Audio Push - Hard Lyrics

Whip it, w-whip it, whip it
I heard you broke, I'm Mister Fix-It
Been known for shitting on the critics
Since jerseys with the matching fitteds
Dig it, I been gettin' digits, puttin' food in fridges
Lookin' at my niggas like we really did it
In the A with Tre where fake shit ain't permitted
He from the H where cases ain't acquitted
I'm from the West where niggas really wish it
Let me feel your heart beat I know you're timid
My whole squad eat, ya know we piggin'
You can't hang with the hogs you for sure a piglet
Let me know the ticket
If it's truth involved, love involved, weed involved
I ain't never had shit so I need it all
Still making plays off of Mount Vernon
Hard bourbon got my mouth burning
She go to work cause I been hard workin'
Head so good she got the car swervin'
And my foot on the gas
Hear these raps, I got my foot in they ass
Somethin' mean dawg
Gotta keep the circle nose ring small
Only starters with me let my team ball hard

[Trae Tha Truth:]
Drop Maybach, phone deep in her
Vamp life bout a week, no sleep nigga
Everything turn lit when I speak nigga
New bitch, finna be knee deep in her
Hit around at the round just like my Glock
These streets my home, no point to knock
You ain't givin' up and yeah I did changed the locks
While we talkin' 'bout change I change my clocks
'Bout to be a movie, I'm acting in it
And this four car garage, I'm backin' in it
Rack for rack I packs it back and spend it
Bowl of grits, they think that Shaq was in it
Flicks on 'em like this ring I copped for 20
Yeah I'm on that rock star shit, Kravitz, Lenny
Shit, I think I fucked up, but who gon' stop me?
Ten dark rounds, seat same as Henny
True Park, new episode, I'm killin' Kenny
'Bout to Audio Push my speakers louder
Truth is dope, I guess they love the powder
Use a hater, bitch a face that's sour
I do not give a fuck at all
I got another season
I was starring in it
Music to the max of any car [?]
Beat the fuck up out you [?] in it
Go hard

Hard the only way I go
No need for fake friendships
I'm in a group and I came with my bros
And we play like we pros
Yes God, my team is really in them trenches
Really on their job, really handling bidness
Your team is focused on them women
Start but never finish, now they ridin' benches
Ridin' planes, tryna ride them Bentley's
I got the game, now it's gettin' silly
If I come in, all 'em coming with me
I'm Oktane and IE is my city
I'm beastin' nigga, how you feel about it?
Couldn't hear you, my real ones 'round me
Back in the day you tried to clown us
Now you wanna pound us, Instagram us
With the cameras, using our grammar
That's the reason I can't stand them
Ooh damn, my flow a lot to handle
Watch your eyes, my glow a lot to handle
Ray-Bans, feet out rockin' sandals
Genitalia for every feelin' that you have about it
Haters mad, ex's sad about it
God honest I just laugh about it
When they ask why I rap about it I go hard

Got the family filled with haters
Got a lot of money with us
Gotta keep the circle small cause we don't trust you niggas
We a clique full of stars
Hop up in them cars
Hit the boulevard and we just
(Whip it, whip it, whip it, whip it)
Hard [x16]

It's hard to see you not being yourself
Hard to see you with someone else
Hard to know your heart was broken, now you find it hard to grow with me and it's hard to cope
Had the spark light when you start the stove
Then you got exposed and your true colors start to show
It's hard to see the hate
Hard to see the fake when I know you authentic
When I know we not finished
It's hard to have limits
It ain't hard to be similar
It's hard to know niggas ain't true
It's hard to keep moving in this game when you know these niggas ain't real as you
It's hard to see my niggas still in the hood
It's hard to see my niggas still tryna juug
It's hard for me to go without the strong
It's hard for me to see City is gone
Hard to kick all of this truth when niggas is out here lying in the booth
It's hard
Hard being the innovative

Yo Bro
Let's just, let's just sit down for second bro
You sure, you sure
Yeah bro we gotta, we gotta at least smoke one man
Man we have been thuggin it for a long day man
Alright cool
Still got this tree too
Alright cool
Let's get another one

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