Audio Adrenaline - Miracles Lyrics

It doesn't matter what the world says
I've seen what you can do
I know it's more than just coincidence
It's amazing how you move

It's not always parting oceans
Sometimes it's the little moments
When you show how close you are
Some would say it's only chance
I'm not gonna second guess
I've seen the hand of God

'Cause I believe in miracles
You can do the impossible
Every single heartbeat means
There's a God who's in control
And I know that I'm not alone
Even when it's difficult
Your love is all the proof I need
You're the God who won't let go
I believe in miracles
I believe in miracles

I wasn't there to see you give life
To a dead man in a grave
But I have been the one revived
Within your perfect grace

It's not always signs and wonders
I know when your children suffer
You're the light that leads us on
Some would say it's only chance
I'm not gonna second guess
I've seen the hand of God

'Cause I believe in miracles
You can do the impossible
Every single heartbeat means
There's a God who's in control
And I know that I'm not alone
Even when it's difficult
Your love is all the proof I need
You're the God who won't let go
I believe in miracles
I believe in miracles

You can speak and calm the waters
But when you let the waters rise
I'll remember you are still the God
Who never leaves my side

'Cause I believe in miracles
You can do the impossible
Every single heartbeat means
There's a God who's in control
And I know that I'm not alone
Even when it's difficult
Your love is all the proof I need
You're the God who won't let go
I believe in miracles
I believe in miracles

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Audio Adrenaline Miracles Comments
  1. Zsuzsanna Kovács

    Please give us what You had promised... :-) Jesus I believe in Your miracles!

  2. Belén Ramos

    I miss the old AA, this is too pop! 😅

  3. Dreamer Music

    God is in Control all the way

  4. Juan Carlos Vanegas Arrieta

    God never fails

  5. pam nelson

    this is awesome.. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lauren's Hairstyles And Tutorials

    Please pray for me and a dear friend! We believe in miracles, we are desperate for one! 😰

  7. Juan Giron


  8. Aubree Price

    God I'm in alot of emotional pain right now and I know your an amazing God who is in control and you can do the impossible! I believe in your amazing miracles no matter how big or small they may be and God I know that when I'm with you God I'm never alone even when it's difficult! And God I pray that if it be your Holy and perfect will you please bless me with a miracle in this hard situation!

  9. Juan Giron


    Jared Hayslip

    There Are No Such thing as a God Or Miracles ..I Have Looked I Found Nothing .. That Is When I Became An Atheist...

  10. Juan Giron


  11. stephen Trosclair

    This song i love to listen to, especially the part of "its not always parting oceans, sometimes its the little moments, that you show how close you are"

    being healed of Pornography addiction, that part i love so much

  12. Mark 1:15 Marse Robert

    Just finished talking to a friend, we both needed to know a brother in Christ had our back. The conversation lasted an hour and each of our cellphones were about dead when we began talking. (Mine is a Droid, and even though I don't know much about tech, I know the battery drops like a rock lol.) God used this tiny miracle to convict, refresh, and strengthen us through our conversation, (which we recounted God's work in our lives and He revealed even stuff we didn't even think about or remember at the time.). After we got off the phone we texted back and forth and he sent me this song. All I can say is praise the God of miracles. All the glory where it's due. He's work in ours lives, (Philippians 1:6) is not done it's just beginning. We where saved to bring glory to God and His Son Jesus.

  13. ForeverFlame88

    You don't KNOW you're not alone. You BELIEVE you're not alone. It takes faith to believe in God, which I have. Just differentiate the two. :)

    Jared Hayslip

    I Am An Atheist.. Miracles Is A Old Wise Tail ..
    And God Is A Mith There is No Such thing as a God Or Miracles..

  14. M Grimes

    I'm sitting in the Children's hospital while my daughter fights for her life, and found this song. Thank you for putting into words what my heart is calling out ❤️

  15. Tiffany Bui


  16. Banana Mcgee

    This really makes me cry,cause now I know...there's always a god watching me and everyone on earth ☺

  17. brody ruchti outdoors

    They played this song after I hit the walkoff homerun to get my baseball team to the state championship for the first time did I mention I'm in 9th grade playing on the varsity baseball team with 11th and 12th graders

  18. Guna Shekar

    What kind of fools dislikes such a beautiful and meaningful song?

  19. Meghan Whitaker

    adam agee used to be the lead signer for stellar kart if you havent heard them wow what a change

  20. Memifier Lord

    Hey audio Adrenaline! You saw me at the concert when you danced with me on Big Big House!

  21. andrew stephens

    i believe in miricles walking home from school one day i nearly got ran over and the car only missed me by what seemed like an inch

    Victor Bugarin

    The same thing happened to me brother. I thought that was it for me. An elderly woman in dark glasses wasn't watching where she was going, and she didn't have her turn signal on, so I thought she was going to go straight. I road my bike up to the curb to bike lane, and she made a sharp turn coming right at me INTO THE BIKE LANE. I panicked, fell forward off my bike seat and almost hit my head hard at the front of the vehicle bumper. My heart was pumping so fast and I was sweating man. I thanked God and Jesus both for that miracle they did for me. This was last week when it happened and it's amazing I lived to tell the story after that experience. God bless you.

    Christian Nightcore

    Victor, Its amazing how God shows that he loves you, because I KNOW and Believe that miracles happen, I've seen to many miracles done in front of my own eyes so I must profess that their is a living God and he loves all of us but not all love God.

  22. Aaron Clark

    Just a reproduction of almost every other band you hear on the radio. I miss the days when creativity and originality were prioritized over fitting into a cookie cutter model of "how to make Christian music." So sad. The original Audio A was my all time favorite. Glad to at least see that the missions aspect started through the band is continuing. I'm with @speakingnvowels below me...some kind of zombie, that awesome, greenish-yellow cd is still in my rotation.

    Christian Nightcore

    Man, seriously? Do you seriously have to pick this apart like that? Can't you praise God without complaining about the originality? I'm not saying this in a harsh manner but these people give their time and effort to make a song for God and what they believe in, so why do you listen and make such a hateful comment about this song they made?

  23. speakingnvowels

    So Audio A is a brand??? There is literally no original, or even established member left in this band. This is not bad, but it is not the Audio A I remember. They used to be a pretty solid rock n roll band. Miss the old line-up: Mark, Will, Tyler, Bob, and Ben. Some Kind of Zombie was breakthrough for the Christian Music Industry.

  24. Darline Floridas

    I love this song, every single heart beats means there's a God who's in control that's an Amen right there Amazing.

  25. Factoid Firefly

    I've been out of touch longer than I thought. What happened to the old singer? lol
    Nice song btw

    Factoid Firefly

     O I C. Thanks.

  26. Jediapocalypse

    I really love this song; To me, it reminds me that even in our darkest times, even during those bad days where we can became really fed up with a lot of stuff, the Lord is always there to be by our side and comfort us.

  27. Aaron IToldYouSo

    Instant Goosebumps.. I really love this song :)

  28. Jesus is God! The Second Person of the Trinity!!!

    Amen! Amen! He is in control!

  29. Luis Fernando Barbosa Pérez

    It´s an endless wheel of "modern" Christian music that can only show how empty and soulless music can be when the only intention is to be more commercial, more edible, more christian-cool like. 98% of today´s christian music´s been infected with this vicious pop creativeless melodies. Hillsong, AA, Newsboys, etc.: All of them united for money and fame. And the worst is yet to come.

    Johnny 5

    It's just your opinion, it really means nothing!!

    Luis Fernando Barbosa Pérez

    How did you find out it was my opinion. You´re brilliant!

    Shimda Fancon

    +Luis Fernando Barbosa Pérez ...well I kinda agree with you, but you didn't have to reply in a sarcastic way though.

    Daniel D

    +Luis Fernando Barbosa Pérez That's not very nice of you to say. You can disagree with us that's fine, but you lose any credibly when you use childish insults and comments. Music, like anything in this life can be used by Jesus for his amazing, and unexplainable plans that not you or I can discover and understand. Think with your faith and not with your anger my friend. Have a blessed day.

    Andrea Teubel

    +Walking Forward Faithful
    Yes!! So true!!

  30. ernesto aguilar

    gracias. Dios los bendiga AUDIO A

  31. TropicaSim

    amen ❤❤❤

  32. SeshwAn Palace

    Kevin Max? :( Where have you gone.

  33. famenontsoa ramananarivo

    That's what I feel at this moment... Thx to Audio Adrenaline for their song

  34. Roberta Prevedello

    Oh, did they come back?! So good!

  35. Andre Ashida

    This song is incredible!

  36. Xerces Nieva

    I believe that this song blesses everyone who listens to it. Love it! Thank You, God! May He bless us continually! :)

    His Word

    God who makes the songs blesses you lol - be blessed x

  37. Ryan Mast

    2 people don't believe in Miracles, they may have not had God in their life, they probably want to so bad, let me tell you, God is everything you need in life, he is always there accept him and I promise you he will change you forever.

    Kayla C

    +Ryan Mast yeah but 530 people loves this song dont think of the negitive think of the postive

    Kayla C

    God bless u God got u into control he will pick out friends for u that are awesome to u

    Jared Hayslip

    I am An Atheist It Doesn't Matter To Me Miricals is Not Real Just A Mith

  38. davidlimmusic

    This is fantastic!!!! Favourite song from the new line-up!! From a HUGE Audio Adrenaline fan!!!! I've got the whole discography, from the very first album!!!! God bless you all :)))

  39. chris walther

    I just keep replaying this song because it is so good. I believe in Miracles. You can do the impossible.