Audio Adrenaline - Hands And Feet Lyrics

An image flashed across my TV screen
Another broken heart comes in to view
I saw the pain and I turned my back
Why can't I do the things I want to?
I'm willing yet I'm so afraid
You give me strength
When I say

I want to be your hands
I want to be your feet
I'll go where you send me
I'II go where you send me

And I try, yeah I try
To touch the world like
You touched my life
And I find my way
To be your hands

I've abandoned every selfish thought
I've surrendered every thing I've got
You can have everything I am
And perfect everything
I'm not I'm willing,
I'm not afraid
You give me strength When I say


This is the lifetime I turned my back on you
From now on, I'll go so
Send me where You want me to
I finally have a mission
I promise I'll complete
I don't need excuses
When I am your hands and feet

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Audio Adrenaline Hands And Feet Comments
  1. MATTHEW Villagrana

    Audio adrenaline is my second favorite Christian band in the 90's. I love audio adrenaline!!!

  2. l Williams

    Remember D? And J? I Love you so much ❗❗

  3. fakeshemp44

    I will go where you send me. Here I am; sent me.

  4. Cristina De Lima

    Amo essa música, choro todas as vezes que ouço

  5. L Williams

    I LOVE YOU D AND J SO MUCH . DO YOU REMEMBER❤❤❤💞💞💞💞💞💞😢miss uu

  6. José Luis Linares

    2019 and still touch my heart very deep!

  7. Zhontac

    Cute song.

  8. Lotte Yanson

    I remember this was played at a retreat I had to go to in CCD.

  9. Petra Girl86

    This song is so inspiring 😁

  10. José Daniel Aragón Labrador

    located in Amazonas?

  11. ZOE

    Esta canción ha inspirado MI VIDA!! Me gusta servir a Dios en el ministerio de los niños. y la letra de esta canción me inspiró desde el primer momento en que la escuché!! Cuantas vidas más han inspirado?

  12. Clara Y. Ortega

    This is in Panama

  13. joni mergenthaler

    Love this song.... reminds me of work camp serving Jesus and people ...

  14. Holly Dyche

    #SecureTheSystemStolen #SecureSystemMissing #ReleaseTheInnocent and #JailTheCrooks #NoMoreLies #WeAreYou #UsToo #ItsReal #PlanWe #WeThePeople #AgainsTyranny #WeKnow

  15. iKingHarmony Nicholas

    First song I ever sung in public... with a cassette side A, and side B. Haha
    I remember one Sunday I sung this and a man was so moved he stood up and asked the pastor if it was possible to take up an offering for me. It was just the sweetest gesture, he got the microphone and said “rewind the tape” haha I sung it while kindhearted people laid money at my feet. I know that GOD has called me to the nations and I know I’m gonna have to step out by faith but that simple gesture I believe was GOD’S way of saying, wherever your feet go I’ll supply your every need. What that man did was so special, and I just discovered what God was saying as I began writing this. The homeless, the poor, the naked, the hungry that’s where my heart is, and to me that’s all that matters. Take my life, take my money, take my rights but as long as I can lay down my life for someone else Its all worth it. Forget my agenda, my dreams because it’s all fading away anyway. Haha

  16. Akira Shiro

    I heard this song for the first time in 2006 and thru the years little by little it's becoming an hymn in my life, now 2019 I want to be a missionary, love this song.

  17. Chris Bishop

    I will go!!!!!

  18. Holly Dyche

    #SecureTheSystemStolen #ReleaseTheInnocent

  19. Vika Vika

    <3 Brazil here

  20. jfly888

    Love this song! First heard it 18yrs ago when going on my first mission trip and every time i listen it takes me right back to that conference. Music is so powerful.

  21. Holly Dyche

    #SecureTheSystemStolen #ItsReal #PlanWe

  22. Lucia Casimiro

    klasssic christian rock


    No EEUU perfect english

  24. isabel bremers

    I liked this song when I was a teenager

  25. BigBlessedFamily 2000

    Man.. I love the voice!

  26. Roadless_Traveled

    Published 2009?? That can't be right


    Well the VIDEO here was published to Youtube in 2009. The Video was RELEASED to the public around 1999 though, so you're thinking the right thing.

  27. Gamo :D

    it's my favorite song

  28. Gamo :D

    it's my favorite song

  29. tmPawelka189

    this was my jam in middle school and yet it has never resonated with me as much as it has today at 28 years old. God is good. I will be His hands and feet!


    That's what time and Life does for us often, Man. Wisdom and experience teach us.

  30. helghan21

    gosh i missed 90's music

  31. arturo faz

    i love you music

  32. russell jordan brandal

    yeah fuk yeah

  33. Joe R Maese

    amen love it

    Jonathan Dalloo

    The (original) Audio A can't get any better. The song gives me chills. #amazing

  34. lothianwolfe

    It's missing the bridge. "This is the last time I turn my back on You. From now on I'll go, so send me where You want me to. I finally have a mission, a promise I'll complete. I don't need excuses when I am Your hands and feet. I am Your hands and feet."

    isabel bremers

    lothianwolfe I don't care about you I don't want to marry you yeah yeah yeah

  35. Izaque De Miranda


  36. Rachelle

    When music was real.....

  37. mrm64

    Yo current AA needs to go to it's routes and continue with the Alternative sound!


    @***** Ah yeah! That just means we've got great taste lol.
    Totally bro, I always listen to this one when I need some good motivation too. I just really wish they'd return to their roots :s

    AJ Jackson

    Because he has posted on every single CCM song from the 90s-early 2000!

  38. Robin Shaffer

    I AM WILLING! <3

  39. steve mullen

    Everytime i listen to this song it reminds me of my times when i came to Modesto CA volunteering in the salvo food banks meeting homeless people
    That was 15 years ago now... and i still hold those days close to my heart

  40. Liana Mere

    PureNRG sang this

  41. Faith Road

    Hey guys we do covers of songs. We would love it if you guys check them out and subscribe. Thank you. God bless you all! :) Happy New year!!!!

  42. Carole Meloni

    I am in Rome for the same reason...GOWHERE YOU SENDME  

  43. aped3

    When i hear this Song i think about my Brother who went to Malawi to Preach the Gospel !!!

  44. TheZurinator

    Seriously, this song takes me back when I was a teenager.  I love it!  

  45. Ryan Caniparoli

    I go on a mission trip to northern British Columbia Canada every year to do a vacation bible school for a first nations village. I'm of the Lutheran denomination of Christianity. And I do not do it for money or any of that. In fact I pretty much pay to go on it every year. I've gone 7 years now to the same village. And over those years my mission team has planted and nourished seeds in the community. This past year we baptized a teenager that I've known since I first went there, it was on his terms and his own will because of us and our encouraging over the years to get to know Christ. I am one of God's many hands and feet.


    What tribe is it?

  46. George Middleton Jr

    the sad thing is Some truly serve God And Some Are in it for the Money the hard part is Defining the two..........

  47. LeapOf Faith

    Love this song and band

  48. Kat's Randomness

    Takes me back to Acquire the fire 1998

  49. Kat's Randomness

    Takes me back to Acquire the fire 1998

    Sally Wright

    +Trisha Huffman same here. I was there too. In phoenix, az

    Krista Dodson

    MizzKat 30. O.o warrantiedr th cswf mg

    Vanessa Doramus

    I remember Aquire the Fire!!! Takes me back!!!

    Scott Schnell

    I was at Acquire The Fire for the Stand Up and Live God Loud tours. My friends went to this one. I wish so much they would have told me about it. Hands and Feet seems like the best tour of ATF.

  50. edwinmusic

    11 DISLIKES??  "They need pray" ;)

  51. Flora Miles

    Aw, this makes me feel ridiculously nostalgic!


    ridiculously?? WHY?    I BELIEVE THAT IS SPECIAL!

    Flora Miles

    Yes, it is. It's a good thing :)

  52. Danielle Mcfarland

    This is the Aa meeting i want to go to

  53. ghostie7790

    such a throwback!
    I remember singing this in the car with my brother and mother when it came on the radio.

  54. Lydia Beavers

    THIS is how I'll always remember audio adrenaline. I don't like the new stuff.

  55. Sinisa Balen

    Thanks Brian. Homosexuality was definitely against me, I lived it in and out of the closet. Obedience to God's Word brought me healing and tremendous blessings. I received the Love that I was looking for and no man could have given me that. How could he, when I am a man?
    Order is order and and what is right is right.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  56. Brian Murphy

    My two best friends came in town to visit my boyfriend and me and we're jamming out to some old favorites when we saw this and just wanted to send lots of love and support your way. We've found peace, love, and acceptance in ourselves as queer people and as people of faith. Whatever your path, hope that you experience God's overwhelming love.

    Peace and love from NYC (and western Mass [and Maryland])

  57. Sinisa Balen

    Oh I was afraid. Afraid being gay and afraid how would it be not to be gay. But in any case, I could not change. Then you came into my life and healed me. No more gay. Thank you Jesus for being my hands and feet when I could not do anything. Now I am yours. You touched my life and now...
    Thank you.

    Raul Neto

    Oh girl pls

  58. Sara Leonbruno

    Audio A did it first, ma'am.

  59. Steven Antunes-Kenyon

    I love this song! May God have mercy on us.

  60. 1jeffbrown

    :) true that

  61. Karolína Racková

    oh this is also song from pureNRG. Love it :)

  62. UnexpectedWonder

    This Video should have WAY more views than this. This Song is such a blessing and wonderfully crafted for inspiring Christians to rise up and do the will of the Lord God Almighty.

  63. michele priscila

    very cool

  64. matt

    Great video. My new favourite song. It is amazing how God can save entire nations

  65. Sam

    I love reading all the comments, they're so inspiring! It makes me so happy to see people who love God as much as I do :)

  66. HimekoMoe

    I Will Go!!!...

  67. Nicolas Waldvogel

    @ChristianSingleWoman amen sister!

  68. Wellington Vieira

    este é showwwwww

  69. Steven Robledo

    but their music lives on through 2011 :)

  70. Greendale Forever

    @GAdawgsfan93 because '07 is the year Audio A broke up :(

  71. GB06 Chomp Chomp

    Golden era of Contemporary Christian Music (all genres) 1995 -- 2007
    This song is timeless because it is true. The core of the Christian Mission is to Go & Serve. God help all of you who are trying to find your place in God's kingdom of service. ~Matthew 28~

  72. layton tapley

    @NewFoundLove1000 amen

  73. RigelHopeStar

    And I thought the song alone was amazing. This video brings out the heart of compassion even more. Amazing! How can anyone really turn away? And yet we do often... without realizing it.

  74. Tine Simanjuntak

    What a blessing! When I decided to give my life for Christ, I'm ready to be His hands and feet. I'm not afraid anymore because His grace is enough to make me His hands and feet.

  75. Tamitiger11

    I know it.. and i am from suiss..

  76. Hannah Arnold

    all i wanna know is where he wants me to use my hands and feet.!

  77. Phoebe Stratton

    In a world like ours, isn't it nice to know that we've got a God who understands and a band to represent him?

  78. Micah Fedorchuk

    thank you God, for this song... :D

  79. joe smither

    so cool

  80. ChristianSingleWoman

    I love this song because it communicates my heart's goal...truly I want to be HIS hands and feet!