Audio Adrenaline - Tremble Lyrics

Shaking like a leaf
Afraid to life my eyes
Afraid of all your glory
Ashamed of all my pride
Then you call me in
To your holy place

I fall down
Down on my face
And I beckon you for mercy
And I beckon you to forgive everything that I've ever done
And I tremble
And I tremble

I am just a man
Showered in your grace
You're the holy god
Your glory fills this place
And I beckon you for mercy
And I beckon you to forgive everything I've ever done
And I tremble
I tremble

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Audio Adrenaline Tremble Comments
  1. Samuel Salazar

    One day I was at a Salvation Army store and I was looking at the Christian CDs and I found this CD for a dollar I can't imagine anybody letting go of the CD maybe that person new somebody needed to listen to this when I was going through a rough time thank you Jesus and bless that person

  2. Nathalie Rodriguez


  3. Delisha Jackson

    Ahh. Such peace within these words. One of my favorites by Audio Adrenaline

  4. snickerdoodles0205

    Tyler Burkum is amazing! (Mark Stewart too)

  5. inquiring mind

    never heard this before ...very good, sincere

  6. llemm216

    Agreed. My favorite song as well. Just purchased a download via

  7. Yoyeah Itsme

    this is so awesome....most everybody misses this when it goes real quiet, (you must have tweaked the volume) ....The Secret Place. thanks

    Evan Rapp

    Awesome God.

  8. John Provost

    Yes! One of mine as well. Imagine I'm in the throne room of GRACE!

  9. John Provost

    Praise GOD! Thank U for posting this