Audio Push - IE Mentality Lyrics

Sit back, think about it, sit back
Sit back, think about it, sit back
Sit back, think about it, sit back

Sit back, think about it sit back, think about it
Seen crack, been around it, dope boy, dope boy
Ain't nobody, thinking about you
Mm, ain't nobody, thinking about you
Go get fresher than you
Take the money, make the money
Go girl, make the money
Go girl, make the money
Don't let a, dollar sign, make the woman

Don't let a dollar sign make the woman
'Cause people walk right out your life
Without thinking twice
Just 'cause it ain't nice
It's not nice
It's not nice
Sounds nice

Women saying they ready, when they knowing they not
This life come with a lot, hope you can hold your spot
I got homies that I sit down with and hold my thoughts
I got homies if it go down they let me hold a Glock
You don't know me play boy, sit down, stop fronting for bitches
I say bitches because women ain't even in this business
My flow smooth as butter when I utter these words
I don't pay attention to nouns just show me some verbs
I don't pay attention to sounds babe just show me some action
That's the way love goes, Janet Jackson
Now if it's worth it let me work it, got you spinning backwards
Since Missy knew it was meant for minding your retraction
But you stupid
You stopped listening to Cupid
Started listening to friends that ain't your friends
And they got you out here looking foolish
And you don't even know I know
So as you secretly check on me and my cards stay up
Thinking that I'm a learn some lesson or I'm a play up
This the last night that you the reason I'm a stay up
'Cause now you just another woman the city ate up
I.E. mentality
I.E. mentality

Yeah, and we all here
My Turn 3
Just as long, just as long as you got yo'
Your spirit pure, your vibes right
It's gon' translate

Late night on the road, thinking 'bout who I lost
Thinking 'bout all my dogs, came too far to fall
Look in the mirror I, finally found my pride
Tears flooding my eyes, looking up at the sky
You was my ride-or-die, why he have to take your life
Thinking 'bout you I cry, thinking 'bout you I cry
Thinking 'bout suicide, no I can't take that ride
No I can't take that ride, nah
A nigga really put his hood on, a nigga really put his hood on
A nigga really got his jug on, a nigga really been in Plato's
DPs, nigga really bust guns
But that shit ain't to be glorified
In the end niggas snitch or you die
If you don't understand, then I ain't for you guys
Later you gon' see who for the ride
Damn a nigga really miss City
Can't believe I hit my mid-twenties
Everywhere I go I got my kid with me
'Cause I wanna see him live a long life, shit I wanna live a long life
Told my homies let's all put a slice together, we make a whole pie
Niggas worried 'bout they own pie
But granny told me to never trust a person that start believing they own lies
Let it sit
2017, Audio Push ahead of it
Good Vibe Tribe tatted on him I ain't gon' ever quit, let's get it

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