Audio Adrenaline - PDA Lyrics

Juliet and Romeo sitting on the patio
Looks like they're under a mistletoe
They think it's true love that they show
What they need to make convey
Is the love of God today
That's what they need to make display

Show your brother
Show your sister
Show your mother
That Jesus really loves her

We need some PDA a public display of affection
We need to show some PDA a public display of affection
We need to show some PDA

Christ died upon a tree
A spectacle for all to see
For all the world for you and me
Without His love how could we be
His love is not infatuation
No side effects or complications
No lonely times or long vacations
Go with God no hesitations
A public display of affection


It's time to crawl upon the cross
Consider everything but loss
Display your love no matter the cost
Give of yourself to save the lost
Don't get caught in a bad display
Show the love of Christ in a righteous way
You know what He did
So you have to say


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Audio Adrenaline PDA Comments
  1. Jonathan Guevarra

    This was the music video of Audio Adrenaline's PDA that came from their shelf titled debut album released by ForeFront Records in 1992 in the USA, Toshiba EMI in Japan in 1993, and OctoArts International in the Philippines in 1994

  2. kenneth poole

    Wow the man bun is back in style

  3. Jonathan Guevarra

    This song reminds me of ZOE TV Music Videos days

  4. Michael Quintana

    this one sounds like dc talk...its cool

  5. Brandon East2West Shrock

    This is awesome!

  6. Robert Logan

    This song was on a 1994 summer VHS compilation of Christian artists. Does anyone know which video comp that was? 


    It was called "Fun in the Son." It also had music videos by Whiteheart, Geoff Moore and the Distance, DC Talk, and Bride.

  7. Ryan Gill

    This seems to be the AA version of the dc Talk classic Luv Is A Verb.


    +Ryan Gill It's the other way around because Audio Adrenaline's self titled album with the song "P.D.A." released before DC Talk's "Free at Last" album. But, Mark did say that Forefront Records tried to turn them into another version of DC Talk before they decided to branch out and create their own, signature sound.

  8. Rich Zeiger

    Lol, when this song/album dropped I said emphatically that this band was a joke and would never last. Not long after they became (and would remain) one of my absolute favorite bands. I was also wrong about the sitcoms Home Improvement and Fraser. When I miss, I miss big!

  9. Lily Elmore

    This is the kind of lame you can't help to love. It's so adorable. I wish stuff like this was still popular.

  10. varsityfilm

    I worked on this video. I was one of the best glitter shakers in the business at the time.

  11. Nakedprey

    Do not prop this up as something representing early 90s music. This was bad even for the early 90s.

  12. Edwin Mónico

    Personal Display and Affection

  13. G_CODE649B

    Check out Big House, it's awesome. :)

  14. 1jeffbrown

    the song and video for "Church Punks" is awesome

  15. 1jeffbrown

    CHECK OUT church punks or Ocean Floor by Audio Adrenaline if you're interested. They are less 90's sounding. I do think Audio A is awesome.

  16. Rawk4Life

    I am going to get some flack, but until I saw Audio A's Big House video, I mistaked Barry and Will as being girls lol.

  17. Rawk4Life

    @ooPreacherManoo Honestly, I always wondered what Will was thinking in this video by having the entire front side of the right half of his head shaved so that he could part his hair 3 inches away from his forehead.

  18. Rawk4Life

    @ooPreacherManoo That's just coincedence. In the early 90's, it was popular to have one's hair buzzed on the sides, have it slightly thick on top, and parted down the middle.

  19. edwinmusic


  20. GoddessofEggrolls

    This video is just missing someone doing the worm across the screen. xD

  21. David Johnson

    wow, it's scary, but marty stuart almost looks like Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption..... ouch!!!!


    I think its the same haircut

  22. Rawk4Life

    What idiot would flag a comment that said this song was great?

  23. Michelle062970

    Wow! I remember when this song came out. Wish I could share this on Facebook, but embedding is not allowed. So silly!!