Audio Adrenaline - We're A Band Lyrics

is what th world calls me
They don't understand
so they try to stop me
I can't hide
so I stand up straight with Christ by my side
No no no no need to be tounge tied
so I say it loud and I say it with pride
he died
Christ gave it all but He's coming back to life
Now I've got a reason to saying the things I say
and you know I've got a reason to be doing the things I do
Because soon very soon
God's coming back and I want to be playing His tune
So, here we go

We're a band
We're a band
With guitars in our hands
we're crossing the land
We're a band
We're a band
For the Son of man
we will take a stand
You can make a plan
He'll be back again
We're a band
We're a band
We're a band
We're a band

Please remove your hand from my mouth
it's been long enough so please do it now
uuh uuh uuh uuh uuh uuh uuh
you know you can't censor me
When wall flowers start to bloom
four more voices fill the room
Say, you better get out of the way


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Audio Adrenaline We're A Band Comments
  1. Shpwan Watson

    Love them!💗💗💗

  2. Veronica Duarte

    Cool...!!!! 🔥👍👍

  3. chrismorals

    The Real Audio Adrenaline !!!!!!

  4. Freedom Tv

    Wow ❤️

  5. don bot

    Anyone old enough to remember or hear Blessed Hope.......

  6. The right supremacist

    Ahh...good memories. I was here for the filming of this music video in Louisville, Ky in 1994. The energy was awesome. So much jumping around and innocent youth energy. They had to play/act the song several times to get all the angles for the video (0.34). At one point I put this young lady on my shoulder so she could see the band better. I love these guys. I miss the 90s. Good times. I am older now and I decided to find and re-watch this music video now that the internet and YouTube has almost EVERYTHING that has ever been filmed or documented on it! lol! God bless all! ✌💜🇺🇸

  7. Steve Still

    This was being played in the I Can only Imagine movie.

  8. Matt Christie

    Seen these guys in Boston and Dc talk!!!

  9. Barbara Aragon

    I remember Knott's berry farm praise 95 new years was fun awesome nite in name of Jesus hanging with after was cool were band and big house just so much talking and fellowship name Jesus just good time good music and just cool and down earth group and all for Jesus that was a fun nite

    The right supremacist

    Barbara Aragon , It sounds awesome!

  10. Uederson Ferreira Ramos de Oliveira

    I found out these guys some time ago and man, I like it so much!

  11. Robby Mounce

    I GREW UP listening to THESE GUYS! Rofl

    The right supremacist

    Robby Mounce , A great band! You couldn't go wrong!

    Michael Quintana

    wowo awesome.... i wasnt into them back then.. i wished i could gotothere concert now

  12. I'm 34

    why do they change the song every time they play it?  sucks.

  13. edwinmusic


  14. renhetenselv

    Shit i'm 28 an this brings me back to grade 5! Good times!

  15. Cory Rowe-Kitchings-White-Baugh

    Awesome classic memories

    The right supremacist

    Cory Rowe-Kitchings-White-Baugh , I'm sorry you weren't there. It was a fun time.

  16. InTheNarmyNow77

    I remember seeing them touring with the Newsboys back in '95. Still one of my favorite songs that they did!

  17. 1jeffbrown

    im in college and I think they are awesome. they might do a reunion tour.

  18. Offspringdude999

    This band, Reality Check, Newsboys, Bleach, Superchick, OC Supertones, and Bleach were my childhood. So happy That there's good people people out there posting these videos!

    The right supremacist

    Offspringdude999 , 👍👍

  19. dweezler

    this was their best song and i thought was way better than "big house".

  20. lamia154

    Wow, and even right now with me as a high school kid, they're still really cool! Awesome!

  21. phillipians1980

    Wow! AA in all it's origional glory! I was just a high school kids back when they first started hitting the scene back in the 90's... LOVE THESE GUYS!