Audio Adrenaline - Summertime Lyrics

I want to play all day
And swim out in the waves
In a lagoon that has no shark to bite my legs
A perfect place
Where we can all laugh out loud
With palm trees, an ocean breeze
And never any clouds
Get away
Far away
To a place
I can stay

Feels like summertime
The sun is shining on my face
Feels like summertime
I never want to leave this place
But if I can't go now
I know someday, somehow
I know you've got a place
Designed for me someday
I've got a mansion there
A royal getaway
And when my work is done
You'll fly me there at last
A place that doesn't take credit cards
Or lots of cash
But if I can't go now
I know someday, somehow
You will take me there
Cast away my burdens
Take away my cares

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Audio Adrenaline Summertime Comments
  1. GETHGlybert Saliasa

    fjagio;uet;bgrsyjnrudkhnad/lhgewiophtaniyhw469y4gnS?SFgbio'eatbhn/zgxiSP"Nhjorjsyrkrtdkl;flkilfdudshsteyhjipgjdngZ"NG"Fsgn'aekeigtwepntoe't?N hjtuklyi;kyfh'aegietpjhnewj....SaVX.


    still the best Christian rock band EVER!!!!!

  3. John Provost

    Thanks KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!1