Audio Push - Picture Me Rollin Lyrics

I be missing flights, I be missing texts
I been on the road so I been missing sex, shit
I been missing you but I gotta stay true
Handle my bidness make my plan I gotta see it through
Look in the mirror, I still got my soul, do you?
Would you still do what you do if you're crew ain't do it too?
Just a question, I'm just sayin' tho
Jazzy want a Range Rover
So it ain't no game this year, fuck is you playin' for?
I win, got my hustle up
'Til my money doubled up
Repeat, Jordan fourth quarter, squad finna do a three-peat
Listen to a ganger, Nipsey, that what kept me goin'
Shouts to Ceetle for puttin' me on, he was always knowin'
Shout to family, especially mom advice was always golden
Shout to N.No, I pray you safe, I know you always holdin'
Shout my bros, B-O-Dub, I wish all y'all was open
But Lord knows I'd do anything to be in IE posted
Shit ain't the same, but they gon' remember my name
My girl just said I'm that nigga
And your girl just said the same, so who is that to blame?
Picture me rollin'
Yeah, like that
Picture me rollin', nigga
I look good, don't I?
Close your eyes and decide how I look
Picture me rollin', yeah

Picture me (picture me, picture me)
Me making history (me making history)
Said picture me saggin' (picture me saggin')
No I can't let 'em get to me (can't let 'em get to me)
Said picture my son (picture my son)
Never hold no guns (hold no guns)
Catch a fish on his own (fish on his own)
Never pickin' up crumbs (pickin' up crumbs)
Said picture my city (picture my city)
Yeah I bet you I own it (I bet you I own it)
Making place for the kids (place for the kids)
Out here feedin' the homeless (feedin' the homeless)
Yeah picture my wife (picture my wife)
Helping me value life (me value life)
Talk 'bout wrongs and the rights (wrongs and the rights)
It ain't come over night, no (no)
Did it all with a mic, picture me on tour killing crowds
Picture my bro having dough, then goin' broke
And have his girl bailin' on him now
Picture my nigga durt up in that cage where his made nigga tellin' on him now
Picture my granny face in the clouds
Picture me in pictures trynna smile
Picture my momx never have to worry 'bout another bill
Picture my squad never have to worry 'bout another kill
So picture my fam, picture my plan
Picture my people peacin' up the purchase to profit off land
Picture the fans understand that without 'em
We ain't nothing more than a woman or man
Let's get it, My Turn (Price)

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