Audio Adrenaline - He Moves, You Move Lyrics

You, you’re scared to take a step, afraid to see what’s next
So you wait ‘til you think it’s safe to move
You tend to think too much,
You need to open up your heart to see where He is leading

With a lamp just for your feet, a spotlight just for your path

When He moves, you’ve got to move, you know
You’ve got to lose control, let go
There’s nothing left to hold on to
This life you live is really not your own
So where He goes you go, you know
He leads and you follow
He moves, you move
He moves, you move
He moves, you move
When He moves, you move

Right now, is all you ever have so forget the past
And don’t worry about the future
‘Cause He’s the Author of your story,
So let Him take you on the journey of your life
Oh, it starts tonight

So if I move to the right, or I move to the left
Move up north, move down south, the east or the west
No matter how far I go, or if I stay right here
If I’m in the middle of Your will, there’s nothing left to fear

He moves, you move
He moves, you move
He moves, you move
When He moves, you move

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Audio Adrenaline He Moves, You Move Comments
  1. KB Center

    Awesome Song

  2. Jesus Freak

    I'm not even half way through the song but I already love it!

  3. Renato de Castro

    Muito Bom!

  4. Jared Buller-Kormos

    This needs more views

  5. Dalia Garza

    I love this song.

    Dalia Garza

    Listen to this

  6. TheGCsara

    This song is SO cool!!

  7. richard jesty

    great song

  8. Jesus Freak

    No, I'm afraid not. You'll have to wait until the release.

  9. Adam Lightbody

    Do you have the lyrics to this song?

  10. Louise DeCesario

    got up 430 am to listen to this great song! I am moving! Praise God, He moves, I will follow! Love this!

  11. Chris Dale