    Chillin in the lighting storm with just enough wattage to hide the actual thunder 😘

  53. Shannon Ostrander

    Love this

  54. Herick Luiz

    alguem 2019

  55. Dan

    Right here

  56. Robert Balcazar

    Still jammin to this in 2019 till the end who else



  58. Maryannmagdalene Catherine Roe Gehring


  59. Ronada Carpenter


  60. Leonardo Lobo

    Pearl!!!! Great music

  61. Ellis Wildman

    I'm 27, grew up hearing chris's music. Always loved his music since I was a young boy. I was driving to work when I heard on the radio of his passing, man my heart was broken... a piece of my childhood broke 😢

  62. Nick Weidemann

    One of my favorites! R.I.P to one of the greatests artists of my time. :(

  63. Buck Bennington

    Did a short cover if anyone's interested.

  64. Juan Pérez López

    Great song, great band thanks for this Chris and RATM!

  65. Justin Bunker


  66. James Gonzalez

    Still missing you every day brother...

  67. Nubian Queen

    2019 and I'm still listening Alec

  68. Xaviervinceee


  69. Kenny Grant

    Chris Cornell forever !!!

  70. Alex Martinez

    This is my blues.

  71. Lucio Biagetti

    Cómo se va a venir a suicidar este tipo por dios

  72. Cristian Medina

    como puede ser que hayan 546 personas que NO les guste este tema! es un tema que le vuela la peluca a más de uno!

  73. Naruto Uzumaki


  74. biagio sguera

    This Gem of and his art and soul got me through a bar exam, a miserable divorce and is still right by me celebrating a completely rebuilt human and soul. There are no words...just goose bumps. Thank you!

  75. Eliastab Elias

    2019 who?

  76. Resa Adi

    Wow. This is amazing.. blues + grunge

  77. Ram Casados

    Rest In Peace thanks for getting me through a rough patch even after your passing

  78. Tim Coyle

    I am 2019

  79. KYMATICA *

    No music video needed 👓

  80. Ashtrey Gaming

    2019 y’all ✌🏼✌🏼

  81. Ashlynn Jess


  82. Patches O' Houlihan

    Who still listening....2019

    Cory Smith

    This song always strikes a feeling inside that cant be duplicated. I played this CD a whole year,every day in my whip, a few years ago. All great songs♡

  83. Yahshan Benjamin

    Who's Still Listening 2019?

  84. Luiz Antônio Caetano

    It'a realy a freaken sweet. I've been Audio Slave for some time. It's been crusted on my mind.

  85. Mitch Sanna

    I'm obsessed

  86. Benjamín Alcaíno

    what a good song, and guitar solo

  87. Plastic Man Paper Plate

    Never thought you'd wind up chasing me 🤘

  88. SoulcialProductMusic

    I wish i could have saved him

  89. Mara Goetz

    My friend sent me here because he wants me to learn the electric guitar part, he apparently knows all the words and stuff HE MIGHT ACTUALLY SING FOR ME FOR THE FIRST TIME