Audio Push - Hey There Hater Lyrics

Hey there hater
Hey there hater
Hey there hater
Hey there hater
Hey there hater
We fly you hate so we sit back and wave and tell 'em
Hey there hater
Hey there hater
Hey there hater
Hey there hater
Hey there hater

[Verse 1 - Oktane:]
I wish I could care about a hater, I'm paid
And I wish I could get mad cause you good, I'm great
A dude talkin bout what I got on? Mistake
And I don't use my middle fingers, I wave
So welcome to my life I call it the limelight
I say I'm dope and I'm right you would disagree
You prolly stop at stoplights and argue that I'm not right
Your girl thinks that I'm tight and she's leavin' with me
And you can get mad she just throw it in the bag
And me I just laugh boy I ain't afraid of you
And normally I pass because you talkin' trash
And I remember that that's just what haters do
You still double dribble
While we just ball hey hey hey I am him
You go on and wave at the boss
And I don't like to cuss
Cause that just don't fit me at all
So when I wave I'm kinda flippin' you off
Put it to 'em like


[Verse 2 - Pricetag:]
I tell 'em haters haters I see you hatin'
Prayin' for my downfall I see you waitin
Wishin' that you was me
I see you gazin'
All these haters causin' an invasion
But they say
(Price can't rap) What?
(His dreams too high) Nah
(His tats ain't real)
(And his jeans too tight) Whatever
(All he is is the jerk) Please
(He'll never get paid) Sike
(His eyebrows are dirt) Uh uh
His lip rings gay
I-I just pass 'em pass em look at em (Pass 'em)
Put a million dollars on my ticket then cash 'em
Flash em and show em what they ought to be
I step back Pull out my cash
And let it talk for me
I'm on fire No sizzle
I aim no pistol
I recline in my chair
And make it rain no drizzle
For all them haters sayin'
Audio is just a phase
I put the gear in 4 and smash off
Then I wave and tell em


[Verse 3 - Price:]
So when you see the dude muggin'
Wishin' that he was in ya space
Point at 'em in the face
And wave at 'em [x8]
And if you see the girls starin' hatin' on your fly
Just laugh at the lays
And look directly in they eyes
And wave at 'em [x8]
And then you say to 'em


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Audio Push Hey There Hater Comments
  1. martin Garr

    yeah chchuchchchy

  2. miss strawberry

    guys is a very good song you listen it and you feel strong

    Alpha 9

    No asshole this song

  3. Ella Kosmin

    Love this song always listen to it when someone pooing me off

  4. sarah ouali

    je kiffffffffffffffff

  5. Alexandra Joseph

    I was led here by my good taste in music!!

  6. Jashan Swaich

    you should its good

  7. acxa108

    Everyone's saying that Honey 2 led them here.... I was led here by a book on Wattpad.....

  8. kyria sylvain

    i came here for honey2 tooo

  9. Olivia Crawford

    So One Of My Fraviot Movies Is Honey Two!!:D

  10. AsianxBboi

    never seen the movie =D

  11. Catherine Vincenty Borrero

    "just know when i wave im kinda flicking you off" best line

  12. mitchell digman

    of course honey 2 brought me here number one better but music better in 2

  13. brittney shipley

    yeah i got this from honey 2

  14. aj downey

    this wut up

  15. Kelley Davis

    I came here bc of honey 2 too

  16. emcdancecrew

    check out emc battle to this song please let us know what you think :)

  17. Elle C.

    U still double dribble while we jus ball ayyee I like audio push

  18. Nikola Dzoni

    cool music

  19. leeann lesko

    love this song listen everday

  20. alissa becker

    love this song

  21. tiara1124able

    Honey 2 the movie

  22. Laura Mugisha

    like if u come here for honey 2

  23. Jessica Brouillette Seguin

    Love this song! Hey there hater!

  24. slimus26

    luv this song :);-S;-)

  25. malique lucero

    just know when i wave i'm kinda fliping you off

  26. Dekaya champayne

    I love dis song of honey 2

  27. Overlord

    sounds like lil wayne o.O

  28. Tjay Swagerific

    mi seh gwann sick tunee honey 2 led me 2 dis

  29. Robert Washington

    shit bumps but not on that skinny jean shit

  30. Coven P


  31. daydreaming 123

    To ppl who dislike this...

    Hey there haters... Haha

  32. melicorr1

    i bet all them 12 dislikes are fuckin haters

  33. Burbs Youckton

    oh hell naw 12 dislikes!?!?! wtf bruh smh at da dislikes like this if ya agree

  34. Burbs Youckton

    love this song:) fave line is "you still double dribble while we jus ball"

  35. Tristyn Huggins

    My fav line "I don't like to cus it don't fit me at all so know when I wave I'm kinda flipping u off" lol idk y but it won't get out of my head!!!

  36. Starr H.

    Herd this on honey 2 and had to get it cause this song goes hard

  37. Julia Lew

    Honey 2,baby!

  38. Jesse Parker

    lol wouldnt you look weird waving at some guy that hates you? xD

  39. Jesse Parker

    hater free zone.

  40. angie

    i love this song !!1

  41. DanCrGrL19

    Thumbs up if Honey 2 led you to this

  42. HipHopperin15

    Einfach geil *_*

  43. ThePlasticBowl

    @greekigurli go to and copy and paste the link

  44. Nick Lunde

    Makes me wanna jerk!

  45. warren10618

    And I don like to cuss, it doesnt fit me at all. So just know that when I wave, I'm kinda flippin you off. ;D

  46. BankMobMusicGroup

    bass in this is too sickk!
    check out my channel btw! =)

  47. Atreyu Cardwell

    hey there hater we fly u hate nice

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    hi there! ;D hater.

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    this song is sooooooooooooo dope it goes hard!!!!!!!! :]

  51. WJ Art

    MHSjerkers<---sponsord by aceshoes/Geekwear!

  52. leavemealonefoonow

    he says that a lot. in a lot of songs freestyles and ranmdom videoes

  53. 2gwks

    its just a general call out

  54. leavemealonefoonow

    lol i just listened to that recently. i dont think they'd waste their time on such a bad diss. probaly other people

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    ye this song slaps...I'm gonna get this mixtape....hahahahh dope hook

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    the whole album is dope.

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    this song is tight but there channel is hard to work you have to coment before you can check any more songz by them

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