Audio Adrenaline - I'm Not The King Lyrics

The king of rock, some say lives
the lizard king is surely dead
the king of France lost his head
the King of Kings bled

I'm not the King I just sing
I'm just a fraction of a thing
I am not anything without the King of Kings

If I were King I'd be unwise
for my brains aren't King size
a King's someone to trust and love
like Jesus Christ whom I sing of

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Audio Adrenaline I'm Not The King Comments
  1. Jay Hillz82

    Love this song!!

  2. DeepWoods

    Christian rock really never got better than this.

  3. Joel Spiers

    I'm not the keen I just seen yeah heah, I'm just uh fraction of a hinge, yeah heah.

  4. Joel Spiers

    The King of Plymouth Rock, sum say lived, the lizard king got stung by a manna ray and is surely dead, the king of Frances lost his shed, and the peachy keen of keens, blessed.

  5. Michael Quintana

    now i know which cd to get

  6. Joe Hagan

    My favorite Audio A song (along with a dozen others). So sorry Mark lost his voice but happy that he and Will are doing the works God had planned for them in Haiti. Wonder what Barry Blair's doing...

  7. Hunt Richardson

    too bad they had to split up. saw them in concert and they rawked da houuuse

  8. XAutumn_SunshineX

    Childhood💚 😊😪

  9. Daniel LaPointe

    is that ben stiller on the cover?

    Steve Yang

    Daniel LaPointe mark McGinnis or the keyboard guy

  10. Scii Ne Timo

    you missed the first line" "The king of rock, some say lived"
    AWESOME post though! I haven't heard this song in years!

  11. Skylar Zerr

    @danohen1997 Know hope collective and Audio unplugged is the same band today with Mark Stuart!

  12. danohen1997

    I miss Audio Adrenaline!!!

  13. Lasse Lund

    Such a great song. Classic Christian rock!