Audio Adrenaline - Worldwide: Two Lyrics

Picked up the paper and read the news (can you believe what is happening)
People hopeless and begging for food (and the whole world's just standin' still)
I want to practice what I preach (to put love into action)
Right now the world within our reach (right here's where we start to run)

Do you feel what I feel?
I dare you to come...

We're goin' worldwide
To every creature that's breathin'
We're goin' worldwide
'til this story is heard
We're goin' worldwide
And no one can stop us
We're goin' worldwide
To the ends of the earth

Tonight the walls are tumblin' down (tonight there's no time for sleepin')
I will not rest 'til the trumpet sounds (I will not falter - I will run)

Do you feel what I feel? (do you feel what I feel?)
I dare you to come...


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Audio Adrenaline Worldwide: Two Comments
  1. Jaime Arreola

    Holy Ghost World Wide

  2. Jaime Arreola

    The Holy Spirit gets you fired up

  3. Evan Giese

    i love how they had spread world wide over two songs. best ever.

  4. Jimmyjewels

    Thanks SO MUCH for this... You have no idea, but this touching people WORLDWIDE. thank you.