Audio Adrenaline - I Climb The Mountain Lyrics

Why try and keep you a secret
why be blinded by the night
There are 7 billion people but it’s a lonely world
Why wouldn’t I let you see the light

Why would I hide you in the shadows,
When this flame is dying for a hill
Say what they want about the straight and narrow
But it’s the bends and curves that kill

Cause it only takes a spark to set the heart on fire
I climb the mountain and I’ll hold the light until
We are a city on a hill, city on a hill
We’ll walk together and we won’t let go until
We are a city on a hill, city on a hill

Why am I so scared of conversations, am I so sure I’ll turn you off
Maybe if you knew the whole story, you’d understand it all

Cause Truth has a way of breaking through

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Audio Adrenaline I Climb The Mountain Comments
  1. Aania05

    Love this one

  2. Dan Raul

    Still listening in 2017!!!

  3. Increasingly Irrelevant

    I love looking at comments on Christian videos because there's nothing mean:D

  4. Malia Little

    I love that you put these songs on here so i can listen to them

  5. TheEVN7

    i love that song

  6. Cody Hoedemaker


  7. cassie Chapman

    Love this song

  8. Rob Bertrand

    yes lord will he light

  9. TrulyEgg

    Old Christian rock, and humble beast. That's about all I listen to ^^ and people from the 'old days' that are stick'n out got my hugest respect! :D

  10. spencer smith

    love it!!!!!

  11. chris Ramirez

    this is a boss

  12. Chuy Santacruz

    Kevin Max sounds like in his dc Talk days, a little different to that style but still similar which I think is good.

    Roseanne Appleby

    I agree with you. His solo stuff is very impressive but there is a kind of smooth, gentle grace on his voice these days that reminds me of his DC talk days, too. Maybe an anointing? I don't know- but something 'different'  like a different quality, not 'showy', though I could listen to any of his stuff. I love how honest his testimony is and catching glimpses of the Lord's work in his life over the decades. May the Lord bless Audio Adrenaline and that they keep reaching out in music and through Hands and Feet.

  13. Joel Jessup

    Love audio adrenaline!

  14. TheGCsara

    Thank you so much for making this song Audio A! I love it! God bless!

  15. jebspacepilot

    Kevin Max may not be doing the same tricks that made Stereotype Be so hypnotic for me, but many of these reboot Audio Adrenaline songs are monstrously listenable. Some great elements on this tune. One of the greatest voices in pop right now, IMHO.