Audio Adrenaline - Rejoice Lyrics

I'll sing this song just as long as I'm breathing
I'm feeling good, I'm feeling right
Come sing a song a song of freedom
Sing every morning and into the night

You've got to tell everyone in the land
Come on, come on
Tell every girl, boy, woman, and man
Rejoice, rejoice
That god's been good yeah good to me
Come on, come on
I've been forgiven and it feels so free

It's a beautiful thing when I sing to you Jesus
The days are a joy
The nights are all bright
Even the rocks cry out your glory
Let everyone rejoice tonight
That God's been good yeah good to me


Come on, come on
I've been forgiven and it feels so free

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Audio Adrenaline Rejoice Comments
  1. Michael Quintana

    music with guitars

  2. Anakin SkyWalker

    Ahh, 2001. The year everyone in America loved our country. Nobody was feeling oppressed, nor was anyone getting offended over stupid crap. We were in the midst of a horrible attack, but we all stood together. Everyone said "God Bless America". Sixteen years later, people get offended when someone blinks in the wrong way (an exaggeration, but you get my point).

  3. Anakin SkyWalker

    Is that one of the Twin Towers?

  4. Jun Ayala

    Good video, good idea but ... too nationalism is bored.

    Will Powell

    What is wrong about loving God and loving America? I don't get it.

  5. karen yap

    Poor unfortunatecsouls...

  6. karen yap

    Audio disharmonics.


    +karen yap Are you kidding me?

  7. Jeff Hollers

    Peanut Butter. And Jesus Love. I like peanut butter alot. But hey God made peanuts. Don't call me weird. Thats obvious God made us all for a purpouse. I think he may be well entertained by me. Thank you lord for loving this weirdo.

  8. vbrockin27

    I rejoice knowing that God loves me.

  9. GoodFaithInGod

    Thank You God For All Things
    "In Everything Give Thanks, For This Is The Will Of God In Christ Jesus, Concerning You."

  10. Jack Stephens

    I think that this post is pretty cool. I wish that everyone would rejoice Jesus for what he has done for us, whatever walk of life we are in, we have to remember the values that were taught to us and just love all humanity and evangelize!