Audio Adrenaline - Pierced Lyrics

Make me, take me, break me, I am pierced
Make me, take me, break me, I am pierced

Though I am wounded and unworthy
Though I am selfish and untrue
You are holy, You're the healer
You forgave me and made me new
Made me new


Oh, this love, how can it be
That my God would die for me
For my sins, His wounds did bleed
Jesus, you were pierced for me

[chorus x3]

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Audio Adrenaline Pierced Comments
  1. OutOfMana

    2020 hello?

  2. Richard Brown Jr

    I just found out I have this song on an A.D. CD I bought in 2009 at a store's going out of business sale. I just opened the CD yesterday after discovering another "new" A.D. song, "Leaving 99" I heard on a Sunday night Christian Music throwback show on WRBS 95.1. It's "new" to me, since I'd just heard "Leaving 99" only a month ago; I don't know how that song got by me! :-)

  3. Mang

    Wow, throwback!

  4. Leon Ravi

    This song make me pierced

  5. luis alejandro grajales mendoza

    This song makes me cry.

    Lauren's Hairtyles And Tutorials

    +luis alejandro grajales mendoza me too.

  6. christian velasco

    My church gets a choir during Christmas time, I want to suggest this song and see the choir sing,"Make me,Lord Jesus! Take me,Lord Jesus! Break Me,Lord Jesus!"

    Machine Cinetech

    +christian velasco sounds epic

  7. Sergio Lorenti

    una cancion  muy especial en lo quedise su letra

  8. Blessedmomma Of2


  9. juano bardot

    Excelente tema! Audio fue la banda de mi adolescencia, creci disco a disco junto a ellos. Del primero al ultimo...

  10. Juliano Emerich

    Eu gosto dessa banda també[email protected]@

  11. larice92766

    another one of my favs!

  12. Stacy Blankenship

    I really lie the picture to this video.

  13. Kurt Church

    I REALLY like the lyrics to this song!

  14. Kurt Church

    I really like this video and their songs. I don't know either why they don't play these songs more for all of us to hear. The words are so true!

  15. DBI Dragon Ball Intellectuals

    You were pierced for us.

  16. spud2ooo

    first time i've herd this

  17. Herlitte Borra


    Though I am selfish and untrue
    You are holy, You're the healer
    You forgave me and made me new
    Made me new..

  18. HoT.L33T

    LOL... thats not his pic guys. its durt9390 not 9093 -_-

  19. Masami

    @SecretAndWhisper totally

  20. Masami

    i adore this song

  21. Jeffery Peppers

    @TheMarianne109 I work for a sound and lighting company here in GA we did there sound and lighting last night. And his voice is still not back. They do have a new cd coming out in Mid July though.

  22. jazman378

    I wish they had not broken up too...this is one of my favorites but I love all thier songs...they are all to GOD'S glory...pray for the singer...

  23. Zach Van Dyke

    it was a very sad day when this band broke up.. I love them. Changed my life for sure

    Michael Quintana

    sad too 2019 .


    They did come back with a new lead singer recently but I don't know how that worked out.

  24. Dominic Muzzi

    Besides utterly disgusting me, you misspelled "catholic". Please do not write something that is not meant to glorify God.

  25. Marianna Couto G. Buys

    Great song!

  26. Race NfunTv

    Great Song, I love this Band,
    don´t know why they arn´t as much popular as other bands, they are very very great! regards from germany

  27. Flora Miles

    ur all so right! no arguing on comments, AWESOME! great song too! reminds me how much Jesus loves me. i am peirced, and i want everyone to see that I LOVE GOD! again, great song.

    = ]

  28. Chelsea Miller

    i love this song and audio adrenaline! this song is great for worship...

  29. Andrea Moraes

    The best...Gloria!!!!

  30. Alisha C.

    I love this song.. it is so peaceful.. and yes it is awesome that no one is arguing!!

  31. biblelogist

    I love this song... I didn't know who sang this till a few months ago. I heard this song a few times. But ever since I figured out who sang this I have been listening to it a lot. Now its one of my favorite songs. I feel like I have been touched my Jesus. Just goes to show how God works in everyone. Its such a blessing. God Bless!

  32. Maria Liegl

    so true, so deep, you took the words right out of my mouth

  33. davedehaan1989

    This is wonderful!

    Be blessed:)