Audio Adrenaline - King Of The Comebacks Lyrics

You been beat down cast out kicked in the shins
Never ever, ever did they think You could win
Like an underdog story, or return of a king
It’s never really over till the fat lady sings, so c’mon

Time’s ticking down we’re on the edge of our seat
Only a mighty good leader gonna make us believe
We’ve heard all about it now we’re waiting to see
The end of the story and it isn’t defeat
So c’mon, yeah c’mon

Oh, Oh, All over the world
We wait for the miracle and it’s coming
You know it’s a matter of fact
You’re the king of the comebacks

They thought it unbelievable that You’d ever win
But I know they know You’re gonna do it again
Stand up, eyes fixed, don’t wanna miss this
Jack up the cardiac, go ahead and call it a comeback

You can’t, you can’t, you can’t stop it
You can’t, you can’t, you can’t stop the comeback
You can’t stop the comeback

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Audio Adrenaline King Of The Comebacks Comments
  1. Love Unlimited

    GOD is great, so blessed and true, forever.

  2. Lua Bleah

    2018 because I need Jesus to help me comeback now

  3. 3RD Period Vlogs


  4. Dan Raul

    2017 people drop a like!

  5. Josh Carter

    I met Kevin. Cool guy. Please do that goth album.

  6. Malia Little

    I listen to this every time i have to type an essay and it helps me finish faster! Thanks!

  7. Daniel Pavlovski


  8. trent_vlogtheworld

    most impressive_curtisy of darth vader.

  9. Nephilim

    I noticed taht a lot of the people listening to there songs dont know that they are about our savior, Jesus Christ!

  10. Troy Rowlee

    Kevin Max is the best!

  11. Devin Haughton

    Can't wait for the Kings & Queens tour this friday!! :DD

  12. Ethan Quilliam

    Great song makes me feel strong

  13. Christopher Griffin

    All the songs are awesome...Answer is my favorite so far and then king of the comebacks....

  14. Christopher Griffin

    Question, do u lve close to LiL Gene Midleton

  15. M Vang

    The only thing I REALLY do not like about this album is I cannot find out which is my favorite song. They are all to good! :(

  16. Eric Longenecker

    This is a great song, deserves more views!

  17. TheGCsara

    I can't believe Mark Stuart sang the bridge of this song even though he lost his voice!! Thank you guys for such a wonderful song! God bless!!

  18. richard jesty

    great song..mark still know how to play the game..haaa.kmax still sounds like 20 yr old boy.haa. God bless u both. .. I think this album is the best of this year..

  19. Shadow

    SoulKey #GSL

  20. Solmarie Rivera

    This album is so great, I've been a fan of AA and DC Talk long time ago, even my 4 year old daughter love them. :)

  21. Frank gomez

    Dc-Talk :'( Why?

  22. Caleb Wikman


  23. thebig1noo

    I agree. I'm giving it a listen on Spotify for the first time to give it a go (and I'm thinking it's a must buy) but when I heard the bridge I thought to myself "that has to be Stuart". Awesome.

  24. Ashleigh Hensley

    Love this awesome job boys

  25. MrEvanWind

    So Dang Great!

  26. Pedro Sulu


  27. HealthifulBalance

    Love the song! So upbeat, makes me want to dance for the LORD! :)

  28. Logo

    The bridge with Mark Stuart, it just makes me so happy :D